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How to make a good impression at work

How to Make a Good Impression at Work ?

——by Flora

1. Use Proper Office Etiquette

It will help you make a good impression with your boss and also your co-workers.

Office Etiquette

Cellphone Email

Office Party Don'ts

Be polite

Work Office

Avoid those errors such as misspelling, poor grammar
Be formal Be specific

"Can U plz send info on careers?"

Office Parties

?1. Do not drink too much ?2. Do not treat the office party like a singles bar ?3. Do not wear suggestive clothing ?4. Do not let your guard down ?5. Do not use foul language ?6. Do not talk about people behind their backs

Office Work

2. Face Up to Your Mistakes

Office Work

?Admit your mistake ?Present your boss with a plan to fix your mistake ?Don't blame anyone else for your mistake ?Apologize for your mistake but don't beat yourself up ?Correct your mistake on your own time

Office Work

3. Come Through in a Crisis

There is a big conference scheduled for midmorning. The afternoon before the conference you discover the caterer(宴会负责人) has skipped town with your employer's deposit. Uh-oh. The conference invitation clearly says that a light lunch will be served. While everyone else is in a panic, you calmly walk to your desk and return with a list of caterers who have told you they could cater a luncheon with several hours' notice. Your boss thanks you. You smile smuggly to yourself, as you remember how your boss insisted on using his caterer rather than the one you suggested.

Office Work

4. Know What Topics to Avoid Discussing

Top 6 Topics
1. Religion 2. Politics 3. Sex Life
4. Family Problems 5.Career Aspirations

品秋味 赏秋景 听秋声 感秋意

6.Health Problems

5. Manage Your Time Effectively
①Keep prioritized "to do" Lists ②Learn to delegate

③Get organized
④Learn to say "no" to your boss ⑤Stop procrastinating(拖延)

⑥Get enough sleep

6. Dress Appropriately

7. Avoid Offending Your CoWorkers
Be friendly and always show respect and sometimes proper help towards your co-workers. The last thing a boss wants brought to his attention are the uncivil actions of one of his employees.

?Having loud telephone conversations ?Not cleaning up after yourself in the staff kitchen ?Showing up late for meetings ?Neglecting to say please and thank you ?Wearing too much perfume ?Taking the last of something without replacing it ?Talking behind someone's back ?Blaming someone else when you are at fault ?Taking credit for someone else's work ?Telling offensive jokes ?Smoking in common areas

8. Represent Your Company Well at Business Meetings
?Meet Other Attendees in Advance ?Dress Appropriately ?Introduce Yourself to Others ?Smile ?...


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