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-非谓语部分 1. ____ some students, the teacher entered the hall. A. Following B. Followed C. Being followed D. Having followed 2. ____, and he had to go back home. A. Day having broken B. Night ha

d fallen C. The day had broken D. Night fallen 3. Hearing his father was seriously ill, ____. A. he burst into tears B. his eyes were filled with tears C. his face lost its color D. tears came to his eyes 4. He did all this to make her ____, so she was very angry with him. A. laughed B. a good man C. laughing D. laughed at 5. Entering the house, I found Jane ____ at the desk and ____ something. A. seat; write B. sitting; writing C. seating; writing D. seated; to write 6. ____ so many people in the hall, I had to push my way to the front. A. Being B. There were C. There being D. As being 7. --- What would you like for breakfast? --- I don’t feel like ____. A. to eat somethingB. eating anything C. to eat anything D.eating nothing 8. He got out of the car, ____ to the nearest house and telephoned his friend for help. A. walked B. walking C. to walk D. walk 9. ____ all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different colours. A. Growing B. Grown C. To grow D. Having grown 10. It was on his way home ____ he ____ his wallet. The next morning he found it ____. A. that; lost; missing B. where; missing; lost C. which; missed; lost D. then; lost; missed 11. ____ some of the questions ____, the man said good-bye to us without making himself ____. A. Left; unanswering; understood; B. Leaving; unanswered; understood C.Left;unanswering; understandingD.Leaving;unanswered; understanding 12. I remember ____ to their party, but I ____ the invitation in the office. A. to be invited; have forgotten B. to invite; forget C. being invited; have left D. inviting; am leaving 13. --- Why did you go to the wrong class, Mr. Lice? --- Well, I forgot ____ I was supposed to go to. A. which the room B. which room C. what was the room D. what room was it 14. He can on the bed with his ____.
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A. closed eyes and his mouth open B. eyes closed and his open mouth C. closed eyes and open his mouth D. eyes closed and his mouth open 15. Finally I got my ____. A. salary raised B. risen salary C. salary rise D. salary to rise 16. ____ many times, she still can’t remember it. A. Had told B. Having been told C. Having told D. Being told 17. ____, his friends met him at the station. A. Arriving in Chicago B. Arrived in Chicago C. On arriving in Chicago D. When he arrived in Chicago 18. May thought it a great pity ____ to the party. A. not to be invited B. to be not invited C. not to have invited D. to have not invited 19. Lots of ____ news came every day during the ____ Asian Games. A. inspiring; 11 th B. inspired; 11st C. inspiring; 11 st D. inspired; 11 th 20. Every Monday morning we will stand on the playground and watch the national flag ____ higher and higher. A. being raised B. raising C. rising D. being risen 21. ____ to be most difficult, Drill A is taken away