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牛津高中英语模块5 Unit3 Reading

Teaching objectives: 1.To reinforce students’ comprehension of the text and improve their other skills by participating in all the activities. 2.To help students know the widespr

ead discussion about cloning and hold their own attitudes towards it. 3.To enable students to master the reading strategy and become more competent in reading articles related to science. Teaching focus and difficulties: 1. Students can work out the meaning of difficult or unfamiliar scientific terms with reading strategy. 2. Students can hold their own opinions on the base of reading the article. Teaching aids: The multimedia Brief teaching procedures: Step1 Lead- in Check the homework. Encourage students to share their sources relevant to cloning technology with the whole class. Tell students that cloning has been the subject of scientific experiments for years. The recent success in cloning animals has resulted in fierce debates between scientists, politicians and public. Step2 Reading strategy Get students to go through the reading strategy, and make sure that everyone of them understands how to work out the meaning of these scientific terms. Step1 Begin by reading the first and last paragraphs for an idea of what the article is about. Step2 Circle any words you do not now. Question things you do not understand or that do not appear to make sense. Step3 Read through the article a few times, and make sense of the scientific terms upon further readings.

Step3 First reading—Main idea Ask students to refer to the reading passage and find out the main idea. (The reading passage is made up of a newspaper article about cloning and two readers’ letters. We will be given information about how cloning is being researched and the different attitudes towards it.) Step4 Second reading—Understanding scientific terms Ask students to circle the unfamiliar words or things they do not understand while second reading. nature, etc) Step5 Third reading—Detailed information Ask students to read only the article carefully, and finish the following exercises: 1. What are the different attitudes towards the success of cloning a human embryo? On the one hand (valuable tissues and organs can be produced and be used to save human lives) On the other hand (human beings may be on the way to producing a real-life monster) Some people consider that (cloning human embryos with the intention to destroy them shows no respect for human life.) 2. Who are the persons in the article related to cloning? persons Ian Wilumt introductions relations to cloning (For example: embryo, tissues and organs, interfere with

a Scottish scientist who He was shocked when hearing some created Dolly, the first scientists were considering cloning human mammal to be cloned beings. He never intends to create copies of successfully from an humans. Instead, he thinks the efforts of adult cell scientists should be directed towards

creating new cells and organs that could be used to cure diseases like cancer.

Faye Wilson

a woman of 41 years She is desperate to have a baby of her own, old who cannot have a a child that is genetically related to her. baby.

Severino Antinori

an Italian doctor, who He has declared that he wants to be the first is one of the leaders in to clone a human being. the cloning research

Chinese scientists

who have focused their China has succeeded in producing clones of efforts on cloning cows and goats, and continues to research

animals and stem cells the ways in which cloning can benefit to be used in medical mankind. research Ask students to read the two letters carefully, and judge whether the statements are true or false: Pauline Carter thinks: 1. the nature will pay back if we interfere with nature. (T) (F)

2. we should clone fewer babies to reduce Earth’s population.

3. the lady who cannot have a baby can adopt an orphan, but not have a cloned baby. Coline Jake thinks: 1. the news that the first human embryo has be cloned successfully is very terrible. (F) 2. scientists have succeeded in challenging questions of morality. 3. human cloning is a good way to save her daughter who has died. Step6 Further discussion Understanding the scientific terms and reinforcing the comprehension of the text, students are got to form groups of four or six to discuss the further questions: 1. Find the reasons why people are for or against human cloning in the article and letters and write them in the table below For human cloning Against human cloning (F) (F) (T)

1. produce valuable tissues and organs 1. human life becomes like a crop to be that could be used to save human harvested or a product for sale lives 2. help those who are unable to have 2. children produce a real-life Frankstein’s


3. help those who want to clone their 3. lead to more diseases in the animal dead children world 4. shows no respect for human life 5. should be having fewer babies in order to reduce Earth’s population, not cloning more 2. Do you think it would be easy for the cloned baby to accept his/ her social identity as a ‘cloned’ human being? 3. What would the person that had the original cell feel about the cloned baby? 4. Think about the relationship between the title of the unit Science versus nature and cloning technology. Step7 Homework Think about the difficult scientific terms underlined before up on the text learning


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