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2011—2012 学年度第二学期高一英语试卷
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第一部分:单项选择(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分)
1. The newcomer is not good at the job. It ______ to me as if he needs some help. A. sounds B. smells C. ta

stes D. remains 2.Don’t let yourself ______ into buying things you don’t really want. A. persuade B. be persuaded C. to persuade D. persuading

3.The reason _____ you failed, I suppose, was _____ you didn’t follow your teacher’s advice. A. why; that B. that; why C. which; because D. why; because 4. This all happened ______ you were born, so you don’t know all about it. A. long before B. long after C. so long D. before long 5. The Forbidden City is a great tourist _____ drawing millions of visitors every year. A. arrangement B. attraction C. accommodation D. appearance 6. —Did you study Japanese? —No, I didn’t. I just sort of _____ when I lived in Japan. A. picked it up B. gave it up C. put it up D. took it up 7. Baggio earns ten times _____ I do. A. as many as B. as much as C. as little as D. many more than 8. I am _____ to cycle to school because my bicycle is broken. A. unseen B. unusual C. unexpected D. unable 9. She spent a few minutes trying to _____ herself before giving the speech. A. recover B. reply C. return D. reflect 10. None of us expected Miss Wang, our math teacher, to _____ at my birthday party. We thought she was still in hospital. A. turn up B. turn off C. turn down D. turn on 11. Your article won’t _____ if you use too many technical terms in it. A. get across B. watch out C. back out D. go round 12. We have learnt which mushrooms are safe to eat, so we won’t risk _____. A. to get sick B. getting sick C. get sick D. got sick 13. That area has plenty of natural resources _____ this one has none. A. since B. while C. as D. whether 14. They own a restaurant in Shanghai _____ a store in Hangzhou. A. as well as B. too C. as well D. also 15. The twin sisters didn’t go home all night, _____ made their family feel worried. A. when B. which C. that D. this 16. We were still sleeping when the fire _____, and then it spread very quickly. A. broke down B. broke out C. broke off D. broke up 17. No matter what happens I’ll _____ you, so don’t be afraid and nervous.

A. stand by B. stand for C. stand out D. stand up 18. Professor Lee asked each of us ___ to describe how computers had affected our daily lives. A. in time B. in a word C. in a way D. in turn 19. Look! That tall building _____ will be the largest shopping center in this city. A. having built B. is being built C. being built D. to build 20. The earthquake, _____ happened in Tangshan in 1976, led to more than 200,000 deaths. A. that B. where C. whose D. which

第二部分:完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分)
In the United States, it is not customary to telephone someone very early in the morning. If you telephone him early in the morning, ___21___ he is shaving or having breakfast, the ___22___ of the call shows that the matter is very important and ___23___ immediate attention. The same meaning ___24___ with telephone calls made after 11:00 pm. If someone ___25___ a call during sleeping hours, he considers it a matter of life and ___26___ . The time chosen for the call communicates its importance. In ___27___ life, time plays a very important part. In the U.S., ___28___ may feel they are not highly ___29___ if the invitation to a dinner party is extended only three or four days before the party date. But it is not ___30___ in all countries. In other areas of the world, it may be considered ___31___ to make an appointment too far in ___32___ because plans made for a date more than a week away may be __33__ . The meaning of time differs in different parts of the world. Thus, misunderstandings ___34___ between people from cultures that treat time differently. Promptness(准时) is ___35___ highly in American life, for example. If not prompt, they may be regarded as impolite or not fully ___36___ . In the U.S. no one would think of keeping a business ___37___ waiting for an hour, it would be too impolite. A person who is five minutes late is ___38___ to make a short ___39___ . If he is less than five minutes late, he will say a few words of ___40___ , though perhaps he will not complete the sentence. 21. A. and 22. A. time 23. A. pays 24. A. comes 25. A. receives 26. A. help 27. A. local 28. A. hosts 29. A. thought 30. A. true 31. A. foolish B. but B. reason B. explains B. goes B. phones B. trouble B. city B. guests B. regarded B. right B. waste C. while C. person C. declares C. deals C. sends C. death C. trade C. waiters C. praised C. different C. polite

D. for which D. place D. requires D. happens D. replies D. disturbance D. social D. postmen D. served D. common D. impossible

32. A. future 33. A. missing 34. A. cause 35. A. valued 36. A. capable 37. A. merchant 38. A. ordered 39. A. apology 40. A. regret

B. delivery B. changeable B. appear B. looked B. responsible B. company B. expected B. speech B. enjoyment A

C. advance C. helpless C. spread C. believed C. forgivable C. partner C. suggested C. fine C. introduction

D. preparation D. forgotten D. transfer D. followed D. believable D. competitor D. requested D. performance D. explanation

第三部分:阅读理解(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分)
At 9:00 Dick Spivak's bank telephoned and said his payment was late. "The check is in the post," Dick replied quickly. At 11:45 Dick left for a 12:00 meeting across town. Arriving late, he explained that traffic(交通)had been had. That evening, Dick's girlfriend wore a new dress. He hated it. "It looks just great on you," he said. Three lies in one day! Yet Dick Spivak is just an ordinary man. Each time, he told himself that sometimes the truth causes too many problems. Most of us tell much the same white lies, harmless untruths that help to save trouble. How often do we tell white lies? It depends in part on our age, education, and even where we live. According to one U.S. study, women are more truthful than men, and honesty increases as we get older. While most people use little white lies to make life easier, the majority of Americans care about honesty in both public and personal life. They say that people today are less honest than they were ten years ago. Although it is believed that things are getting worse, lying seems to be an age-old human problem. The French philos(哲学家)Vauvenarges, writing in the eighteenth century, touched on the truth when he wrote, "All men are born truthful and liars (说 谎者)." 41. When the writer says "Dick Spivak is just an ordinary man", he means_____. A .it is common that people tell white lies B. Dick could do nothing about bad traffic C .it is common that people delay their payment D. Dick found it had to deal with everyday proplems 42.According to the text, most Americans_____. A. hate white lies C. value honesty B. believe white lies D. consider others dishonest

43.Vauvenarges' remark suggests that_____.

A. lying is an age-old human problem B. dishonesty increases as people get older C. people were dishonest in the 18th century D. it is social conditions that make people tell lies B The report came to the British on May 21,1941. The German battleship Bismarck, the most powerful warship in the world, was moving out into the Atlantic Ocean. Her task: to destroy the ships carrying supplies from the United States to war-torn England. The British had feared such a task. No warship they had could match the Bismarck in speed or in firepower. The Bismarck has eight 15-inch guns and 81 smaller guns. She could move at 30 nautical mile(海里)an hour. She was believed to be unsinkable. However, the British had to sink her. They sent out a task force headed by their best battleship Hood to hunt down the Bismarck. On May 24, the Hood found the Bismarck. It was a meeting that the German commander Luetjens did not want to see. His orders were to destroy the British ships that were carrying supplies, but to stay away from a fight with British warships. The battle didn't last long. The Bismarck's first torpedo (鱼雷) hit the Hood, which went down taking all but three of her 1,419 men with her. But in the fight, the Bismarck was slightly damaged (损坏) .Her commander decided to run for repairs to France, which had at that time been taken by the Germans. The British force followed her. However, because of the Bismarck's speed and the heavy fog, they lost sight of her. For two days, every British ship in the Atlantic tried to find the Bismarck, but with no success. Finally, she was sighted by a plane from Ireland. Trying to slow the Bismarck down so that their ships could catch up with her, the British fired at her from the air. The Bismarck was hit. On the morning of May 27, the last battle was fought. Four British ships fired on the Bismarck, and she was finally sunk. 44. Many people believed that the Bismarck could not be defeated because she_____. A. was fast and powerful C. was under Luetjens' command B. had more men on board D. had bigger guns than other ships

45 .We learn from the text that on 24 May_____. A. the British won the battle against the Bismarck B. the Bismarck won the battle against the British C. the British gunfire damaged the Bismarch seriously

D. the Bismarck succeeded in keeping away from the British 46. Luetjens tried to sail to France in order to_____. A. have the ship repaired C. get help from the French A. The British air strikes. C. Gunfire from the British warships. B. join the other Germans D. get away from the British B. The damage done by the Hood. D. Luetjen's decision to run for France. C As prices and building costs keep rising, the "do-it-yourself"(DIY)trend(趋势)in the U.S. continues to grow. "We needed furniture(家具)for our living room, "says John Ross, "and we just didn't have enough money to buy it. So we decided to try making a few tables and chairs." John got married six months ago, and like many young people these days, they are struggling to make a home at a time when the cost of living is very high. The Rosses took a 2-week course for $ 280 at a night school. Now they build all their furniture and make repairs around the house. Jim Hatfield has three boys and his wife died. He has a full-time job at home as well as in a shoe making factory. Last month, he received a car repair bill for $ 420."I was deeply upset about it. Now I've finished a car repair course, I should be able to fix the car by myself." John and Jim are not unusual people. Most families in the country are doing everything they can to save money so the can fig