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-非谓语部分 1. ____ some students, the teacher entered the hall. A. Following B. Followed C. Being followed D. Having followed 2. ____, and he had to go back home. A. Day having broken B. Night ha

d fallen C. The day had broken D. Night fallen 3. Hearing his father was seriously ill, ____. A. he burst into tears B. his eyes were filled with tears C. his face lost its color D. tears came to his eyes 4. He did all this to make her ____, so she was very angry with him. A. laughed B. a good man C. laughing D. laughed at 5. Entering the house, I found Jane ____ at the desk and ____ something. A. seat; write B. sitting; writing C. seating; writing D. seated; to write 6. ____ so many people in the hall, I had to push my way to the front. A. Being B. There were C. There being D. As being 7. --- What would you like for breakfast? --- I don’t feel like ____. A. to eat somethingB. eating anything C. to eat anything D.eating nothing 8. He got out of the car, ____ to the nearest house and telephoned his friend for help. A. walked B. walking C. to walk D. walk 9. ____ all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different colours. A. Growing B. Grown C. To grow D. Having grown 10. It was on his way home ____ he ____ his wallet. The next morning he found it ____. A. that; lost; missing B. where; missing; lost C. which; missed; lost D. then; lost; missed 11. ____ some of the questions ____, the man said good-bye to us without making himself ____. A. Left; unanswering; understood; B. Leaving; unanswered; understood C.Left;unanswering; understandingD.Leaving;unanswered; understanding 12. I remember ____ to their party, but I ____ the invitation in the office. A. to be invited; have forgotten B. to invite; forget C. being invited; have left D. inviting; am leaving 13. --- Why did you go to the wrong class, Mr. Lice? --- Well, I forgot ____ I was supposed to go to. A. which the room B. which room C. what was the room D. what room was it 14. He can on the bed with his ____.
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A. closed eyes and his mouth open B. eyes closed and his open mouth C. closed eyes and open his mouth D. eyes closed and his mouth open 15. Finally I got my ____. A. salary raised B. risen salary C. salary rise D. salary to rise 16. ____ many times, she still can’t remember it. A. Had told B. Having been told C. Having told D. Being told 17. ____, his friends met him at the station. A. Arriving in Chicago B. Arrived in Chicago C. On arriving in Chicago D. When he arrived in Chicago 18. May thought it a great pity ____ to the party. A. not to be invited B. to be not invited C. not to have invited D. to have not invited 19. Lots of ____ news came every day during the ____ Asian Games. A. inspiring; 11 th B. inspired; 11st C. inspiring; 11 st D. inspired; 11 th 20. Every Monday morning we will stand on the playground and watch the national flag ____ higher and higher. A. being raised B. raising C. rising D. being risen 21. ____ to be most difficult, Drill A is taken away from the lesson. A. Being considered B. Considering C. To consider D. Considered 22. The palace Museum is ____ again and again. A. worth being visited B. worthy visiting C. worthy of being visited D. worth to visit 23. Just keep quiet when you ____. A. are speaking B. are speaking to C. are spoken D. are spoken to 24. The old man kept his eyes ____ on the picture for quite some time. A. fixing B. fixed C. having fixed D. being fixed 25. The law prevents these birds ____. A. from killing B. from being killed C. not to be killed D. not killing 26. I can hardly imagine Peter ____ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A. sail B. to sail C. sailing D. to have sailed 27. Her room was found ____ into yesterday afternoon, but nothing was found ____.A. to break; steal B. to be broken; stolen C. being broken; robbed D. broken; stolen 28. Was it in the shop ____ he had his wallet ____? A. where; steal B. that; stolen C. that; steal D. where; stole 29. My watch needs ____, but I have no time to go to town to have it ____. A. to repair; repaired B. to be repaired; repairing C. repairing; repaired D. being repaired; repaired 30. They had to give in since he stuck ____ a meeting the next day.

A. holding B. to hold C. to holding D. on being hold 31. Someone must come and get the work ____ sooner or later. A. do B. done C. doing D. to do 32. The little girl came ____ all along ____ for her Mum. A. running; crying B. run; cry C. running; cried D. to run; was crying 33. While he was in prison, comrade Li Dazhao would not give in and ____ bravely. A. fight B. be fighting C. fighting D. fought 34. --- Do you know Kate? --- Yes, very well. I’ve seen her ____ up from childhood. A. was growing B. to grow C. grow D. grew 35. She went to work quietly, ____ to work as hard as she could. A. her mind making up B. with her mind made up C. with her mind making up D. her mind being made up 36. The teacher told the students to stop ____ to him. A. to write and listen B. writing and listening C. to write and listening D. writing and to listen 37. ____ in the countryside, he was surprised by the right life in Paris. A. Being born and educated B. Born and educated C. Being born and educating D. Born and having educated 38. ____ is no use in saying anything. A. It B This C. That D. There 39. I found her ____ on a long bench.----A. to sit B. sit C. seated D. seating 40. --- Do you feel like ____ out or would you rather have dinner at home? --- I’d like to go out. I always enjoy ____ dinner in a restaurant. A. dining; to have B. to dine; to have C. dining; having D. to dine; having 41. I was just about ____ the office when the phone rang. A. leaving B. leave C. to leave D. to leaving 42. It is foolish ____ such a mistake. A.for me to make B. for me making C. of me to make D. of me making 43. I don’t think it advisable ____. A. your studying maths B. you to study maths C. for you to study maths D. of you to study maths 44. The man managed to make himself ____ with his ____ French. A. understood; breaking B. understand; broken C. understand; breaking D. understood; broken 45. ____, the concert began. A. The listeners having taken their seats B. Having taken their seats C. Have taken their places D. The listeners to have taken their places
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46. The sun ____, they went home. A. set down B. setted C. setting D. sets 47. It ____ heavily, the outing had to be put off. A. being rained B. being raining C. raining D. rains 48. ____ from the tallest building, the whole city looks very beautiful. A. See B. Saw C. Seeing D. Seen 49. Tom is waiting ____ the doctor. A. to see B. for to see C. for seeing D. for see 50. I spoke to him kindly ____ him. A. to not frighten B. so as not to frighten C. in order to not frighten D. for not frightening 51. He was so foolish ____ his car unlocked. A. to leave B. that leave C. as to leave D. for him to leave 52. The students, ____ at the way the questions were put, didn’t know the answers to them. A. they surprising B. surprised C. their being surprised D. surprise 53. How I regret the days ____ in doing the useless work! A. which wasted B. having been wasted C. which wasting D. having wasted 54. When she returned home, she found the window open and something ____.A. to steal B. losing C. missed D. stolen 55. They wanted the work ____ with great care. A. to have done B. to be done C. doing D. to do 56. Why do you have the water ____ all the time? A. ran B. to be running C. running D. being running 57. I want the job ____ as quickly as possible. A. to do B. done C. doing D. be doing 58. ____ Sunday, all of them went out. A. It being B. Being C. To be D. Been 59. ____, this is easy to do. A. Generally speaking B. Generally spoken C. Generally to speak D. Generally to be spoken 60. He is an ____ man. A. educated B. educating C. to be educated D. having educated 61. ____ what to do, she asked her teacher for help. A. Not known B. Not knowing C. Not to know D. Having not known 62. I remember ____ to Paris when I was a very small child. A. being taken B. having taken C. to take D. to do taken

非谓语动词部分 1-5 ABADB 6-10 CBAAA 21-25 DCDBB 26-30 CDBCC 41-45 CCCDA 46-50 CCDAB 61-65 BACDA 66-70 BBDAB

11-15 BCBDA 31-35 BADCB 51-55 CBBDB 71-75 DCDCB

16-20 BDAAA 36-40 DBDCC 56-60 CBAAA 76-80 DAABA

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