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2014-2015学年高中英语 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Grammar quiz练习 新人教版选修8

2014-2015 学年高中英语 Unit 3 Inventors and inventions Grammar quiz 练习 新人教版选修 8 I. Translate the following sentences. 1. ___________________ (请保持坐着) and keep your seat-belts __________ (系好). (remai

n, seat) 2. To learn Englis h well, you should seek every opportunity to ____________________________ (尽可能多地听别人讲英语). 3. As we know, _______________ (污染了的水) is harmful to people’s health. 4. ______________________________ ( 三年前建造的这座桥 ) has played an important part in this area’s traffic. 5. You should read newspapers every day to ___________________________ (使自己知 道) what’s happening in the world. (inform) 6. The young teacher is very popular among her students for s he always tries to _________________ (使他们感兴趣) her lectures. (get) 7. __________________ (受伤的工人) are now being taken good care of in the hospital. (injure) 8. She was glad ______________________________ (看到她的孩子们受到很好的照顾) in the nursery. (look after) II. Fill in the blanks. 1. John Snow told the story about the _________ (astonish) people in Broad Street. 2. Some of the people _______ (invite) to the party couldn’t come. 3. These seats are ________ (reserve) for you. 4. The experience _______ (gain) will be of great value to us. 5. The library is ______ (close) on weekends. 6. Don’t drink the _______ (pollute) water. 7. The ________ (worry) mother looked at her ________ (worry) son, looking _______ (worry). III. Correct the following sente nces. 1. The foreigner tried his best to make his point be understood. 2. They found a piece

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