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外研版必修一 Module 5步步高复习课件

Module 5

A Lesson in a Lab 基础落实

1.stage n.阶段;时期;舞台 2. boil vt.煮;煮沸 3. float vi.漂浮 4. balance 5. expand n.天平;平衡 v.膨胀→contract v.(反义词)收缩

6.mixture n.混合物→ mix vt.混合→ mixed adj.混合 的,混杂的 7. electricity n.电→ electric adj.电的;用电的→

electrical adj.与电有关的;电气化的
8.conclusion n.结论→conclude v.总结,下结论

9. aim n.& v.目标;力争做到;瞄准→ aimless adj. 漫无目的地 10. equipment n.设备;装备→ equip vt.装备;配备 11. react vi.(化学)反应→ reaction n.反应 12. ordinary adj.普通的; 平常的→ extraordinary adj. 异乎寻常的 13. form v.形成;n.形式;表格→ transform vt. 使??变形 14. lecture n.演讲→ lecturer n.演讲者

astonished adj.吃惊的;惊愕的→ astonishing adj. 15.
令人吃惊的→ astonish vt.使吃惊→ astonishment n.惊奇

语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 The lecture about aim astonished everyone present.It got a mixed reaction.At last,we concluded that people shouldn’t lead an aimless life.There are not ordinary moments in all stages of life.

Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1.add... to ...把??添加到 add up to 总计;总共 2. at the bottom of 在??的底部

the bottom of one’s heart 从心底里;由衷地 of 对??感到自豪;骄傲 proud

take pride in 以??为自豪 supposed to 理应;被认为是?? I suppose so 我看可以 5. put order 按顺序摆放??
in order 整齐;条理

6.think of 考虑;想到 think up 想出(主意等) 7.come up with 突然想起 come to life 苏醒;活跃起来 8.from that moment on 从那一刻起 from now on 从现在起 9. in turn 轮流 by turns 轮流地;依次地 10.react with 与??发生反应 react to (人)对??做出反应

Ⅲ.句式与运用 1.Twothirds of the earth’s surface is water. 地球表面的三分之二是水。

句式分析 分数的表达法和主谓一致。
句式仿写 这里三分之一的书是属于他的。
One-third of the books here belong to him.

2.The earth is fortynine times larger than the moon. 地球比月球大四十九倍。

句式分析 倍数表达法: 倍数+形容词或副词的比 较级+than。
句式仿写 新修的路比原来的路宽 3 倍。 The newlybuilt road is three times wider than the old one.

3. It is hard to think of a world without metals. 很难想像一个没有金属的世界。

句式分析 It is+adj.+(for/of sb.)+ to do sth.。
句式仿写 把伞忘在出租车上,你真粗心。 It’s careless of you to leave your umbrella in

the taxi.

4.Below is a description of a simple scientific experiment. 下面是对一个简单的科学实验的描述。

句式分析 倒装句式。
句式仿写 我们靠天吃饭的日子一去不复返了。

Gone are the days
the weather.

when we had to be at the mercy of

5.The closer you are,the more you’ll see. 你靠的越近,看到的就越多。
句式分析 the+比较级...,the +比较级...。

句式仿写 你学习越努力,取得的进步就越大。 The harder you study,the more progress you’ll


Ⅳ.高考源于教材 Burns to form an oxide (教材原句) (2009· 湖北, 29) the form of the direction of You’d sound a lot more polite if you make a request


a question. search of need of

解析 in search of 寻找;in the form of 以??的形式;in need of 需要;in the direction of 朝??的方向。句意为:如 果你以问题的形式提出要求的话,听起来会有礼貌得多。

重点单词 1.conclusion n.结束;结论

conclude v.总结,下结论;结束;最后说 ? ?sth.(from sth.) conclude? 推断出,断定 ? ?(from sth.) that... ? ?with sth. conclude (sth.)? 以??结束 ? ?by doing sth.
conclude sth.with sb.就某事与某人达成协议

to conclude 最后 in conclusion 最后;总之
arrive at / come to /draw / reach a conclusion (that...)

(1)By the time I contented myself with the conclusion that he and I were strangers,we were greeting each other warmly every morning like old friends. (2009· 天津,完形填空) 当我得出我和他只是陌生人的结论时,我们已经像老朋 友一样每天早晨都会热情地打招呼了。 (2)He concluded from their remarks that they were not in favour of the plan. 他从他们的话语中推断出他们不赞同此项计划。 (3)They concluded a treaty with Turkey. 他们同土耳其缔结了一项条约。

2.aim n.目标,目的;v.瞄准;(向某方向)力争做到

be aimed at 目的是;旨在;针对?? aim at/for 致力于;努力追求??
with the aim of 目的是??;意在?? take aim at 瞄准??

without aim 漫无目的的 aim to do sth.目的要做??;立志做??

(1)The play to be produced next month aims mainly

to reflect the local culture.

(2009· 安徽,28)

下个月将要完成的那个戏剧主要反映当地的文化。 (2)The programme is aimed at teenage audience. 这个节目针对的是十几岁的观众。 (3)It’s important that you should have some sort of a goal to aim for/at. 有一个为之奋斗的目标是很重要的。

3.form v.组成,构成;形成;n.形式;表格;状况; 精神 form a club 成立俱乐部 form the habit of doing sth.养成做某事的习惯

fill in

the form 填表格

take the form of...采取??的形式 in form 状况良好

out of form 状况不佳
in any form 以任何形式

in the form of ...以??的形式

(1)This disease takes the form of high fever and sickness.这种病以发高烧和呕吐的症状出现。 (2)He’s been in bad form recently,and hasn’t won a game for three months. 他近来竞技状态不好,三个月没有赢得比赛了。

语境活用——根据语境翻译 form Recently he has formed (1) 成立 a weightloss club. Many people came to fill in a form (2) 表格 to join it.He advised his members to form (3) 养成,形成 a good eating habit.He also suggested them eating less fat in the form of (4) 以??形式 meat.He claimed if they exercise regularly and pay attention to their habit of life , they will surely have a good form (5) 体形,外形 .

4.add v.补充说;补充;添加

addition n.增加,增加的人或物
additional adj.附加的,另外的

(1)add up sth./add sth.up 把??加起来(up 为副词,宾语 若为代词应置于中间) add up to 加起来总和是,总共有(不用于被动语态,后常 跟表示数字的词作宾语)

add to 增加;增添(to 为介词,宾语位于 to 之后) 把??加到(进 )??里 add that... 补充说??(后面可以接直接引语或 that 引 导的宾语从句) (2) in addition 另外,加之

in addition to 除??之外(还有)

(1)All these figures add up to 5,000. 所有这些数字加起来共计 5,000。 (2)He added that he was satisfied with the talk. 他补充说他对会谈很满意。

语境活用——用 add 的相关短语完成下列小片段 The boss said it was not easy to manage a company, (1) adding that the financial crisis (2)added to the difficulty.However,the dormitory for workers needed improving and they would (3) add a toilet (4) to each room. He (5) added up the expenses and the total (6) added up to more than 1,000,000 yuan.

对点训练 Ⅰ.语境填词 1.Put a basin of water outside in winter,and ice will

form (形成).
2.The police came to a conclusion looking into the case carefully. 3.The hunter aimed (瞄准) with his gun at the bear carefully. (结论) after

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Six people have A.expected C.concluded

that they will be attending the B.suggested D.confirmed

meeting while ten haven’t replied yet.

解析 句意为:六个人已经断定他们将参加会议,尽 管??。故选 concluded,“下结论,决定”。

2.According to the doctor,the disease can take several different A.forms C.appearances

. B.shapes D.existences

解析 句意为:据医生说,这种毛病可能以几种不同 的形式出现。take different forms 以不同的形式。

3.The money we made last year A.account C.added up to


150 million.

B.stimulated D.increase


add up to 总计。句意为:我们去年挣的钱总

计??。故选 C 项。
4.After two hours of talk,trade agreement was successfully


. B.concluded D.confessed

A.condemned C.conducted

解析 conclude an agreement 达成协议。

5.—What is your A.attention C.opinion


in this Olympic Games? B.idea D.aim

—To win the gold medal.


aim 此处指“目标”。句意为:你在这次奥林

匹克运动会中的目标是什么?故选 D 项。

重点短语 1.go ahead 前进;着手,进行;(让路等)您先请,(电话 等)您先说,(对别人请求的许可)行,去做吧,开始 吧,??吧 ahead of time 提前 ahead of one’s time 超越某人那个时代
look ahead 向前看;为未来着想或打算

ahead of 在??前面;比??早;超过;领先 get ahead of 超过;胜过 get ahead 出人头地,成功

(1)—May I open the window to let in some fresh air? — Go ahead! ——开吧! (2)Ahead of us lies a river.我们前面有一条河。 (3)He is always well ahead of the rest of the class. 他在班上总是遥遥领先。 (2009· 四川,1) ——我可以打开窗子放点新鲜空气吗? supposed to 应该??;理应?? (1)be supposed to...被期望做??,应该??;被认为 是,被认为 be not supposed to do sth.不允许做?? (2)suppose 作及物动词,意为“认为,想”。后可接

从句 ,可用作插入语,还可接不定式的复合结构。
(3)suppose 作及物动词,意为“假定,设想”,有时 还可用来提出建议,表示“??怎么样”,多用于祈 使句,后面的从句多用 虚拟语气 should+动词原形, 有时 should 可以省略。 (4)suppose/supposing 引导条件状语从句,相当于 if, 意为“如果,假设”。

(1)I have reached a point in my life where I am

supposed to make decisions of my own.
(2009· 浙江,14) 我已经到了自己做出决定的年龄了。 (2)She is supposed to go to the store. 她必须去商店。 (3)He was supposed to have arrived on the five o’clock train.他本该赶上五点钟的那班火车的(但他没有)。

写作句组——满分作文之佳句 a.We are supposed to protect the environment. b.You should have a balanced diet if you want to keep fit. c.We are expected to make contributions to the environmental protection. d.Such pollution ought not to be allowed.

对点训练 Ⅰ.选词填空 be supposed to,go ahead,ahead of 1.You are supposed to ask the teacher if you want to leave the classroom. 2.Cross the street and go ahead . 3.I finished the work several days ahead of deadline. the

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.—May I ask you a question,sir? —Yes,


. B.go on D.that’s all

A.go ahead C.get ahead

解析 go ahead 此处意为“行,问吧”。

2.He was lawyer.


to be a musician,but he became a B.said D.supposed

A.thought C.considered

解析 句意为:他应该成为一名音乐家,但是他成了 一名律师。be supposed to 应该??。

3.Whenever I have an appointment,I like to arrive


A.ahead of time a little B.a little time ahead C.a little ahead of time D.ahead of a little time

解析 ahead of time 提前,a little 表程度,意为“稍 微”,修饰 ahead of time,应放在其前面。故选 C 项。



the flower,but you didn’t.

A.are supposed to water B.are supposed to have watered C.were supposed to water D.suppose to water

解析 be supposed to have done 本应该做了某事,而 实际没有,didn’t 已有了暗示。句意为:你本应该 浇过花的,可你没有。

重点句型 1. It is hard to think of a world without metals. 很难想像一个没有金属的世界。 句式提取:It is hard to...

本句中 it 为形式主语,真正的主语是不定式短语 to think of...,构成 It is/was+adj.+ to do sth.的结构。 (1)It is+adj.+for sb. to do sth.(该句式中,作表语的形 容词只能说明不定式的行为性质和特点, 不能说明不定 式的执行者。常见的这类形容词有:easy,important, difficult,hard,possible,impossible,necessary 等。)

(2)It is+adj.+of sb. to do sth.(该句式中, 作表语的形容词 表达不定式的逻辑主语的品行、性格或性质。常见的这类 形容词有:kind,nice,good,honest,careful,careless, clever,wise,stupid,foolish,rude,polite,impolite 等。)
(1)It’s difficult to finish the task in such a short period of time. 在这么短的时间内完成任务很困难。 (2)It’s important for us to master a foreign language. 对我们来说掌握一门外语非常重要。 (3)It’s careless of you to make so many mistakes in this exam. 在这次考试中你出了这么多错真是太粗心了。

2.The closer you are,the more you’ll see.你靠的越近, 看到的就越多。 句式提取:the closer...,the more...

“the+比较级...,the+比较级...”句型: (1)意为“越??就越??”,表示主、从句的两个谓 语是同时进行的,表示一方随另一方程度变化而变化。 (2)从结构上看,第一个“the+比较级”是表示条件的 状语从句;在表示将来意义的情况下,从句用一般现 在时表示将来。第二个“the+比较级”是主句,用一 般将来时。 (3)本结构中常用省略结构。

(1)There’s an old saying— the longer you stay away from the motherland,the sweeter your blood grows to the mosquitoes. 子来说变得就越甜。 (2) The more you eat, the fatter you will be. 你吃得越多,就会越胖。 (3)The sooner (you do it),the better (it will be). 越快越好。 (2007· 四川,完形填空) 有一句古谚语——离开祖国的时间越长,你的血液对蚊

对点训练 Ⅰ.翻译句子 1.我越考虑这个事,我越不喜欢它。

The more I think about it,the less I like it.
2.你练得越用功,你的进步就越大。 The harder you practice,the greater progress

you’ll make.
3.对我来说学好汉语很容易。 It is very easy for me to learn Chinese well. 4.你来帮助我太好了。 It’s very kind of you to help me.

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.Thomas Jefferson once said,“I’m a great believer in luck,and I find


I work,

I have of it.”

A.the harder;the less B.the harder;the more C.the more hard;the less D.the more hard;the more

解析 后半句句意为:我发现我工作得越努力,我拥 有的运气就越多。hard 的比较级应为 harder,故选 B 项。

2.We all think A.there


is not necessary for you to have C.that D.this

told her about the bad news.

解析 考查句式 It is+adj.+for sb. to do sth.的结构。
3.As far as I’m concerned,education is about learning and the more you learn,



A.the more for life are you equipped B.the more equipped for life you are C.the more life you are equipped for are equipped the more for life

解析 该句属于“the more...,the more...”句型。



was careless

him to leave his umbrella in B.It;of D.That;of

the store. A.It;for C.That;for

解析 it 为形式主语, 真正的主语为 to leave his umbrella in the store;且 careless 描述的是人的品质、性格,故用 of。因此选 B 项。

简单句的扩写与写作训练 五种基本句式是构成文章的基础。要想提高写作水平, 还必须会写复合句。我们要在简单句的基础上充分利用形容 词、副词、定语从句和状语从句等来充实句子。 一、句子的单层扩写 There are flowers in the garden. →There are all kinds of flowers in the garden. 运用定语成分 all kinds of 对名词 flowers 作了修饰。 又如:We went out. →We went out happily. →We went out,hungry and cold. →We went out understandingly. 运用 happily,hungry and cold 和 understandingly 对句子 的谓语动词进行了扩写。

二、句子的多层扩写 句子的多层扩写与单层扩写的道理是一样的。 He is sleeping.→He is sleeping in class.(添加状语) →He is sleeping in the English class.(添加定语) →He is sleeping soundly in the English class.(添加状语) → He is sleeping soundly in the English class when the teacher calls his name.(添加 when 连接的简单句) → He , who attended his friend’s birthday party till midnight yesterday,is sleeping soundly in the English class when the teacher calls his name.(添加 who 引导的定语从句) 扩写句子时有一点很关键,即要划清句子的主要成分,并 搞清单词的词性,如它是名词还是动词,是形容词还是副词。

【体验写作】 一、按要求扩写下面的简单句(可以有不同的答案)

The boy is playing.
1.加宾语 The boy is playing computer games. 2.加状语 The boy is playing computer games happily and excitedly. 3.给主语加定语 The boy who played truant is playing computer games happily and excitedly. 4.给宾语加定语 The boy who played truant is happily playing

computer games which are very interesting to him.

二、对下面的句子进行多层扩写 Tom was watching TV. Tom,coming back late from school ,was watching

TV,which quickly made him feel relaxed.



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