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U4P1 Warming up和reading

Unit 4

Making the news

Words preview
journalist n. 记者; 新闻工作者 editor n. 编辑 photograph n. 照片 vt. 给……照相 photographer n. 摄影师



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What sections does a newspaper usually include?

Local news
International news Business Entertainment Advertisement … What is your favorite section?

Suppose you were to be a

journalist for China Daily, do you
know what kinds of jobs they have

at their office and what each job

Look at the following pictures, and guess what their jobs are.







Different kinds of jobs needed for making newspapers journalist 记者 chief editor 主编

designer 排版员
painter 美术编辑 printer 印刷员 critic 评论员 cartoonist 漫画师

deputy editor 副主编
sub-editor 审校编辑 editor 编辑 photographer 摄影师 correspondent 通讯员

Discuss in pairs and fill in the chart below. Types of jobs What it involves journalist finding out news and telling people about it in the newspaper or on TV/radio editor making sure the writing is clear, concise and accurate; checking facts

photographer taking photographs of important people or events designer printer laying out the articles and photographs printing the newspaper

Do you know how to make the news? What is the process ?

Every morning the newspaper chief editor holds a meeting with the journalists to discuss the main events.

Reporters are sent to do face-to-face interviews or do telephone interviews.

Photographers are sent to take the pictures.

Doing one’s homework–looking up information they need.

Reporters type their stories into the computer.

The stories are quickly handed to the editor.

Photos are quickly developed. Editors decide which picture should be used and read some stories and make any necessary changes.

Editors write the headlines for each story and check that there is enough space.

Newspapers are printed on fast –moving printing machines.

Newspapers are delivered by train or plane.

Newspapers are sent to every home.

How is a newspaper made?

The_____ chief editor holds a meeting.

Journalists __________ interview people and write stories.

Photos are quickly developed __________.

Photographers _____ take photographs.

Editors ______ check the report.

Editors write the __________. headlines

The newspapers are _________ delivered by train or plane.

The newspapers are _________. printed

journalist What are the qualities a good journalist needs to have? Discuss in groups and tick the boxes below. Please add more qualities if you like.

Not very Very important Important important

1. Higher level of education 2. Work experience 3. Good communication skills 4. Curious, active personality 5. Hard-working 6. Enthusiasm for the job Prepared to work long hours 7. _______________________ 8. _______________________ Ability to work in a team

Unit 4

Making the news

Words preview
delighted admirable unusual assist assistant submit profession professional adj. 快乐的; 欣喜的 adj. 值得赞扬的 adj. 不同寻常的 vt. 帮助;协助;援助 n. 助手; 助理; 售货员 vt. 递交; 呈递 n. 职业; 专业 adj. 专业的;职业的 n. 专业人员

Words preview colleague eager concentrate amateur update acquire assess inform deadline n. 同事 adj. 渴望的; 热切的 vt. 集中;聚集 n. 业余爱好者 vt. 更新; 使现代化 vt. 获得; 取得; 学到 vt. 评估; 评定 vt. 告知; 通知 n. 最后期限

Words preview
meanwhile case accuse deliberately skeptical guilty dilemma demand adv. 其间; 同时 n. 情况; 病历; 案例 vt. 指责;谴责;控告 adv. 故意地 adj. 怀疑的 adj. 犯罪的; 内疚的 n. 困境; 窘境 n. 需求; 要求 vt. 强烈需求 publish vt. 出版; 发行; 发表; 公布

Expressions preview concentrate on 集中; 全神贯注 depend on 依靠; 依赖 accuse … of 因……指责或 控告…… so as to (do sth) 为了(做)……

“Unforgettable,” says new journalist

Skimming to get general ideas


Reading Comprehension I the main idea of the passage
This passage is about __________ Zhou Yang ’s first assignment at the office of a popular discussion _______ newspaper. And his _________ English with his new boss, _______, Hu Xin was to journalist strongly influence his life as a _________.


Reading Comprehension II Read the passage quickly, and find out all the questions Zhou Yang asked his new boss, Hu Xin. Please underline all these questions.

1. Can I go out on a story immediately? 2. What do I need to take with me? 3. What do I need to remember when I go out to cover a story? 4. What should I keep in mind? 5. Why is listening so important? 6. How can I listen carefully while taking notes? 7. Have you ever had a case where someone accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick?

The questions develop naturally from the answers Hu Xin gives, yet they form a develop mental whole. things to take things to remember things to avoid importance of listening and ensuring accuracy

Divide the passage into three sections. Then write down the main idea of each section. Main ideas: Section 1: how to work in a team

Section 2: how to get an accurate story
Section 3: how to protect a story from accusations

Zhou Yang’s notes The skills 1. be able to tell if someone needed is telling the truth 2. be accurate 3. do research 4. ask questions The importance 1. get the detailed facts of listening 2. prepare the next question

1. ask questions 2. note reactions Stages in researching a story 3. check facts 4. do research How to check facts use research and ask witnesses
How to deal with accusations of printing lies use a tape recorder for the interview


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