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中学生必做2000题 17

初中生必做 2000 题 Text 01


(Li Fei didn't go to school yesterday. Now Mr. Wang is visiting his home.) Li Fei: Hello, Mr. Wang. How are you? Mr. Wang: 1 2 Li Fei: Mr. Wang, this is my mother. Mrs. Li: Nice to meet you, Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang: 3 Li Fei was not at school yesterday. What's wrong with him? Mrs. Li: He's got a cold. Mr. Wang: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you better today, Li Fei? Li Fei: Yes, I'm much better. Mr. Wang: Can you go to school tomorrow? Li Fei: Li Fei: ( ( ( ( 5 B. You're welcome. B. How do you do? C. Fine, thank you. D. Yes, I am. D. Have a good time. B. Mum, this is Mr. Wang, my teacher. B. Yes, I think so. B. Please don't go. C. I'm fine, thank you. 4 Mr. Wang: OK, have a good rest. See you tomorrow. ) 1. A. My name is Wang Laiqing. ) 3. A. Nice to meet you, too. ) 4. A. No, I can't. ) 5. A. Happy birthday.

( ) 2. A. How are you?

C. How old are you?

D. What are you doing?

C. I beg your pardon? C. Have a lunch.

D. I'd better have a rest. D. See you tomorrow.

Text 02 A: Hello, Jim. How are you? A: 6 . I. hear you are going to Australia for a holiday. 7 there now? 9 a good time. C. No problem D. has D. God C. cold; cold B. Very good B. get A: How's the ( ( ( ) 6. A. Fine ) 9. A. have B: Oh, hello, Ling Feng. How are you? B: Yes. I'll go with my parents next week. 8 nor too 10 . C. plant D. well D. weather B. people C. hardly 8 . It's very warm. B: I think ( ) 7. A. road D. warm; cold B. so B: It's neither too

A: Oh, I'm sure you'll ) 8. A. hot; hot

B. hot; cold C. play

( ) 10. A. too

Text 03 A: B: A: C: A: ( ( ( Excuse me, madam. Could you please tell me Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me the 14 Thank you very much. ) 11. A. the way ) 13. A. way ) 15. A. them B. how B. it C. manner D. her D. look ( ) 12. A. OK ( ) 14. A. Get B. Yes B. Go C. No C. Have D. Sorry D. Dance B. how C. time C. him D. place 13 11 to get to the Children's Hospital? 12 , I don't know. I'm new here. Please ask that man. to the Children's Hospital? 15 . along the street. At the end of the street you'll see

Text 04 A: Good morning, doctor. A: I can't see things clearly. A: Ever 18 last week. A: Yes. Almost every day. B: Good morning. What's your B: How long have you 17 B: Do you often watch TV? B: You know watching TV too much is must do more A: OK! Thank you, doctor. ( ( ( ) 16. A. brain ) 18. A. for ) 20. A. eye B. illness B. after B. running C. trouble C. violent D. mind D. morning 1 / 5 ( ) 17. A. been ( ) 19. A. good B. be B. bad C. gone C. nice D. have D. OK C. since D. the 20 19 for your eyes. You exercises and mustn't watch TV too 16 , young man? like this?

often. Your eyes will be better soon.

初中生必做 2000 题 Text 05

017 B: 21 You may ask that policeman over there.

A: Excuse me, sir. Where's the nearest hotel? (The man goes to the policeman. ) A: Excuse me. A: Oh, I see. A: A: ( ( ( ( ( 24 25 ) 21. A. What? ) 22. A. Can I help you? 22 23

C: No, there isn't a hotel near there. But there is one near the Bank of China. C: It's about two kilometers away. C: You'd better take a taxi. Because it's so late, there aren't any buses now. C: You're welcome. B. I'm sorry I don't know. C. It's time to go. D. How are you? B. Is there a hotel near here? D. What are you doing here? D. How far is it from here? B. Eva's closing the door. B. Well, she always enjoys sports games, doesn't she? D. What shall I do7 D. There are a lot of photographers out there.

C. I just have to close up the shop. ) 23. A. When will I get there? ) 24. A. How can I get there? C. Where shall I go? ) 25. A. See you. C. Thank you very much. Text 06

C. You mean she's coming to the game, too?

B. I didn't know Eva was interested in photography.

(John feels iii. The doctor looks him over. D: Doctor; J: John) D: Well, there's nothing serious Do you take enough exercise? J: No, doctor. I never have enough time D: I can, is 31 30 28 exercise. I start work very 29 in the morning and finish late in the evening. Then I can't get to sleep. Can you give me some medicine to help me to sleep? I'm not going to. You don't need medicine. Remember: Don't work too hard. Too much work 32 your work. It's no use to worry. Take enough exercise. 33 mine. 34 money. Which would you like to have, health or wealth? for you. Don't worry 26 you. I'm glad to say. You are working too hard and worrying too 27 .

J: But I may lose my job, doctor. It's hard to get a job D: Then get an easier one, even if get D: Come and see me ( ( ( ( ( ) 26. A. with ) 28. A. at ) 30. A. and ) 32. A. about ) 34. A. less 35 B. at B. with B. well B. with B. much

J: You are right, doctor. It's more important to be healthy than wealthy. I'll change my job. Thanks a lot. a month's time. I think you'll be a different man. C. of C. for C. money C. of C. many D. in D. from D. but D. again D. plenty ( ) 27. A. little ( ) 29. A. early ( ) 31. A. good ( ) 33. A. of ( ) 35. A. at B. much B. late B. bad B. at B. from C. dear C. well C. light C. ago D. expensive D. good D. heavy

C. from

D. like D. in

Text 07 A: Hello, Harris. A: You don't look quite A: What was the A: Please 40 38 ? me what has come to you. B: My car broke down on the way to work. I A: Well. I've 42 one of those days, too. I'm B: I A: Now let's do something for a ( ( ( ( ( ) 36. A. bad ) 40. A. give ) 42. A. had ) 44. A. hope B. good B. God B. help B. make B. get ) 38. A. matter 45 . C. dangerous C. hell C. ask C. go C. have D. worse D. same D. tell D. catched D. thought 43 44 so. B. left B. leave B. well B. coin C. badly C. right C. sure C. change D. down D. read D. right D. person 41 my papers home. And ... things will get better by themselves. 36 B: Hi, Bob. B: Nothing has gone B: I don't 37 for me today. 39 . It just isn't my day.

B: Good idea. ( ) 37. A. right ( ) 39. A. be ( ) 41. A. left ( ) 43. A. good ( ) 45. A. chance 2 / 5 B. sing C. know D. no

初中生必做 2000 题 Text 08


(Bob is ill. He is phoning Ann for the school work. A: Ann; B: Bob) A: Hello. A: Hi, Bob. How are you feeling today? B: Oh, I'm fine now. Thank you. Can you tell me what happened in our class. A: Sure. 47 . Oh, yes. In history we finished talking about World War II. We have to study Unit 7 and Unit B: B: 48 49 50 Maybe I can be ill tomorrow, too. D. I'm Bob. D. Let me tell you D. Thank goodness ! D. Did you enjoy the play? I didn't read Unit 8 yet. What did you do in English? 8 for an exam tomorrow. A: Not much. We worked on a play in groups. We don't have any homework. A: We have a lot of maths homework. We have to do the exercises on pages 17, 18, 19 and 20. B: Oh, dear! ( ( ( ( ) 46. A. Who are you? ) 48. A. Oh, yes! B. Who's that? B. Let me see ) 47. A. Let me show you C. This is Bob. B: Hello. 46

C. Let me look for it

B. Don't do that!

C. Oh, that's too bad!

( ) 49. A. What was maths?

B. What do you think of maths?

C. What about maths?

) 50. A. I don't know I can finish all of that! C. I'm afraid I can finish all of that!

B. I don't think I can finish all of that! D. I'm sure I can finish all of that!

Text 09 (Mike comes to see Dr. White. W: Dr. White; M: Mike) W: W: 51 52 M: Well, doctor. It's my eyes. I can't see clearly. M: Since last week, I think. M: too late and don't read in bed. W: Sure, Mike. ( ( ( ( ( ) 51. A. How are you? B. Good morning. ) 52. A. Where are you living? ) 53. A. You know it. M: M: 53 54 55 Thank you very much. D. What's the trouble, Mike? What should I do then?

W: Let me have a look. Oh, Mike, I guess you are working too hard these days and taking little care of your eyes. W: Well, when you feel tired, just stop working and come out to enjoy a short rest. Remember, never go to bed

C. Glad to see you.

B. How are you feeling now? D. What's the problem? D. That's bad. C. I bet that's not true. C. You are wrong. D. Don't laugh at me. D. You're welcome. C. Good.

C. How long have you had the problem? B. That's true. ) 54. A. Do you think that will help?

B. Good idea! B. Really?

) 55. A. All right, doctor. I'll try it.

Text 10 A: Hello, 954121. A: Yes, speaking. A: Oh, I'm 58 to hear that. B: I want to A: Yes. You can take the No. 27 Bus. Get turning ( ( ( ( ( 63 the right. Walk on and B. that B. happy B. how B. go B. get C. it C. people C. have C. run D. he D. OK D. doctor D. begin D. cry 61 64 59 him. Do you know the left. You'll find ( ) 57. A. ill ( ) 59. A. like ( ) 61. A. on ( ) 63. A. at ( ) 65. A. them 3 / 5 65 60 62 to the North Street Hospital? along the road, take the first at the North Street. Then B: Hello! Is 56 Tom? 57 in hospital. B: Tom, this is Jack. Fred is

in front of you. B. dancing B. wait B. at B. off B. it C. in C. from C. me C. singing C. teach D. off D. on D. him D. hungry

B: Thank you very much. ) 56. A. this ) 58. A. glad ) 60. A. way ) 62. A. get ) 64. A. turn C. sorry D. see

初中生必做 2000 题 Text 11 (L: Lin Lin; S: Sam)


L: Hi, Sam! How are you today? L: I'm OK. Are you free tomorrow? L: We're going to have a swim. L. Yes, of course. L: We are going to meet outside the school gate, at two o'clock. ( ( ( ( ( ) 66. A. Fine, thanks. ) 68. A. See you. will there be? ) 70. A. Come on. B. You are welcome. C. See you tomorrow. B. How much is it? C. How are you? ) 67. A. No, I am very busy. ) 69. A. Do you like to go? B. What are you talking about? C. Good luck.

S: S: S: S:

66 67 68 69

What about you? Can I come? 70 D. Yes. Why? D. How many people

S: OK.

D. How old are you? C. No problem.

B. Good idea!

D. Good morning.

B. Who are you?

C. Where and when are you going to meet? D. No way.

Text 12 (T: Tom; W: Wang Hai) T: Excuse me. Can you tell me the way 71 No. 3 Middle School? W: Yes, I'm a student there; I'm going to school now. You can follow me. T: Thank you! I'm new in No. 3 Middle School. My name is Tom. May I know your name? W: Wang Hai. Why T: Well, I prefer doing things by W. It's a T: Good 77 . 72 your parents send you to school for the first time? 75 78 79 you please help me with my English? W: Sure! Let's help each other. do you like Chinese traditional music? a Chinese traditional music concert at the 73 . However, I'm lucky today. You are so helpful. Thank you! 74 ! We are schoolmates now. 76 me Chinese? W: By the way, W: There is going to T: ( ( ( ( ( 80 love to. Thanks so much! B. for B. Need B. morning B. has C. at D. from C. myself C. night D. is D. me D. idea D. Have B. the way

T: Certainly! I'm weak in Chinese. Could you

T: Very much! Erhu, dizi and pipa sound really wonderful. Capital Stadium. I've got two tickets. Would you like to come? W: Don't mention it! ( ) 72. A. could ( ) 74. A. cat ( ) 76. A. teach ( ) 78. A. what ( ) 80. A. I'd B. can B. pleasure B. learn B. how B. You'd C. not C. give C. He'd D. don't D. luck D. help D. where D. She'd C. cake ) 71. A. to ) 73. A. time ) 75. A. Must ) 77. A. way ) 79. A. have

C. Would C. be

C. when

Text 13 A: What can I do for you, sir? A: For yourself? These are all for young people. A: A: ( ( ( ( ( 83 85 It is cheaper. It is only fifty yuan. C. I just have a look ) 82. A. How are you? ) 83. A. Really? ) 85. A. No. D. Let me look at it C. What colour do you want? D. What size do you want? D. How much is it? C. Goodbye, then. D. OK. Here you are. D. What size do you want? A: One hundred yuan. ) 81. A. I want to buy a hat for myself 82 B: 81 84 B: I like the blue one. B: Thank you. B: Oh, it costs too much. B: I will take it. Thank you. B. It's none of your business

B. How old are you?

B. What do you want?

) 84. A. Can I have a try?

B. What money is it?

C. How much money is it?

B. What about this one?

C. What do you want then? 4 / 5

初中生必做 2000 题 Text 14 (B: Bob; T: Tom) B: 86 ! 4768542.


T: Hello! Could I 88 to. What time will it begin? time. See you tonight! C. Me D. This D. talk D. See C. like C. Love T: At 6:30. T: 90 you! ( ) 87. A. hear ( ) 89. A. in


to Bob, please?

B: Speaking! B: Oh, thanks. I'd B: OK. I'll come ( ( ( ) 86. A. Hello ) 88. A. have ) 90. A. To 89

T: Hi, Bob! This is Tom. Would you like to come to my birthday party tonight?

B. It's me B. get B. For

B. speak B. on C. at

C. give D. no

D. get

Text 15 A: What are your favourite sports? A: Now, tell me what you like to eat? A: A: ( ( ( ( ( 93 95 ? ? B. swimming and running B. I like C. I know A: Do you drink wine? ) 91. A. maths C. physics D. I hate C. Do you smoke D. Do you eat a lot of vegetables B: Well, 91 . 92 any meat. 94 . B: Er, I like fish and eggs. But B: Oh, yes, I love vegetables. B: No, I never drink wine or coffee. D. music B: I drink a lot of milk. It's very good for my health.

) 92. A. I don't eat ) 93. A. Do you like milk

B. What is your favorite food

) 94. A. I am good at them

B. They are very good for me D. I like them very much D. How about a cigarette B. Can I help you

C. They're very bad for health ) 95. A. What do you drink, then C. When would you like to go Text 16 A: Can I help you? A: 96

B: I'd like three air tickets to Beijing. B: On June 30th. 97 98 _ B: Let me think. Yes, that's OK.

A: June 30th? Er, I am sorry. But all the tickets for that day are sold out. A: The earliest flight will leave at seven o'clock in the morning. A: No. It will go straight to Beijing. A: ( ( ( ( ( 100 ) 96. A. Where are you going? ) 97. A. Does it stop anywhere? B. When would you like to go? D. What are you going to do? C. Are you OK? B. I'm so sorry. C. How are you getting there?

B: Does it stop anywhere? B: 99

D. What about July 1st?

) 98. A. What time is the earliest flight? C. What are your favourite sports? ) 99. A. Oh, my God. ) 100. A. Thank you. B. You are welcome. B. See you.

B. I like them very much. D. See you later. C. Not at all. D. Then I will take the tickets. D. You' are welcome.

C. OK. I'll get them for you right away.

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