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人教版高二英语选修7Unit4 Sharing阅读学案答案课件

Unit 4

Period 2 Reaing
雷州市客路中学高二英语 许羽荣




Checking Answers
1)灌木 棚屋 水桶 山脊 竹子 草 野草 屋顶 平台 烤架 锡 罐头 罐 鼓 山谷

门口 扫帚

Checking Answers
2)fortnight leftover privilege bubble sniff participate relevant remote evil 接到......的信 不久前的一天 对......有影响 极想 伸出 干涸

Checking Answers
3) voluntary voluntarily volunteer relevant relevance irrelevant adjust adjustable adjustment participate participation participant


Find out the names

1. ____________ Rosemary will receive this letter from Jo.
2. _____ Jo become a lot more imaginative in teaching. 3. _______________ Jo and Jenny did visit a village that was the home of one of the boys, Tombe _________ .

Kiak started crying “ieee ieee” to welcome them. 4. _______
5. ________ Mukap led us to his house, a low bamboo hut.

A Letter Home
Part 1 (Para. 1)an introduction
Opening of the letter: 1.______________ About my high school:2.______________ Poor teaching conditions: 3.______________

Part 2 (Para. 2-3) the condition Para 2 of the high school Para 3 Para 4 Part 3 (Para. 4-8)a visit to local village
Para 5 Para 6 Para 7 Para 8 Part 4 (Para. 9)the ending Para 9

My first vsit to a village
4.______________ 5.______________ 6.______________ 7.______________ The close of the letter


True or False

1. The classrooms are made from bricks and the roofs from grass. 2. When Jo and Jean arrived the village, they shook hands with all the villagers. 3. Tombe threw out the can because it’s very dirty. 4. Joe felt happy after the visit to Tombe’s family. 5. Joe can use multi-media to have a lesson.

Multiply choice

1.Why did Jo send some pictures to Rosemary? A. To give Rosemary a vivid impression of the place she talked about. B. To show the beautiful scenery C. To show her pity to the villagers D. To pleaseRosemary

Multiply choice
2.What was the classroom made from? A. Grass B.Bamboo C.Branches D.Bricks 3.How long did it take Jo to get to the school? A. Two hours B. Two and a half hours C. A few minutes D. One hour

Multiply choice
4.Why Tombe’s mother started crying “ieee ieee” when Jo arrived at the village? A. To threaten her B. To show her surprise C. To show her fear D. To show welcome

Multiply choice 5.Why did Tombe throw the can with leftover food out of the doorway? A. Because he believed the leftover in the can would bring bad fortune. B. Because he did not need the can again. C. Because he thought the can was too dirty to use. D. Because he had too many cans.


1. bamboo 3.either 5.that 7.visit 9.hut

2. eletricity 4.when 10.delicious





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