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湖南省益阳市箴言中学2015-2016学年高一上学期期末综合练习 英语(短文改错专题) Word版含答案

湖南省益阳市箴言中学 2015 年下学期高一期末 英语短文改错专题综合练习题 (一) Last summer, I got a young pet dog. I named him with Max after my favorite toy robot. The next day, I called her like this: “Come here, Max!” Then he comes up to me. I told him to get on the bed. Strange, he went to the bathroom. Although it was very hot, I thought that Max wanted to go for swim, so I put him into a pool. To my surprises, he enjoyed himself very much in the water. Now Max has grown more bigger and follow me no matter where I go. He has brought me a lot of happy. (二)I was walking along the street when the stranger stopped me and asked me the way to a newer restaurant. I started to tell him how to get here. As soon as I finish, the stranger thanked me and started off. However, to his surprise, he went to the wrong direction. So I stopped him at once and told him that he was wrong. Unexpectedly, he was smiled and told me that he didn’t really want ask the way. Instead he was just trying to find out that people knew where the new restaurant was, for he was the new owner of the restaurants. (三)Dear Yang Hui, I heard you’ll have a two-weeks summer holiday and have decided to visit as much new places as possible. I don’t think it’s a good idea. My friend Li Hua goes to Europe last July. He visited four countries, and stayed for only three days in each of the country. He was always in hurry. Li Hua was neither on a train or a bus almost every day. When he returned back from Europe, he was very tiring. So I suggest that he tr

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