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Unit2 cloning

The important events in animal cloning history

In 1952 tadpole (蝌蚪) was cloned . It is the first animal to be cloned

In 1963 , an Asian carp(鲤鱼) was cloned . Ten years later, a Chinese scientist named Tong dizhou cloned a European carp.

1978年7月25日,世界上第一个试管 婴儿路易丝· 布朗在英国出生

路易丝· 布朗现已33岁

In 1996, a sheep called Dolley was born. It is the first mammal to be cloned. It is considered to be the greatest success in the development of cloning.

A macaque (猕 猴)was cloned in 2000. Later scientists cloned many monkeys .

2000年· 人类近亲被克隆 美国俄勒冈的研究者用与克隆多利羊截然不 同的方法克隆出猴子Tetra

Mules (骡子) have no ability to give birth to a baby. A mule was cloned in 2003. It is the first animal which lack fecundity (生 育能力)to be cloned.

2001年· 克隆人被提上日程

Unit 2
Reading :


Cloning: Where is it leading us?

What do you want to know about cloning?
? ? ?

2. 3.


Skimming(略读):match the main idea with each paragraph(段落大意连连看)
Para.1 Para.2
______ and the A.Two major uses procedure _________ of cloning. B.Cloning is a way of making an exact copy of another animal or plant. (meaning) C.The ______ effect of Dolly the sheep. D.It is __________ forbidden to clone human beings. E.The_________ problem of dolly the sheep.

Para.3 Para.4 Para.5

Scan the text to find out the answers to the following questions.

Choose the best answer.
1.Dolly the sheep______. A. looked exactly like the sheep that provides the egg B. was the exact copy of the sheep that provides the nucleus C. looked like the sheep that gave birth to it D. had the characteristics of all three sheep

2.The sheep that donated the somatic cell most probably lived ________years.
A. 3 B. 6 C. 9 D. 13

3. Which of the following is not an advantage of cloning?
A.Cloning can be used for medicine purposes. B.Large quantities of plants can be produced by cloning. C.Cloning can help keep animals from becoming extinct. D.Famous persons who have passed away can be cloned.

4.The main idea of the text :

A. Animal cloning is very valuable and can
benefit the world.

B. Animal cloning could be misused by bad
people so it must be forbidden.

C. Animal cloning is well developed because
Dolly the sheep was born.

D. Animal cloning raised arguments and
scientists are not sure about its future.

? 5. The word “controversial” in para 4 probably means ____________. ? A. complicated B. arguable ? C. important D. necessary

True or false:
1.Cloning means making a copy of an animal or a plant. (F )
2.Gardeners can make a lot of money by cloning plants. (T ) 3.Cloning is something that has been developed quite recently. ( F) 4.Dolly the sheep was the first successful clone of a mammal. ( T )

5.The cloning of Dolly the sheep succeed because the scientists were determined and work hard with patience. ( T )

Debate:Are you for or against cloning human beings(谁说谁有理)

Important sentences: 1. Cloning plants is straightforward while cloning animals is very complicated.

2. But at last the determination and patience of scientists paid off in 1996 with a breakthrough.

3.Cloning scientists were cast down to find that Dolly’ illnesses were more appropriate to a much older animal.

4.On the other hand, Dolly’s appearance raised a storm of objections and had a great impact on the media and public imagination. 5.It suddenly opened everybody’s eyes to the possibility of using cloning to cure serious illnesses and even to produce human beings. 6.Although at present human egg cells and embryos needed for cloning research are difficult to obtain. 7.However, scientists still wonder whether cloning will help us or harm us and where it is leading us.

1. The naughty boy______________________________ was forbidden to leave the classroom ( 被禁止离开教室)as a punishment. (forbid)

was cast down 2. He_____________________________( 非常沮丧) by the failure of the experiment.(cast) is difficult to undertake 3. The task_____________________________( 很难承担). (undertake)

have a great impact on teenagers 对青少年有 ? Drugs__________________________________( 很大影响).(impact)

1. 尝试做… attempt to do sth. 2. 得到好结果 pay off

3. 适合于… be appropriate to/ for sth.
4. 引起一阵强烈的反对 raise a strom of objections 5. 使…看清了

open one’s eyes to sth.
owe … to…
8. 反对 object to sth.

6. 欠、把…归功于…

7. 赞成

in favor of

Which group is the winner?


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