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雅思写作常用连接词(1) 常用的连接词: 1)表层次: first, firstly, to begin with, further, in the first place second, secondly, to start with, still, furthermore third, thirdly, what is more, last, last but not lea

st Also, and, then, next, besides and equally important, too, moreover Besides, in addition, finally 2)表转折: by contrast although though yet at the same time but despite the fact that even so in contrast nevertheless even though for all that notwithstanding on the contrary however in spite of on the other hand otherwise instead still regardless 3)表因果: therefore consequently because of for the reason thus hence due to owing to so accordingly thanks to on this account since as on that account in this way for as a result as a consequence 4)表让步: still nevertheless concession granted naturally in spite of all the same of course despite even so after all 5)表递近: furthermore moreover likewise what is more besides also not only...but also... too in addition 6)表举例: for example for instance for one thing that is to illustrate as an illustration a case in point 7)表解释: as a matter of fact frankly speaking in this case namely in other words 8)表总结: in summary in a word thus as has been said in brief in conclusion altogether in other words to conclude in fact finally in simple terms indeed in short in particular that is in other words of course on the whole to put it differently namely in all therefore to summarize

在雅思写作的四大评分标准当中, 连贯性与衔接性是其中的一项评分标准, 连贯性与衔接性 其中一方面就是用连接手段(即连接词)来实现的。连接词本身是非常繁琐的知识,在教授 连接词时也会遇到很多困难, 那么学连接词首先把连接词词性掌握并掌握各词性的用法, 学 连接词就简便得多。朗阁海外考试研究中心分析认为,连接词大体可分为四种词性:连词, 副词,介词和短语,它们各自的用法又不一样。 连词 如 but, and,后接句子,连接并列句时前面逗号可有可无。当然连词也可放句首,这一点 在考官范文里有很多体现。 例:In the past, populations were partly regulated by frequent war and widespread disease, but in recent years the effects of those factors have been diminished. (并列句中的连词) 段落开始: But how should it be achieved ( 连词放句首) 介词 如 before, despite:后接名词或动名词 例:Before talking about the essential role of death penalty, you have to think about the meaning, and the purpose, of any kind of punishment. 副词 副词连接并列句,前面用句号或分号,后面用逗号(当然,如果副词前用句号,那就是 另起一句了,不称之为并列句) 例:In many places today, children start primary school at around the age of six or seven. However, because it is more likely now that both parents work, there is little opportunities for children to stay in their own home up to that age.( 副词另起一句) The crime rate is increasingly high; therefore, the government needs to enforce more laws to curb this situation. ( 副词在并列句中) 短语 如 on the contrary, in addition:用法和副词用法完全一样 例:They feel this is one area of life where they have the right to make decisions for themselves. For that reason, it would seem that the best approach would be work by persuasion rather than compulsion. The government plays a crucial role in scientific research; on the other hand, private companies hold certain advantages in conducting scientific research. ( 短语在并列句中) 掌握连接词的四大词性及用法以后, 连接词的教学和运用就容易展开。 我们可以参看考 官范文,看看各类关系的时候考官如何使用连接词,使文章凸显出来。 因果关系 根据词性及用法可归结于: because / since/ as / for, so (连词), because of/ due to / owing to/ as a result of (介词) for that reason/as a result/ therefore/ accordingly (短语和副词) 例:I think the amount of waste produced is also as a result of our tendency to use sth once and throw it away. (可代替词汇 because of/ due to / owing to) 转折关系 根据词性及用法可归结于 but/ while/ yet/ whereas(连词)

however/ nonetheless/ nevertheless/ on the other hand (副词和短语) rather/ instead (副词) rather than/ instead of (介词) 例:Because it is more likely now that both parents work, there is little opportunity for children to stay in their own home to 6 or 7. Instead, they will probably go to a nursery school when they are much younger. (可代替词汇 rather) My own view is that there is no one major influence in a person’s life. Instead, the traits we inherit from our parents and the situations and experiences that we encounter in life are constantly interacting. (考官钟爱词汇) 递进关系 moreover/ what’s more/ furthermore/ besides/ in addition (副词) in addition to/ besides/ apart from (介词) 例: Apart from these tensions caused by cultural differences, international tourism may also lead to conflicts between tourists and a local community. (可代替词汇:in addition to, besides) 让步关系 although/ though/ even though/ even if/while (连词) in spite of/ despite (介词) no matter how/when/ what (连词) 例: In spite of this, the obvious benefits of computer skills for young children cannot be denied. They are allowed to buy whatever they want, no matter how much it cost (考官高分句式) 学生学习和教师授课时,可根据以上方法对不同的关系词(如表结果,目的的连接词) 进行归类。 翻看考官范文,我们发现当中有些副词(最典型为 for example, however, therefore)放 在句子中间,前后用逗号隔开,这种句式也是相当的经典。例如: There is, however, another problem way of defining that part of the quotation. I think, therefore, that governments need to raise this awareness in the general public. They will, for example, be able to fly planes and they will be able to co-ordinate the movements of several planes in the vicinity of an airport. 朗阁海外考试研究中心建议考生, 在连接词的学习当中, 我们需注意理清连接词的四类 词性及各词性用法, 然后把不同关系的连接词根据词性进行整理, 并广泛仔细的参考高分范 文尤其是考官范文当中的优美句式,连接词这一块的分数是值得期待的。