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人教版 高中英语选修六 第二单元 阅读 导学案

Where is a will, there is a way.

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Period 2 Language



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学习过程: Step1. 课前预习
1. convey 4.transform 7. cottage

2.emotion 5.branch 8.sparrow 3.tease 6. eventually

Step 2.自主学习
1. Others try to convey certain emotions. Convey v. 表达,传递,传达 Convey sth to sb 向某人表达…… Convey sth from ……to…… 传递…… Convey sth/sb to someplace 把…..送到某地 Convey one’s feelings/thanks to sb 向某人表达某人的感情/谢意 1.)The look on her face conveys her thanks.译文: 2.)Please convey our best wishes to your parents.译文: 3.)Words can’t my feelings. (convey) A. have B. cover C. convey D. convert 2. teasing, shouting , laughing…… 爱闹,爱叫,又爱笑….. Tease vt.取笑,招惹,戏弄 Tease sb./sth. 取笑……. Tease sb. about sth.拿….取笑某人 1.)At school the other children always me because I was fat.(tease) 2.) Stop the cat. 停止招惹猫。 3.)Don’t me my failing in the exam. (tease) 3.Never looking back, transformed into stone.化为石,不回头。 Transform v.转化 改造 变换 transformation n. 变化,改观 Transform sth into sth 把….转变成……. Transform one’s life 改变某人的一生 1.) Success and wealth his character. (改变) (transform) 2) They had to their garage a guest house. (transform)

他们不得不把车库改成客房。 3.)It was an event that would 。 (改变我一生) 4…..if we had not take it easy……. take it easy 从容,不紧张,轻松 take things easy 放松,别担心 take one’s time 不匆忙,不急,慢慢来 take sth seriously 认真对待…… take sth for granted 认为…..理所当然 用上面的相关短语填空: eg: 1.) , and you will get well soon. 别紧张, 你很快会好起 来。 2.) You can hand the report in three days,1 so .你可以 在三天后交上报告,因此你可以慢慢来。 3.) The doctor told me to and stop working so hard.医 生劝我放松一下,工作不要过于劳累。 4.) We should every test .我们应该认真对待每次考试。 5….if we had not run out of energy……. run out of = use of 用完,耗尽 (能用于被动语态) run out =give out 用完,耗尽 (不能用于被动语态) run out 用完了,不及物动词短语,其主语常为时间,食物,金钱等名词。 run out of 用完了,及物动词短语,表主动含义,主语一般是人。 1.)Many young people their money by the end of the month. (已用完) (run) 2.)As the weather is getting drier and drier, the water in the river .(用完,耗尽)(run) 3.) After a month their food .(用完)(run) 4.) His money has __ . (他的钱已经用完了) (run) Step 3:合作探究 With so many different forms of poetry to choose from, students may eventually want to write poems of their own. 句中 with so many different forms of poetry to choose from 为 with 的复合结构 作状语。 “with + 宾语+宾语补足语”称为 with 复合结构,此结构在句中常作状 语,可位于句首或句末,常作时间,原因,方式,伴随状语,也可作后置定语。 在此结构中可用形容词,副词,介词短语,不定式,现在分词,过去分词作宾语 补足语。 Eg: With time passing , they have grown into big boys and big girls. He came in with his arms folded. 1.) Don’t sleep . (别开着窗睡觉) (open) 2.) ,I will not have time to go to see the film tonight. (有这多工作要做,我今晚没时间群殴看电影。) (do) Step 4 节节过关 1.American Indians about five percent of the US population. A .fill up B. bring up C. make up D. set up 2. Although about fatness, she still has confidence in her performance of daily

life. A. teased B. teasing C. tease D. to tease 3.I can express myself fluently and my opinion clearly to the audience. A. conduct B. consume C. convince D. convey 4.If my car more reliable, I would have driven to Lhasa instead of flying last summer. A. was B. had been C. should be D. would be 5.---Why are you so late? ---I got struck in the traffic jam, or I earlier. A. arrived B. had arrived C. would arrive D. would have arrived 6.But for your help, I where the hospital is. A. can’t find B. can’t have found C.couldn’t have found D.haven’t found 7.---Jone went to the hospital alone. ---If he me about it, I would have gone with him. A. should tell B. tells C. told D. had told 8. for the fact that she got hit by a car and broke her leg on her way to school. she might have passed the exam. A. Had it not been B. Had not it been C .Was it not D .Were it not 9.If we the other way, we might have arrived here in time for the meeting. A. take B. had taken C. took D. have taken 10. We didn’t know his telephone number, otherwise, we him. A. would have telephone B. must have telephoned C. would telephone D. had telephoned 用所给的词适当形式填空 1. He speaks to us as if he (be) there. 2. Without your help, we would not (make) such rapid progress. 3. If only I (come) to the party yesterday. 4.The suggestion that students (learn) something practical is worth considering. 5. It is necessary that she (attend) the college entrance examination. 6. She spoke English well as if she (study) English in England. 7. If only I ( not miss) the train. 8.But for the English examination I (go) to the concert last Sunday. 9.My advice is that you (finish) your homework first. 10.It is recommended that passengers (not, smoke) during the flight. Step5: 课后反思


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