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完型填空技巧 一、从惯用法、搭配角度考虑。 做题时要注意固定搭配,包括动词与介词的搭配、动词与名词的搭配以及形容 词与名词的搭配等, 同时要根据主题及语境选择正确的短语。下面这个部分中的 4,5,6,7,题就是考查惯用法或搭配的题。 One afternoon, the headmaster 1 my friend to discuss one essay with him in a lively spirit. “I was interested in this 2 you make here. I think you might have gone further. Tell me 3 you had in your mind.” The headmaster continued in this 4 for some time to the fear of my friend. However the headmaster, not wishing to 5 an occasion of praise into 6 of fault-finding, finall y 7 him go. He came back to me like a man who had had a very narrow 8 and I mad e up my mind to make every effort to study my 9 . (江西卷) 1.A.called 2.A.aim 3.A.why 4. B.taught C.arranged D.Sent B.goal C.point D.Opinion C.which D.What

A.excitement B.way C.meaning D.Disappointment B.leave C.grow D.Become

5.A.turn 6.A.none C.either D.Some B.asked C.took D.Let D.Chance


8.A.surprise B.escape C.hope 9.A.reading

B.writing C.translations D.Essays

二、从逻辑推理、常识等角度考虑。 一篇文章的段与段之间、段落的句与句之 间常会有某些关系词将其连接起来, 他们或表示递进、 转折, 或表示让步、 因果, 这是完形填空的考查重点之一。 三、 从词汇的意义及用法去考虑。 正确掌握词语的用法及相似相近词语的辨析, 是完形的重点考查的内容之一。如下面的 1,2,4,7 等题请看下面的片段: Although the happiest time for many students is getting letters from home, my mailbox was frequently empty. One day when I went to the mail-box, there was a postcard staring at me,

Several days later I 1 another postcard, this one 2 news about Maybe line, Mabel’s cousin. Soon after, another card arrived and then another, 3 full of news of different people. I began to 4 look forward to the next one, 5 to see what this author would come up with 6 . I was never 7 . 1.A.mailed B.accepted C.wrote D.Received

2.A.delivering B.demanding C.discovering D.Developing B.each C.either D.Both

4.A.nearly B.possibly C.usually D.Really 5.A.promising B.surprised C.interested D.Pretending 6.A.below B.lately D.Behind

7.A.frightened B.disappointed C.excited D.Pleased 四、从上下文的角度考虑 充分利用文章的上下文和前后句,找到对选择有提示 作用的词或句。这些词有可能是同义词或反义词。如: I learned how to accept life as it is from my father. 1 , he did not teach me acceptan ce when he was strong and healthy, but rather when he was 2 and ill.(2006 , 北 京 卷) 1.A.Afterwards B.Therefore C.However D.Meanwhile 2.A.tired B.weak C.poor D.Slow

五、从语法及语境的角度考虑 从近年高考完形填空试题来看,纯粹考查语法试 题的题目很少,但结语境考查语法知识的试题还存在。对这类试题,可从语法结 合语境来考虑选择答案。 The year I went away to college was a very difficult transition( 过 渡

期 )for me. 1 is probably true with many people, I got quite homesick and 2 though t about going home. (2006 年,全国 II) 1.A.If B.So C.As D.What

2.2.A.often B.carefully C.seldom D.Merely

一、 答案与解析:1. A called my friend to discuss? “叫我的朋友去讨论??” 。 arrange 为“安排”,一是不说 arrange sb. to do sth. ,二是校长亲自和他谈,所以排 除。2. C 本文中我朋友所学为 English essays(英语议论文), 所以此空应为 point(论 点),而不是 opinion(意见)。3.D what 引导宾语从句,在从句中作 had 的宾语。 have something in one’ s mind 意为 “想到的” 。 Which 应有范围供选择, 故排除。 4.B in this way 为固定短语,作方式状语。表示校长用这种令我朋友“害怕”的 方式和他谈了一段时间。其他三个选项都不能与 in this 构成方式状语。 5. A turn?into?表示 “把??转向??” 。 leave 使处于或使保留??; grow 成长; become 不能与 into 搭配。 6.B one 指代“谈话”,“讨论”替代 an occasion。因为此 句为:不希望变成一次揭穿谎言的谈话,故不能用 none;either 表示“两者人一 个”,some 为“一些”,都不能表示一次谈话。 7.D 能够接动词原形作宾语补 足语的只有 D(let)。 8.B a very narrow escape 虎口脱险;九死一生。紧张的谈话

结束了,从校长那里回来就如同虎口脱险。故选 B 构成固定短语。 9.C 文中开始便提到作者所遇到的困难是学习拉丁语翻译,即 learning Latin translation。此题自然而然地与开始对应,真是点睛之题。 三、1.D 由文中意思可知,几天后“我”又收到了一张明信片,而最大的干扰 项是 accept。 但是它们的侧重点不一样, receive 侧重于客观上的 “收到” ; accept 则侧重于主观上的“承认”,“接受”。 2.A 根据句意,这张明信片“传递”的是关于 Maybe line 的信息,而 demand 要求;discover 发现;develop 发展,开发;都与语境不符。 3.B 由上文写到的不久作者收到一张又一张的明信片和后文中的 different 可知, 应该是“每一张”都是关于不同人的信息。 4. D 我开始期盼下一封信的到来。 由上文对明信片内容的描述和上下文的 to see, 以及该空前的 began to 等信息,我们很容易看出,作者对明信片态度的转变:从 puzzled 到 looked forward to,所以用 really 符合句意。 5.C 用分词短语作状语, 补充说明我渴望收到下一张明信片的原因:对下一张可能会出现的消息感兴 趣。 6.C next 下次;下回。由上一空前的 the next one 可推知。 7.B 由于前面说到“我渴望收到下一张明信片,想了解明信片的作者又想出了 什么花样”可知明信片的作者没有让我失望:明信片一张接一张地寄来了。 四、答案与解析:1.C 我从父亲那里学会了如何面对生活。然而,那不是在父 亲健康强壮时, 而是在父亲体弱多病时学到的。 However 此处表示转折, 意为 “然 而”。 2.B 根据上文的 strong and healthy 可判断出与之相反的 weak and ill。故此题选 B。句中的 but 也是提示信息的关键。 五、答案与解析:1.C 用 as 引导非限制性定语从句,指后面整句的内容。表示 我和许多人一样,都很想家。而 if 表条件,so 表结果,what 表内容,用在句中 均不合逻辑。 2. A 由于前面有 homesick 和后面的 going home, 所以应该是 “经常” 考虑回家。



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