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2013.4西城一模情景作文 假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,最 近你校举办了“感动我校的人物”评选活动。请 根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,将此活动的全过程 记述下来,向校报英语专栏投稿。 注意:1.文章的题目已给出。2.词数不少于60。 People Moving Our School

1. 看海报: 时间、地点、人物、公告内容、心情

2. 上网查信息:时间、人物、信息内容、心情
3. 参加投票: 时间、地点、动作


watch a notice on the school bulletin board showing the candidates’ pictures and names.

Last week, our school held a “People Moving Our School” election. A notice on the school bulletin board shows us the candidates’ pictures and names, which attracts teachers and students.

go to the computer room to find detailed information about them on the school website.

I was very interested in it, too. Therefore, at lunch time, together with my friends, I went to the computer room to find detailed information about them on the school website. The stories of the candidates were moving, especially the school cleaner’s. They each have made their contributions in a certain way, so it was hard to decide whom to choose. But finally, we made our choices.

drop the votes into the box

We put down their names on a piece of paper and then headed to the box for the votes. We joined the people who were lining up to drop their votes into the box one by one.

hold award ceremony

At the end of the week, an award ceremony was held in the auditorium. Four people were honored the title “People Moving Our School” . Congratulations to them! We are all ordinary people and each of us can make a difference like them.

2013.4西城一模开放作文 请根据下面提示,写一篇短文。词数不少于50。 You are discussing the following picture with your English friend Jim. Now you are telling him how you understand the picture and what makes you think so. 提示词:saw v.锯,n.锯子

a man

cutting off a branch Sitting on the branch

Possible themes
1. The picture conveys that it is important to consider possible results before making a decision. 2. Think twice before taking actions. 3. We mustn’t rush into everything without careful planning. 4. We should have a clear mind of/ be aware of the situation we are in.

I think the picture is reminding us that it is 揭示 寓意 important to consider possible results before making a decision. 描图 As is shown in the picture, a man is trying to cut off a branch with a saw. However, he ignores the fact that he himself is sitting on the branch. Once he makes it, he is sure to fall off together with the branch and get hurt. If the man took this into consideration, he would easily find a solution, for example, using a ladder as an aid. Thus he wouldn’t risk the danger at all. The devil is in the detail. 论证

Similarly, we often need to take a closer and more comprehensive look at what we are doing. If we keep that in mind, we are more likely stay away from dangers and achieve our goals.

? ? ? ? ? 公告牌 候选人 排队投票 颁奖典礼 颁奖
bulletin board/ billboard candidate line up to vote/ stand in line to vote hold an award ceremony present the award to.. be awarded as…



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