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Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Why hasn’t she come to the party? —I am afraid she can’t. She is being________ her report. A.covered with B.filled with C.occupied with D.crowded with 2.The country finally gained i

ndependence after being ________by the British for so many years. A.governed B.defeated C.managed D.commanded 3.While the government says there is a(n) ________supply of houses,prices of apartments have been going up these years. A.parallel B.absent C.abundant D.short 4.Warm- blooded animals live an active life even in freezing winter,which helps them to________ their normal body temperature. A.keep up up C.bring up D.pick up 5.It is often recommended that children ________chances to get close to nature. A.are offered offered C.should offer D.must be offered 6 . The scientists are making further research to develop more advanced rockets_______ spaceships can be launched. A.which B.with which C./ D.with that 7.He isn’t like his brother________ in appearance________ in character. A.both;and B.neither;nor C.not only;but also D.either;or 8.In the face of all these difficulties,we’re not discouraged and________ good spirits. A.keep up B.go up C.hold up D.pick up 9.We were alarmed at the way in which John reacted________ the drug. A.against B.on D.with 10. —Why did you come in without my permission? —________.I won’t behave like that again. A.No problem B.I’m sorry C.I suppose so D.Take it easy 11.This week Michael Bloomberg,________Mr Giuliani soon after those terrorist attacks,put forward a 25- plan for upgrading the city. year A.who succeeded B.he succeeded C.succeeded D.which succeeded 12.________,I don’t object to your marriage though your parents are strongly against it. A.As far as I know B.As far as I am concerned C.As it happens D.Sooner or later 13.In order to________ a good knowledge of English,he gave up his job and went to Britain. A.require B.inquire C.acquire D.address 14.We tried our best to make our garden________ its surroundings. in in with up with fit in with 15.—How far apart do they live? —________I know,they live in the same neighbourhood. A.As long as B.As far as C.As well as D.As often as Ⅱ.完形填空 When I was young,I belonged to a club that did community service work. There was one specific event that was unusual for me. I spent three or four hours handing out warm dinner to the homeless out in the streets. After that I went to a homeless shelter not far from the Bay Bridge. I was in high school and at the time my sister was too young to__1__.She wanted to help, __2__she made four or five dozen chocolate chip cookies for me to__3__and hand out to people. When getting to the homeless shelter__4__passed out the remaining meals.__5__, began making I sandwiches and__6__them with the crowd. I had the containers with my__7__cookies in them and began to__8__, offering them to anyone near me. I__9__an old gentleman and said, “Sir, would you like a cookie?” He stopped and turned around, __10__and said, “What did you say?Did you call me sir?” I told him I__11__,and his eyes__12__a little bit and he said,“No one has__13__called me sir.” So he__14__. It struck me. I explained I had been raised that__15__color and social status , everyone deserved respect.It__16__me to think that just because he was homeless,no one__17__him the honor. It broke my heart,and I__18__I just didn’t understand__19__no one ever called him sir?I had never thought that anyone was below me because I wasn’t raised that way.Every__20__person

deserves to be treated with dignity. Years later,I still carry that memory and the lessons it taught me. Sometimes,what we take for granted can really make a difference in someone’s life. How have you made a difference to others?How have others made a difference to you? 1. A .participate B.involve C.choose D.go 2.A .however B.but C.yet 3.A. bring B.fetch C.collect D.take 4.A.I C.she D.we 5.A. First B.Next C.Third D.Finally 6.A. shared B.gave C.helped D.assisted 7.A. classmate’s B.schoolmate’s C.sister’s’s 8.A. walk around B.knock around C.come around D.stand around 9. A. went B.came C.approached D.met 10.A. looked at me rightly B.stared at me with difficulty C.glared at me in anger D.looked me right in the eye 11.A. had B.called C.would 12.A. watered B.cried C.tore D.dropped 13.A. already B.ever C.still D.yet 14.A. was completely frightened B.was not a little confused C.was completely taken aback D.was not a bit surprised 15.A. in spite of B.regardless of C.concerned about D.for fear of 16.A. strengthened B.saddened C.frightened D.pleased 17.A. handed B.afforded C.provided D.supplied 18.A .had no choice but to cry B.couldn’t help to cry C.had no right to cry D.couldn’t help but cry 19.A. what B.when C.whether D.why 20.A. single B.poor C.ordinary D.normal Ⅲ.阅读理解

Chinese people are now spending more time surfing the net than watching TV, according to results of a survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) published Thursday. The survey, of citizens of five Chinese cities, found that 79 percent of interviewees use the internet for information, and 55.1 percent to read news on the internet. About 63 percent of the interviewees use e-mail. The average times spent surfing the net and watching TV were 2.73 hours and 1.29hours, respectively. Only 10.4 percent reported use the internet primarily to send and receive email; 65.9 percent read online news; 62.2 quite often play games on-line. More and more people have taken an interest in the entertainment opportunities online. Up to 56.5 percent of interviewees quite often download music, and 53.5 percent get entertainment messages from the internet. Yet the survey found that television is still the dominant mass medium. Seventy-nine percent of interviewees choose to watch TV to get information, and another 75 percent take newspapers as important as TV. Five major web sites in the Chinese language, namely Sina, Sohu, Netease, Baidu and Yahoo are still ranked top ones by web users, and those that voted for Sina as the best among them were 30.9 percent. Authorized statistics showed that web users in China have already exceeded 100 million, second to that of the United States. 重难点单词和词组: ③ respectively 各自地 ②primarily 首先,走初 ③dominant 占优势的 ④exceed 超过,胜过 ⑤authorized 权威的 ⑥CASS 中国社科院

1. Which of the following is not true? A. Chinese people are now spending more time surfing the net than watching TV. B. There are more Chinese people using the internet for information compared with those reading news on the internet. C. There are more people using e-mail compared with those searching information on the internet. D. There are more people using e-mail compared with those reading news on the internet. 2. The survey shows that . A. Only 10.4% reported use the internet to send and receive email. B. Less than half of the people use the internet for enter fain-ment. C. All of the people reported like to play games on-line. D. Most of the people reported read online news. 3. Which will you choose if you want to chat with your friends on the internet? A. TV B. Sina C. telephone D. QQ 4. The underlined word “exceeded” means . A. increased to B. increased by C. risen D. decreased B Age plays a major part in people who are infected with cold,ie,in people who suffer from cold infection. A study done by University of Michigan,has shown information that seems to be true for the general population. Babies are the most cold infected group,generally more than six colds in their first year. Boys have more colds than girls up to the age of three. After three,girls are easier to get infected with cold than boys,and teenage girls get three colds a year to boys’ two. The general cold infections continue to get less into adults. Elderly people who are in good health have as few as one or two colds every year. One interesting thing is found among people in their twenties,especially women,who show a rise in cold infection,because people in this age group are most likely to have young children. The study has also found that economy plays an important role as well. With more and more income,the frequency at which colds are reported in the family is getting lower and lower. Families with the lowest income usually suffer about a third ally forces people to live in rooms more crowded than rooms owned by richer people,and the crowding usually leads to more chances for the cold virus to travel from person to person. Low income may also have an effect on our diet .Many scientists believe that a poorer diet usually leads into more possibilities of cold infection. 5.Which of the age groups has the highest frequency of cold infection? A.Small babies. B.Teenage boys. C.Adult women. D. Elderly people. 6.The purpose of writing this passage is to________. A.give the readers some tips to avoid cold infection a carefulmade study on cold infection the major reasons leading to cold infection D.describe all the possible dangers of cold infection 7.How does economy play an important role in cold infection? A.Families with lower income suffer less from cold infection. B.People who have lower income enjoy living in crowded rooms. C.Rich families can have better nutrition and never get infected. D.People with higher income have fewer chances of infection. 8.From the passage we can infer that________. A.age is the only important factor that connects with colds B.families with the highest income will more easily get infected C.people have lower frequency of infection as they grow older D. a better diet may help people to fight against cold infection

IS IT TIME TO GET MP3? Your computer has been playing music for years, one CD at a time. Now hundreds of songs can be stored in your PC (personal computer) if they’re in the MP3 format. What is it? MP3 compresses music into small computer friendly files. You access MP3 music several ways : Music can be downloaded from websites that have converted vast music libraries into MP3. Or you can prerecord CDs into your PC and convert songs in minutes into MP3. Once MP3 music is on your PC’s hard drive, you can play it through your computer’s speakers, “burn” it onto blank CDs or exchange MP3 files with friends using E-mail. How much? Software needed to play and convert MP3 music is often free. It comes preinstalled on most new computers or can be downloaded from many websites, including MP3. com. Some MP3 sites are free. Just type “MP3 sites” into any search engine. The popular MP3 players start at around $50and can hold hundreds of songs. A blank CD on which you can record music costs about a dollar. Advantages MP3 turns your home PC into a tape recorder. Tiny MP3 players are the size of a card, making it easy to take hundreds of songs with you. Disadvantages You may find that music at many sites is limited. And some only allow you to listen rather than download offerings. Others let you download music that then can’t be copied to MP3 players. And a growing number of new CDs make it impossible to copy songs to a computer. ①format 格式 ②compress 压缩 ③convert 转变 ④prerecord 预先录下 ⑤preinstall 预先安装 ⑥CD 激光唱片 ⑦hard drive 硬盘 ⑧rather than 而不是 9. How can you get MP3 music? A. By turning your home PC into a tape recorder B. By taking your own music or songs with you C. By copying songs to a PC through the speakers. D. By downloading from websites which have converted music libraries into MP3. 10. Which is NOT true to the passage? A. Software needed to play and convert MP3 music is often free of charge. B. MP3 music can be with friends by e-mail. C. MP3 music can be downloaded for free at any site. D. A greater number of new CDs make it possible to copy songs to a computer. 11.The underlined word “burn” probably means_____. A. fire B. change C. download D. play 12. How much will you pay for a MP3 player? A. Free of charge. B. Free downloading. C. At least fifty dollars. D. About a dollar.



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