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Tomorrow’s World

What kind of house will you live?

The future house

We may

live on the sea


How will you travel

in the future?

The future motorbike

The future bike

You can go where you want 。。。

How will

look like ????

I’m a cool guy !

The future animal

未来的生活便是科技的巅峰 时代,人们利用科技的平台 来更好的完善人们生活水平 ,无论是衣食住行,人们都 已然离不开信息时代,离不 开网络,那么可以想象未来的 生活便是科技的巅峰时代, 即网络时代。

The future of cyberspace


Will television and the mail service disappear ? Will we shop in virtual supermarkets?
Will we study in virtual schools?

1. someone who does terrible things to harm countries, governments and people


terror n,恐怖 terrorism n,恐怖主义

a person who enters other people’s computer programs in secret


computer system that allows millions of people around the world to share information

the Net

Internet website

Line 22

a terrible situation in which everything goes wrong


the use of computers to make situations feel and look real

virtual reality

have an accident by violently hitting something


car/air crash

Match the paragraphs with these headings.
2 a) Pessimistic opinions 4 b) Virtual reality 3 c) Optimistic opinions 1 d) The growth of the Internet





in the future

Cyber terrorists

find out holiday buy books book tickets offers in the next few years already

get information in the future get entertainment

shop on the Internet TV & postal service will disappear study

virtual reality



1. In spite of the development of computers, it is unlikely to live in virtual reality .

2.The text infers to us that worry is necessary and computers and the Internet may do bad to us.
3.It is certain that in the future we will not go to school in the classroom like us.

4. According to the text, it is possible that people live in another world of outer space.
5. In virtual reality, you can go work but needn’t go to the place yourself. 6. Because of the rapid development of Internet television and the mail disappear and are replaced by computer.

Voice your opinion
Do you feel pessimistic or optimistic about the future of the Internet? Why?



1. In the last thirty years, the Internet grew has grown rapidly. 2. Terrorists may “attack” the world’s computers, cause chaos, make planes ∧ and trains crash. and 3. It is convenient to order tickets from the Internet. book 4. In 1983, there were only 200 computers connect to the Internet. connected

that 5. It is clear we can use the Internet to do ∧ all kinds of things at home. 6. Personally, I’m optimistic about the future of Internet. ∧ the 7. As society develops, computers will
make our life much convenient. more 8. The mail service may also disappear as the increasing use of e-mail. with

be going to


talks about a future expresses our event we can predict opinions and beliefs from a present situation about the future

表示某人打算做某事 主观意愿

叙述某事将要发生 客观的叙述

Complete the text with be going to or will Earth Report!
Dr Carl Wight is an expert on the environment. He speaks to our reporter. “It is clear that in the next few years the is going to Earth’s climate(1)_________ change . I’m afraid that this probably means that many kinds of animals, such as the South China are going to tiger, (2)___________ disappear soon.

Changes in climate(3)____________ are going to certainly affect people’s lives too. Because of global warming, the sea has already destroyed parts of Britain. It is obvious that this destruction (4)_______become will more dangerous in the future. We have to take immediate action, or I fear that life on will Earth (5)______get worse.”

1. —How can I apply for an online course? —Just fill out this form and we _____ what we can do for you. (2007 北京) A. see B. are seeing C. have seen D. will see 2. If their marketing plans succeed, they ____ their sales by 20 percent. (2008 全国Ⅱ) A. will increase B. have been increasing C. have increased D. would be increasing

Writing: Do you feel pessimistic or optimistic about the future of the Internet? Why?


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