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江西省兴国县第三中学2016届高三英语一轮复习 随堂演练(17)

一、单词拼写 1. He has been li vi ng here for a 2. They hope to 3. Time is valuab le . 4. “ We James said. 5. The condition pr events the bloo d fr om freely. 6. They have to

7. I’ m too ti red t o ( 减 少 )e xpenses th is year. ( 专 注 于 )on anythi ng. (国 籍 )? my advice at the ( 循 环 ) ( 十 年 ).

( 扩 大 ) their comp any. ( 因 此 ), we must t reasure time.

( 出 口 ) the m and th en we need to import them, ”

8. Can you show a ny thing to prove yo ur 9. The manager ma de no meeting. 10. The gir l river. 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 1. The poor suffe re d from 2. I woul dn ’ t thin k of of the night. 3. The ten million. 4. The people the re are fighting to ga in their from foreign cont ro l. (hungry ). ( 评 论 )on

( 挣 扎 ) in t he wat er when I passed by the

(distur b) t hem at this hour

(circul ate) of Learning English has reached


5. He returned from Paris and found his office was under som eone else ’ s (occupy ).

6. I ’ m sorry I d on ’ t know you. May be you are (confuse) me with s omeone else. 7. That was a his to ry-making 8. This is a (discov er) in med icine.

(c hemistry) ch an ge, not a physica l one. (produc e) by using better

9. They tired to in crease methods and tools .


10. They need a l ot of 三、单句语法填空 1. There was a 2. The heavy rain m ade

(equip) to do the experiment.

(satisf y) smile o n her face. hard to go to wor k as usual. (be)

3. Since then, fi nd ing ways to redu ce pollution his goal. 4. I can ’ t affor d 5. He regretted games. 6. It ’ s importan t to get ri d 7. He avoided 8. He had no choi ce but 9. I focused progress. 10. He became the f irst farmer scale. 四、课文浓缩语法填空 bad hab its. (buy) s uch a big flat.

(waste) so much t ime playing compute r

(see) m e by takin g another way. (wo rk) hard. the

my less ons, which led

(grow) ri ce on a l arge

Yuan Longpi ng, is on e of China ’ s most fa mous scient ists. Ove r the past five decades , he 1 (strugg le) for an approach the 2

(increa se) the ou tput of rice without expanding the area of the fields. Born in 1 930, Dr Yuan graduat ed from Sout hest Agr icultural College in 1953. Si nce then, 3 has been his life g oal. At that time , 4 (find) w ays to gro w more rice (hungry ) was a 5

(distur b) problem in many parts of the countryside. In 197 3, he became the fir st agricultural pio ne er in the world 6 (gr ow) rice that ha s a high output. Hi s dream to help the world ge t rid 7 hunger came true. (satisf y) with his life but doesn ’ t (comfor t)

Dr Yuan is quite 8 care 9 life.

being f amous or l eading a 10



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