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My First Day at Senior High 《Reading and Vocabulary》课件 外研版必修1

Module One
My First Day at Senior High


What subjects have you learned? Write them down on your paper.


What were your first m

emories of this school?
classroom, classmates, teachers, dorms ……

Read this article, compare it with your memories. Differences……


I’m Li Kang, a Senior High student coming from Shijiazhuang, the capital of ______________. Hebei Province Now I’m writing down my thoughts about the first day at Senior High school.
In my new school, the teachers are ___________ and _______ and the friendly enthusiastic classrooms are ________. amazing

Our English teacher, Ms. Shen, is a very enthusiastic woman, and her class is really interesting In my __________. opinion, her method of teaching is _________________ special. In the first class, we introduced ________ ourselves to each other. Everyone was very friendly though some of them were embarrassed at first. Then we ___________ followed Ms. Shen’s instructions and worked by ourselves.

In a word, I like her _______ very attitude much, and the other student’s behaviour shows that they also like her. There are sixty-five students in my class — more than my previous _______ class in Junior High, and everyone is hard-working ____________.

Language Points
1.enthusiastic adj. (1) She is an enthusiastic admirer of the film star. be enthusiastic about (doing) sth (2) He is enthusiastic about singing. (3) She became enthusiastic about classical music.


P2 2. amazed/amazing amazing/amazed adj. She has an amazing talent for music. at/by sth be amazed to do sth

从句 译: 他的中国文化知识令我感到惊讶。 我们很惊奇的发现竟然没有人受伤。

3. nothing like: P3 (1) be different from… 与…完全不同 It looks nothing like a horse. (2) There’s nothing like home. 比不上 The book is nothing like as difficult as I expected. 4. fun un. a lot of/great fun; make fun of

a. a fun house/person; a funny looking Funny 用来指令人发笑的人或事物 Fun 做定语,用来指令人愉快的事物或喜
欢与之相处的人(enjoybale 令人愉快的)

He told a funny joke. She’s one of the funniest people I know. Our day at the beach was really fun. My sister is a fun person.

1. _________ story it is! A. What a funny B. What funny C. How a funny D. how funny 2. __________it is to go swimming on such a hot day! A. What fun B. How fun C. What a fun D. How a fun 3. _________ it is to jump into a river to swim on such a hot day. A. What a fun B. What fun C. How funny D. How a fun

5. I don’t think I will be bored in … P3 否定前移:将think, believe, suppose, expect, guess, feel, imagine等动词后面宾语 从句的否定词转移到主句中 1.I don’t think it’s a good idea. 2.We didn’t imagine that he would say anything. be bored with/by/at sth be tired of Are you bored with my teaching method?

6. introduce…to… explain…to…


(1)Let’s introduce ourselves to each other. (2)He introduced his friend to me.
(3)I’ll explain the language points to you.

P4 7. embarrassed —sb feels ashamed embarrassing —cause sb to feel ashamed (1) She was embarrassed by his loud laughter. (2) They all felt embarrassed when they knew that.

embarrass vt. Making speeches in public embarrasses me.


8. instruction n. 指示;说明(常用复数) an instruction book 说明书 instruct vt. 指导 instruct sb to do sth 指导某人做某事 吃药之前请先读一下说明。 Read the instructions before you take the medicine.


9. attitude n. attitude to/towards sb/sth/doing sth (1) Describe your attitude to studying English. (2) What’s your attitude to him? (3) He took a friendly/hostile attitude to us.

10. behaviour n. She was ashamed of her children's bad behaviour. behave vi. behave well/badly behave like a gentleman/lady Behave yourself!


11. in other words = that is to say 换言之;也就是说 (1) His hair grew gray, in other words, he is old.
(2) We


have passed college entrance examination, that is to say, we’re college students now.

12. 英语倍数表达: (1) A + be + times + as +原级+ as B. Our room is twice as large as theirs. (2) A + be + times + 比较级 + than B. Our room is twice larger than theirs. (3) A + be + times + the + n + of B. Our room is twice the length/ width/ size of theirs.


13. look forward to … 盼望 + n/v-ing. P6 pay attention to … 注意 (1) The old lady is looking forward to seeing her lost son. (2) Please pay more attention to your pronunciation and handwriting.
The letter we looked forward to _____ last Sunday. A. comes B. coming C. came D. to come


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