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(B1)完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1-15 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选 出最佳选项。 Some years ago, Chinese high school students would show their new schoolbags, new clothes or new pens to their classmates when the new term started. Today, however, all have __1__. If you still come back to school ___2__ only these things, you are falling out-of-date(过时的). Students in big cities like to bring the latest high-tech things to school, and feel happy and ___3__ to show off (炫耀) these things to __4__ . Mobile phones, MP3 players, CD players, electronic dictionaries, the list is endless. Young people think that, living in the 21st century, they must keep up with the ____5____.They don?t want to fall ____6____. Besides, they think ____7___ they need to keep in touch with their classmates, so they need mobile phones. They also like to ____8____ the pop music, so they need CD players. They explain that, ___9___ like electronic dictionaries, these can be____10____ in their study, ____11____. They think that their parents should understand ___12____ they want these things. Foreign students will also bring some latest high-tech things when they ____13____ to school at the beginning of a new term. _____14____, they often use the money which they made by themselves during the holiday to ____15____ these high-tech things that they want. 1. A. changed B. come C joined D stopped 2. A. to B from C of D with 3. A. right B. lucky C. nice D. pleased 4. A. other B. the other C. others D. the others 5. A. times B. days C. years D. date 6. A. down B. off C. behind D. back 7. A. that B. how C. if D. which 8. A. hear B. listen to C. read D. play 9. A. look B. just C. feel D. something 10. A. new B. modern C. latest D. useful 11. A. also B. too C. either D. then 12. A. where B. which C. what D. why 13. A. return B. return back C. reach D. arrive 14. A. But B. However C. So D. Still 15. A. borrow B. buy C. lend D. take (B2)完形填空 Learning experiences happen to us throughout our lives. Not long ago, I had one that I would like to 36 . I was going to Marblehead with my sailboat team. The team was racing down the highway at 85mph 37 we realized we were 38 . Luckily, we saw a rest area ahead. I had a brand-new $ 20 bill. I was so 39 because I had never had that kind of cash before. But spending it on 40 seemed like throwing it away. We all rushed into the pizza line. 41 I got a pizza and a drink, and walked to my table.

About halfway through the meal, I 42 I had not actually handed any money to the cashier (收银员). I had just 43 out, and nobody had noticed. I felt terrible. My conscience (良心) opened its mouth and swallowed me in one big bite. I couldn?t 44 over it. I just couldn?t go back to the cashier and 45 for my stolen pizza. I was so upset that I 46 to give myself the pleasure of an ice cream for 47 that someone would say, “Hey, Jeff, why don?t you use the change 48 the pizza instead of that nice, new $ 20 bill?” I was not so 49 of my cash now. For the next two years, whenever I was 50 of the “pizza incident”, I would say to myself, “Don?t think about it … …” I have learned two things from this 51 . Maybe I was a fool for 52 in to my conscience, and being too stupid to enjoy a 53 pizza. But the real lesson is that even if you get away from what you have done, your conscience will 54 up with you. This reflects (反映) the saying, “A coward (懦夫) dies a thousand deaths, a hero dies one.” I was a coward and have felt terrible about that incident at least a thousand times. If I had been a “ 55 ” and gone back to pay for the pizza, I would have felt a little uncomfortable about it only once, or maybe twice. 36. A. say B. talk C. share D. explain 37. A. as B. while C. then D. when 38. A. lost B. tired C. hungry D. anxious 39. A. excited B. eager C. satisfied D. encouraged 40. A. rest B. food C. travel D. drink 41. A. Luckily B. Finally C. Immediately D. Actually 42. A. thought B. recognized C. noticed D. realized 43. A. walked B. left C. worked D. found 44. A. look B. get C. turn D. think 45. A. ask B. pay C. apologize D. send 46. A. refused B. wanted C. hoped D. meant 47. A. hope B. surprise C. anger D. fear 48. A. into B. with C. for D. from 49. A. sure B. upset C. proud D. pleased 50. A. warned B. reminded C. thought D. told 51. A. experience B. experiment C. story D. mistake 52. A. turning B. taking C. handing D. giving 53. A. free B. cheap C. plain (简单的) D. delicious 54. A. make B. wake C. catch D. put 55. A. coward B. fool C. loser D. hero (B3)完形填空 On a cold winter day, I waited in line to see my hero, Jack Canfield, the author of The Success Principles. During his talk, Jack 36 his wallet, pulled out a hundred-dollar bill, and said, ??Who wants this?” 37 shot up in the audience; people leaned forward to see whom Jack would 38 . But I jumped up, ran up the 39 to the stage, and grabbed the bill. As I was launching myself in the air, thoughts 40 through my mind — was I about to be humiliated(羞辱) in front of 800 people? Would they 41

security guards and take me from the stage? 42 my desire for bold action was louder than any 43 voice. As I got the bill from his hand, he said, “That?s it! We can?t wait for the 44 to come to us. We must take action to 45 what we want!?? After his talk, I managed to formally meet Jack and boldly asked for his 46 e-mail address. Over the next months, I sent him emails 47 my vision and dreams with him. He kindly e-mailed back lots of encouragement. But my life got 48 with other things. I stopped e-mailing Jack. A year later, my dreams had worn away. I thought Jack would inspire me into action, like a giant 49 that would show me the way. I e-mailed him, and then again — but got no 50 . As I sat down at my computer to check my e-mails, I 51 woke up. What was I doing? I was waiting! Now I remembered the crowd, most likely 52 that hundred-dollar bill, while they sat 53 to their chairs. Usually we all have a “Jack” for whom we wait — whether it?s a person, a place or a thing. We 54 believe the gifts of life are just around the corner, and that everything will come in a(n) 55 way. So we don?t try. We give up. But as Wayne Gretzky said: “You?ll always miss 100% of the opportunities you don?t take!” So I stopped waiting and started my writing career. Now what are you waiting for? 1. A. stretched out B. reached for C. stuck to D. handed in 2. A. Cheers B. Shouts C. Heads D. Hands 3. A. offer B. greet C. like D. choose 4. A. path B. road C. steps D. route 5. A. raced B. started C. appeared D. existed 6. A. ask B. call C. demand D. order 7. A. And B. So C. But D. Or 8. A. careful B. doubtful C. meaningful D. helpful 9. A. opportunities B. times C. results D. aims 10. A. attract B. accept C. restore D. create 11. A. professional B. secret C. public D. personal 12. A. disclosing B. describing C. presenting D. sharing 13. A. quick B. busy C. full D. loose 14. A. arrow B. gate C. exit D. entrance 15. A. news B. notice C. response D. reaction 16. A. gradually B. suddenly C. immediately D. slowly 17. A. desiring B. claiming C. begging D. worshiping 18. A. lost B. glued C. opposed D. devoted 19. A. sincerely B. honestly C. falsely D. correctly 20. A. difficult B. impressive C. early D. natural (B4)完型填空 When I was a boy, every holiday that I had seemed wonderful. My 1 took me by train or by car to a hotel by the 2 . All day, I seem to remember, I 3 on the sands with strange 4 children. We made houses and gardens, and 5 the tide destroy them. When the tide went out, we 6 over the rocks and looked down at the fish in the rock-pools. In those days the 7 seemed to shine always brightly 8 the water was always warm. Sometimes we 9 beach and walked in the country, exploring(搜寻)

ruined houses and dark woods and climbing trees. There were 10 in one’s pockets or good places where one could 11 ice creams. Each day seemed a life-time. Although I am now thirty-five years old, my idea of a good 12 is much the same as it was. I 13 like the sun and warm sand and the sound of 14 beating the rocks. I no longer wish to 15 any sand house or sand garden, and I dislike sweets. 16 , I love the sea and often feel sand running through my fingers. Sometimes I 17 what my ideal(理想的) holiday will be like when I am 18 . All I want to do then, perhaps, will be to lie in bed, reading books about 19 who make houses and gardens with sands, who watch the incoming tide, who make themselves 20 on too many ices creams. 1. A. teacher B. parents C. nurse D. younger sister 2. A. sea B. lake C. mountain D. river 3. A. played B. slept C. sat D. stood 4. A. moved B. excited C. anxious D. nervous 5. A. made B. brought C. watched D. heard 6. A. collected B. jumped C. turned D. climbed 7. A. light B. sun C. moon D. lamp 8. A. and B. yet C. but D. or 9. A. left B. came to C. stood by D. played by 10. A. sweets B. sand C. ice-creams D. money 11. A. make B. sell C. buy D. offer 12. A. house B. holiday C. garden D. tide 13. A. hardly B. almost C. still D. perhaps 14. A. waves B. tides C. hands D. feet 15. A. destroy B. fix C. use D. build 16. A. But B. However C. Otherwise D. Besides 17. A. wonder B. feel C. understand D. believe 18. A. strong B. weak C. young D. old 19. A. children B. boys C. girls D. grown-ups 20. A. happy B. tired C. sad D. sick (B5)完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36-55 各题所给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy proving that we are right and others are wrong. Many people believe that it is their job to 1 others how their positions, statements, and points of view are incorrect, and 2 in doing so, the person they are correcting is going to somehow appreciate it, or at least learn 3 . Wrong! Think about it. Have you ever been corrected by someone and said to him, “Thank you so much for showing me that I?m wrong and you?re right.” 4 has anyone you know ever 5 you when you corrected him, or made yourself “right” at his 6 ? Of course not. The truth is, all of us 7 to be corrected. We all want our positions to be 8_ and understood by others. Being listened to and heard is one

of the greatest 9 of the human heart. And those who learn to 10 are the most loved and respected. Those who are in the 11 of correcting others are often resented(憎恨) and 12 . A wonderful way of becoming more peaceful and loving is to practise allowing others the joy of being 13_ ---give them the glory. 14 correcting. When someone says, “I really feel it?s important to …” instead of jumping in and saying, “No, it?s more important to …” simply let it 15 and allow their statements to 16 . The people in your life will become less defensive and more 17 . They will appreciate you more than you could ever have 18 possible. You?ll discover the joy of joining in and witnessing other people?s 19 , which is far more 20 than a battle of egos (自我). Starting today, let others be “right” most of time! 1. B. ask C. suggest D. teach 2. A.whether B.which C.that D.what 3. A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything 4. A. But B. Or C. As D. So 5. A. answered B. accepted C. cared D. thanked 6. A. point B. price C. expense D. power 7. A. want B. hate C. like D. dislike 8. A. taken B. received C. realized D. respected 9. A. demands B. advantages C. desires D. ideas 10. A. talk B. praise C. help D. listen 11. A. form B. habit C. middle D. name 12. A. pitied B. left C. punished D. scolded 13. A. sure B. common C. certain D. right 14. A. Prevent B. Practise C. Stop D. Continue 15. A. enter B. go C.come D. leave 16. A. stand B. take C.happen D. begin 17. A. careful B. helpful C.important D. loving 18. A. needed B. won C.dreamt D. demanded 19. A. worries B. happiness C.sufferings D. success 20. A. rewarding B.sensitive C.thoughtful D. meaningful (B6)完形填空 Do you know __1__ languages there are in the world? There are about 1500 but many of them are not very __2__. English is one of the most important languages because many people __3__ it, not only in England and America, __4__ in other countries of the world. About 200,000,000 speak it __5__ their own language, and another 200,000,000 use it as __6__ language. It is __7__ to say how many people are learning it. __8__ boys and girls in schools are trying to do so. Many English children study French. French is also a very important language. __9__ children study German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Which is the best __10__ to learn a language? We know that we all learnt __11__ language well when we were __12__. If we learn a second language in the __13__

way, it won?t seem so difficult. What does a small child do? It __14__ what people say, and it tries to guess what it hears. When it wants something, it has to __15__ it. It is using the language, __16__ in it and talking in it all the time. If people use a second language __17__, they will learn it __18__. In school, you learn to read, to write, to hear and to speak. It is best to learn all new words through the __19__. You can read them, spell them and __20__ them later. 1. A. how many B. what number C. a lot of D. so many 2. A. useful B. necessary C. important D. good 3. A. like B. use C. learn D. speak 4. A. but B. and C. also D. so 5. A. like B. with C. for D. as 6. A. foreign B. a second C. the second D. a special 7. A. easy B. again C. difficult D. best 8. A. Millions of B. Million of C. Millions D. Several million 9. A. Some B. Other C. All D. Few 10. A. time B. way C. thing D. place 11. A. a foreign B. our mothers? C. other?s D. our own 12. A. born B. children C. grown D. boys 13. A. same B. different C. useful D. good 14. A. does B. says C. listens to D. follows 15. A. ask B. want C. get D. ask for 16. A. speaking B. writing C. thinking D. doing 17. A. some time B. sometimes C. all the time D. for the time 18. A. quickly B. soon C. freely D. easily 19. A. mouth B. hands C. ears D. mind 20 .A. speak B. use C. love D. write

先阅读短文, 然后从文后每小题的四个选项中选出一个可以填入短文中相应空白 处的最佳答案。 A young man was about to finish school. For a long time he had __1__ to get a beautiful sports car. He knew his father could well __2 _ it, so he told him that a sports car was all he wanted. Then on the morning of his graduation(毕业), he was called to his father's room. His father told him how __3 _ he was to have such a fine son, and told him how __4__ he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful gift box. __5__, the young man opened the box and found a lovely Bible(圣经)with his name on it. Angrily, he raised his __6__ to his father and said, “With all your money you give me a Bible? ” He then __7__ out of the house, leaving the Bible. Many years passed and the young man was very __8__ in business, and had a beautiful home and a wonderful family. __9__ that his father was very old, he thought perhaps he should go to see him. He had not seen him __10__ that graduation day. Before he could go, he received a __11__ telling him that his father had died. He had to go home immediately and take __12__ of the things that his father left him. When he began to search through his father's important papers, he saw the still new Bible, __13__ as he had left it years ago. He opened the Bible and began to

__14__ the pages. As he was reading, a car key with a tag(标牌)dropped from the back of the Bible. On the tag was the __15__ of his graduation, and the words “PAID IN FULL”. Sadness and regret(悔恨)filled his heart. 1 .A. expected B.believed C.enjoyed D.felt 2.A. afford B.spend C.cost 3 .A. excited B.proud C.angry D.anxious 4. A. far B.much C.long D.often 5. A. Interested B.Tired C.Surprised D.Relaxed 6 .A. hand B.head C.voice D.sound 7 .A. looked B.moved C.walked D.rushed 8 .A. careful B.helpful C.wonderful D.successful 9. A. Wanting B.Suggesting C.Noticing D.Realizing 10.A. on B.since C.after D.from 11.A. bag B.ticket 12.A. care B.part C.notes D.time 13.A. just B.only C.always D.already 14.A. use C.turn D.close 15.A. place C.test (B8) 完型 Mary?s parents are different from the average. While she was 1 up they required her to 2 . First of all she had to work around their home. Later on Mary worked for other people. When Mary was 14 years old, her mother and father told her that they were no 3 going to buy her clothes. Sure, they would continue to buy shoes for her and also the special clothes 4 suits, but 5 else was her responsibility. Some people thought that they were 6 , but they wanted to teach Mary some 7 lessons. One thing she learned was that nothing is cheap or 8 . She learned how to deal with her money 9 . Another thing she learned was how to keep from 10 out her clothes too fast. Also, even 11 Mary went to school she was 12 to work. All through her high school and 13 years she worked as well as studied. Mary?s parents had plenty of 14 but they felt she would 15 her education more if she had to 16 it. And strange 17 it may seem, they had heard that students who worked part-time generally got 18 grades than students who did no work. Now Mary is a mother herself. She requires her 19 to do the same 20 she did, especially working part-time as they go to school. 1. A. raising 2. A. study 3. A. longer 4. A. and 5. A. what 6. A. responsible 7. A. difficult 8. A. free B. bringing B. play B. money B. or B. anything B. lazy B. daily B. expensive C. growing C. learn C. more C. as C. nothing C. poor C. valuable C. useful D. getting D. work D. hope D. like D. everything D. careless D. useless D. proper

9. A. quickly 10. A. working 11. A. when 12. A. permitted 13. A. hard 14. A. time 15. A. value 16.A. enjoy 17. A. thing 18. A. worse 19. A. husband 20. A. as

B. slowly C. carefully D. suddenly B. wearing C. giving D. taking B. as C. until D. since B. required C. going D. forced B. work C. other D. college B. children C. money D. work B. have C. use D. receive B. pay C. pay for D. work for B. as C. enough D. although B. better C. more D. less B. mother C. parents D. children B. What C. which D. like ( B9)完型 Praises can really help others see themselves for their natural abilities and believe in what they are and what they can become. 1 , we must be very careful with the labels(称号), or they can backfire (产生反作用) on us. If a person is 2 identified(被 等同于) with the same label, he may _3 to believe that he only has worth as he lives up to that label. As often as possible we should praise specific (具体的) actions, __4 the words never and always. In this way we don't tie a person too 5 with a label. Here are some examples: "I'm 6 that you already have your homework done. Doesn't it make you feel good when you work so 7 ?" Rather than "You always get your homework done on time. You are so 8 that you never have any problems with it," which gives him an 9 goal to reach. No one always gets his homework done on time without any 10 . "That was so nice of you to 11 your ball with your little brother. You really made him happy." Rather than "You always share your 12 . You are the most thoughtful ( 体 贴 人 的 ) person I know." No one always shares, 13 does he have to. We 14 to know we are still good people, 15 we don't share 100% of the time and even when we have times we don't 16 helping others. "Thank you for doing the dishes tonight, even though it wasn't your 17. It means so much that you would do them for me." Rather than "You are always _18 . You never let anyone _19_ when they need 20 ." No one can always be all things to all people. If we give that kind of reputation(名誉)to live up to, we are setting up someone to fail. 1. A.Thus B.Besides C.Therefore D.However 2. A.occasionally B.continually C.gradually D.definitely 3. A.have B.object C.come D.cause 4. A.avoiding B.using C.forgetting D.remembering 5. A.attentively B.carefully C.excitedly D.closely 6. A.impressed B.puzzled C.honored D.dissatisfied 7. B.bravely C.hard D.hurriedly 8. A.careless D.promising 9. A.effective B.unimportant C.unnecessary D.impossible

10 A.try C.effort 11.A.kick C. exchange 12. A.balls C.opinions 13. A.nor B.either C.hardly 14. A.want B.need C.mean 15. case if C.even if 16. A.seem like B.look like C.would like 17. A.time B.turn C.dishes 18. A.serving C.doing 19. A.out C.up 20. B.something

D.aid D.share D.losses D.only D.get though D.feel like D.rights D.encouraging D.down D.people

(B10)完型 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从下面各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中, 选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 My grandson wanted me to talk to his students about my life when I was young. I was happy to do so. The following Monday I was sitting in a classroom 1 twenty kids, and talking about my 2 . When I was five, I 3 school. The school was far away from my home so it was a 4 walk. There were some old dirt 5 and walking trails (小径). We didn?t 6 cars so we had to walk. We had to take care of the animals. We 7 the cows after we got up so we had milk for breakfast. We also 8 milk and eggs 9 we could earn some money. We 10 had one pair of shoes and they were worn out because of the long walk to school. We didn?t get a 11 pair until our old ones were too broken to wear 12 . We didn?t have toys to 13 , but we had quite a good life. We were just as 14 as we could be. “Finally, kids, when your parents ask you to 15 watching TV and help them for a minute, you?d better do it. When you think your life is bad and 16 , just think about the life back in my days. You?ll 17 it isn?t quite as boring as you think.” My talk ended. I thought about everything I 18 those kids. In fact, they are 19 to be living in the world today as they have so many new things. But I am very grateful to have lived in my days. We had 20 to worry about and had fun with our family. In a way, those were the best of times. 1. A. around B. by C. with D. over 2. A. trouble B. family C. business D. childhood 3. A. visited B. took C. started D. dropped 4. A. long B. little C. quick D. busy 5. A. lines B. roads C. lakes D. cars 6. A. have B. repair C. park D. wash 7. A. watched B. milked C. counted D. walked

8. A. sold 9. A. but 10. A. also 11. A. new 12. A. anytime 13. A. carry on 14. A. crazy 15. A. mind 16. A. simple 17. A. realize 18. A. told 19. A. worried 20. A. anything

B. cooked B. so B. only B. big B. anymore B. look after B. weak B. stop B. poor B. imagine B. handed B. excited B. everything

C. offered C. thought C. still C. cheap C. neither C. work out C. happy C. forget C. amazing C. wonder C. ordered C. useful C. nothing (B11)完型

D. brought D. or D. never D. clean D. either D. play with D. pretty D. keep D. boring D. remember D. followed D. lucky D. something

The College Entrance Examination is around the corner. At this extremely important moment, the strong wind and the chilly (寒冷的) rain are sure to 1 my cold . Last week, I was so confident about my good 2 that I went swimming when there was still a cold 3 . Unfortunately, it 4 that I' m not as strong as I thought. Soon, I felt it difficult to breathe 5 my nose and had a sore throat. So here I am in the school clinic 6 all my classmates are working against the clock in the classroom. 7 , the approaching typhoon means I will have to move from the clinic for 8 treatment. Catching a cold is 9 one of the worst things if it happens before big exams. You are never going to get a(n) 10_ result in an exam when your nose 11 faster than your brain, are you? As a boarding school student far away from home, I feel 12 at the moment. I want to 13 mum but I know fully well that the exams are not only a test of our knowledge 14 of our body and will. Certainly I won' t let years of hard work 15 have no fruits just because of a stupid cold. In order to fight the cold, I' ve 16 a plan. I' m going to jog two-laps (慢跑两圈) on the track every day after school, go to bed 17 than ever before and eat more fruits and vegetables. I have even decided to drink bitter tea to 18 . Now, I am fully prepared for the changing weather. 19 is going to stop me from marching towards my dream, not 20 the terrible typhoon. 1. A. worsen B. lessen C. relieve D. reduce 2. A. skill B. health C. style D. talent 3. A. wind B. day C. water D. weather 4. A. shows up B. works out C. comes up D. turns out 5. A. across B. through C. beneath D. beyond 6. A. since B. after C. while D. before 7. A. Worse still B. After all C. What's more D. At last 8. A. further B. regular C. hard D. kind 9. A. seldom B. specially C. never D. obviously 10.A. perfect B. equal C. potential D. average

11. A. waters 12. A. free 13. A. call 14. A. but 15. A. plant 16. A. put up with 17. A. later 18. A. study 19. A. Something 20. A. just

B. flows B. excited B. remind B. and B. purchase B. caught up with B. earlier B. recover B. Anything B. yet

C. runs C. confident C. ask C. instead C. bear C. kept up with C. quicker C. swim C. Nothing C. even

D. smells D. homesick D. help D. also D. exchange D. come up with D. slower D. sleep D. Everything D. still

( B12) 完型 、完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项。 Shelter(避难所) for the Homeless Last summer I was a volunteer at a shelter for the homeless, a place for homeless people to sleep at night. I wasn?t working that summer and was 1 only two classes in summer school, so I had some 2 time. Three nights a week, I 3 in the kitchen of the shelter along with four other volunteers. We planned and 4 for 45 people hot meals 5__ vegetables, chicken, fish and fruit. The homeless people 6 this good food because many of them usually didn?t eat well. I 7 this volunteer work, making 8 _with the four volunteers in the kitchen. One was a very nice elderly housewife, one a movie actor, another a young teacher, and the other a college student, 9__me. I talked to a lot of the homeless people at the shelter. Their life stories 10_me with sympathy (同情). Some of them had 11_with alcohol (酒) or drugs while others only had bad 12.One woman worked for almost 30 years for a small company, and 13she lost her job. She looked for a 14job, but couldn?t find one, for she was too 15. She could do nothing but sell her furniture — sofas, chairs, and tables 16_she could pay for her food. The woman 17on job hunting, but she 18_couldn?t find one. She had no money for her 19and had to sleep in her car. Then she had to sell her car. Alone, 20, and homeless, she finally came to the shelter. 1 A. studying B. planning C. holding D. taking 2 A. full B. free C. extra D. long 3. A. helped B. waited C. appeared D. washed 4. A. ordered B. bought C. cooked D. finished 5. A. with B. from C. by D. in 6. A. handled B. needed C. collected D. relaxed 7. A. wanted B. had C. owned D. enjoyed 8. A. decisions B. wishes C. friends D. changes 9. A. as B. like C. except D. besides 10 A. struck B. filled C. seized D.provided 11 A. habits B. worries C. difficulties D.problems

12 A. luck 13 A. so 14 A. good 15 A. old 16 A. if 17 A. went 18 A. also 19 A. block 20 A. afraid

B. pain B. again B. fresh B. poor B. because B. moved B. still B. cottage B. shy

C. experience D. loss C. then D. thus C. skilled D. new C. sick D. dull C. so that D. in case C. came D. worked C. almost D. even C. building D. flat C. shocked D. mad

(C1)完形填空 (2011 高考全国一) 完形填空 阅读下面的短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life,a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory__1_course about 20 years ago. The professor __2__the lecture hall,placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans ( 豆 ) , and invited the students to _3_how many beans the jar contained.After __4_shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin,dry smile,announced the __5__ answer,and went on saying,”You have just __6__an important lesson about science.That is; Never__7_ your own senses.” Twenty years later,the __8_could guess what the professor had in mind.He __9_himself,perhaps,as inviting his students to start an exciting __10_into an unknown world invisible (无形的) to the 11 ,which can be discovered only through scientific 12 .But the seventeen-year-old girl could not accept or even 13 the invitation.She was just 14 to understand the world.And she 15 that her firsthand experience could be the 16 .The professor,however,said that it was 17 .He was taking away her only 18 for knowing and was providing her with no substitute(替代).“I remember feeling small and 19,”the woman says,“and I did the only thing I could do.I 20 the course that afternoon,and I haven?t gone near science since.” B.history D.maths 2.A.searched for B.looked at through D.marched into 3.A.count B.guess 4.A.warning C.turning away D.listening to 5.A.ready B.possible C.correct D.difficult 6.A.learned B.prepared C.taught D.taken 7.A.lose C.sharpen 8.A.lecturer B.scientist C.speaker D.woman 9.A.described B.respected C.saw D.served B.movement C.change D.rush 11.A.professor B.eye C.knowledge D.light 12.A.model B.senses C.spirit D.methods 13.A.hear B.make C.present D.refuse

14.A.suggesting B.beginning C.pretending D.waiting 15.A.believed B.doubted C.proved D.explained 16. A.growth B.strength D.truth 17.A.firm B.interesting C.wrong D.acceptable 18.A.task B.tool C.success D.connection 19.A.cruel B.proud C.frightened D.brave 20.A.dropped B.started C.passed D.missed (C2)完形填空 (2011 高考安徽)阅读下面短文,从短文后个体所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D) 中,选出可以填入空白处地最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 When I began planning to move to Auckland to study ,my mother was worried about a lack of jobs and cultural differences,Ignoring these 1 ,I got there in July 2010.__2___I arrived.I realized the importance of getting a job 3 my living expenses.Determined to do this 4 ,I spent several weeks going door-to-door for a job,but found 5 response(回应). One aftermoon.I walked into a building to ask 6 there were any job opportunities(机会),The people there adviced me not to continue my job search in that 7 .As I was about to 8. a man who had been listening approached me and asked me to wait outside 9 ..Nearly ten minutes later,he 10,He asked me about my plans and encouraged me to stay 11 . Then he offered to take me to Royal Oak to 12 a job. I was a little surprised,but had a 13 feeling about him.Along the way ,I realized that I had 14 resumes(简历).Seeing this,the man 15 at his business partner`s office to make me fifteen 16 copies.He also gave me some 17 on dressing and speaking. I handed out my resumes and went home feeling very 18 . The following day I received a 19 from a store in Royal Oak offering me a job. It seems that the world always 20 to you when you need it .And this time,it was a complete stranger who turned out to be a real blessing. 1. A.doubts B.concerns C.instructions D.reasons 2. A.Even if B.Every time C.Now that D.Soon after 3. A.of B. at C.for D.with 4. A.on my own B.on my way any chance the day 5. A.any B.much C.some D.little 6. A.why B.wherever C.whether D.whenever 7. A.direction B. attitude C.language D.manner 8. A.answer C.leave D.refuse 9. A.for ever any time usual D.for a while 10. A.returned B.hesitated C.passed D.regretted 11. A.silent B.busy C.positive D.comfortable 12. A.pick out for C. take on D.give up 13. A.dull B.good C.guilty D.general 14. A.made use of B.taken care of out of D.become tired of 15. A.stopped B.knocked C.glanced D.appeared 16. A.right B.more C.former D.different

17. A.pressures 18 A.lonely 19. 20. A.turns off

C.impressions D.suggestions C.disapponinted D.satisfied C.present back D.looks up (C3)完形填空 (2011 高考江苏)请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个 选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A boy was walking home from school when he saw a large, tempting (诱人的) apple on one of the branches of an apple tree hanging out over a tall fence. The boy wasn?t much of a fruit-eater, 1 a bar of chocolate if given the choice, 2 , as they say, the forbidden fruit can be tempting. Seeing the apple, the boy wanted it. The more he looked at it, the 3 he felt and the more he wanted that apple. He stood on tiptoe(脚尖),4 as high as he could , but even as his tallest 5 he was unable to touch It. He began to 6 up and down , as high as he could, at the 7 of each jump stretching his arms to get the apple . Still it remained out of 8 . Not giving up , he though , if only he had something to 9 on . His school bag wouldn?t give enough height and he didn?t want to 10 the things inside , like his lunch box , pencil case , and Gameboy . Looking 11 , he hoped he might find an old box , a rock , or , 12 luck , even a ladder , but it was a tidy neighborhood and there was nothing he could use . He had tired everything he could think to do . 13 seeing any other choices , he gave up and started to walk 14 . At first he felt angry and disappointed thinking about how hungry he had become from his 15 , and how he really wanted that apple . The more he 16 like this , the more unhappy he became. 17 ,the boy of our story was a pretty smart guy,even if he cloudn?t always get what get he wanted .He started to say to himself .,This isn?t 18 ,I don?t have the apple and I?m feeling miserable as well.There?s 19 more I can do to get the apple_that is unchangeable-but we are supposed to be able to 20 our feelings. If that?s the case, what can I do to feel better? 1.A. preferring B.offering C.receiving D.allowing 2.A. so B.then C..but D or 3.A.sadder B.angrier C. hungrier D.tastier 4.A. expanding B. stretching C.swinging D.pulling 5.A. strength B. length C. range D.height 6.A.jump B.look C. walk D.glance 7.A. tip B. stage C. top D. level 8.A hope B. hand C. sight D. reach 9.A. put B. stand C. get D. hold 10.A. break B. shake C.take D. strike 11.A. up B. forword C.down D. around 12.A.for B. with C.on D. of 13.A. After B. Through C .Without D.Upon 14.A. back B. away C. up D. down 15.A. wishes B. beliefs C. efforts D. goals

B.agreements B.funny B.tip B.goes over

16.A. thought B. imagined C.tried D. cliamed 17.A.Therefore B.However C.Moreover D.Otherwise 18.A. skillful B. cheerful C.harmful D. helpful 19. A. something B. anything C.everything D.nothing 20.A.change C.forget D.describe ( C4)完型填空 (2011 高考山东)完形填空:阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D) ,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 (每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) I first went to hear a live rock concert when I was eight years old. My brother and his friends were all ___1____ of a heavy metal group called Black Wednesday. When they ___2____ that Black Wednesday were going to perform at our local theatre, they all bought ____3___ for the performance. However, at the last minute, one of the friends couldn?t go, so my brother __4_____ me the ticket. I was really ___5____! I remember the buzz (嘈杂声) of excitement inside the theatre as we all found our __6____ . After a few minutes, the lights went down and everybody became ___7____. I could barely make out the stage in the ___8____. We waited. Then there was a roar from the crowd, like an explosion, as the first members of the band ___9___ the stage. My brother leaned over and shouted something in my ear, but I couldn?t ____10___ what he was saying. The first song was already starting and the music was as ____11___as a jet engine. I could ___12____ the drum beats and bass notes in my stomach. I can?t recall any of the songs that the band played. I just __13_ that I really enjoyed the show and didn?t want it to _ 14_. But in the end, after three encores (加 演), the show finished. We left the 15_ and walked unsteadily out onto the pavement. I felt a little dizzy, as if I had just 16_from a long sleep. My ears were still 17_with the beat of the last song. After the 18, I became a Black Wednesday fan too for a few years before getting into other kinds of music. Once in a while, 19_, I listen to one of their songs and 20_I?m back at that first show. 1. A.members B.friends D.volunteers 2. A.guessed B.discovered C.thought D.predicted 3. B.drinks C.cloths 4. A.booked B.offered C.returned D.found 5.. A.relaxed B.embarrassed C.excited D. encouraged 6.. A.seats B.entrance C.spots D. space 7.. A.comfortable B. quite C.serious D. nervous 8.. A.silence B. noise C.darkness D. smoke 9.. A.fell upon through C.broke into D.stepped onto 10..A.forget B.hear C.repeat D. bear 11. A.loud B.hard C.sweet D. fast 12. A.feel B.touch C.enjoy D. digest 13. A.realize B.understand C.believe D. remember 14. A.continue B.delay C.finish D. change

15. 16. A.escaped 17. A.aching 18. A.competition 19. A.through 20. A.decide C. opera D. stage B.traveled C. benefited D. woken B.burning C. ringing D. rolling B. performance C. interview D. celebration B.otherwise C. instead D. besides B.regret C. conclude D. imagine (C5)完形填空 (2011 高考浙江)Although I love my life, it hasn?t been a lot of fun as I?ve been ill for 28 years. Music has always been a great love of mine and, in my 20s, when my 1 was more manageable , I 2 ten years as a professional singer in restaurants, playing and singing folk songs. 3 that was years ago and times have changed. 4 I live with mother on a country farm. Two years ago, I decided that I would need to have some kind of extra work to 5 my disability pension (残疾抚恤金). 6 I needed to sleep in the afternoons, I was limited in my 7 . I decided that I would consider 8 to singing in restaurants. My family are all musicians, so I was 9 when I went into our local music store. I explained that I wanted to sing again but using recorded karaoke music. I knew that discs were very expensive and I really didn?t have a lot of 10 to get started. And 11 you find only three to four songs out of ten on a disc that you can 12 use. When I told the owner of the shop about my 13 ; he gave me a long thoughtful 14 . “This means a lot to you, doesn?t it?” he said. “Come with me.” He led me 15 the crowded shop and to a bench with a large professional karaoke box on it. He placed his large hand 16 on his treasure and said, “I have 800 karaoke songs in here. You can take your 17 and I?ll record them for you. That should get you started.” I 18 . Thanking him, I made a time with him to listen to all the songs and choose 19 that I could sing. I have come full circle with his help. His 20 still warms my heart and makes me do just that bit extra, when I have the chance. 1. A. loneliness B. sadness C. tiredness D. sickness 2. A. set B. enjoyed C. kept D. shared 3. A. Gladly B. Eventually C. Unfortunately D. Surprisingly 4. A. Now B. Then C. Sometime D. Meanwhile 5. A. add up to B. make up for C. get rid of D. take advantage of 6. A. If B. As C. Though D. Before 7. A. movement B. condition C. choices D. positions 8. A. reaching out B. living up C. getting on D. going back 9. A. recognized B. interviewed C. found D. invited 10. A. money B. time C. energy D. knowledge 11. A. thus B. once C. seldom D. often

12. A. actually 13. A. job 14. A. face 15. A. over 16. A. unhappily 17. A. pick 18. A. had to cry 19. A. more 20. A. courage

B. hardly C. nearly D. formerly B. family C. idea D. offer B. view C. look D. sight B. along C. towards D. through B. lovingly C. pitifully D. gratefully B. turn C. role D. step B. ought to cry C. should have cried D. could have cried B. the ones C. few D. the rest B. devotion C. kindness D. trust (C6)完形填空 (2011 高考湖北卷)完形填空 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C,D)中选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 The young woman entered the pool where an injured dolphin( 海豚 ) was swimming. Despite her fear, she felt strong wearing her new leg. In her second grade, Maja ___1___her cousin, Jasmina. After Jasmina's death, Maja swore she would honor the little girl by ___2___with a dolphin, an animal that both girls ___3___. "Jasmina never got the chance to do it," says Maja, now 32, "so I ___4___that someday I'd do it for her." In high school, Maja was ___5___about sports. She even planned to become an athlete. ___6___, in 1993, during the civil war in her home country, a bomb ___7___her left leg. After two years' ___8___ in the U.S. , Maja received her first artificial (人造 的)leg. But ___9___ it didn't fit well, walking for Maja was painful. ___10___,she managed to graduate from a local high school. Then after receiving a ___11___ from Saint Francis University, she got a job at an insurance firm and ___12___ started her own company. To relax, Maja ___13___often watch the dolphins play at an aquarium (水族 馆 )near her home. A young dolphin, Winter, who had lost its tail, caught her ___14___. One day, Maja happened to see trainers __15___ Winter with a high-tech tail. When they were done, Winter swam freely in the water. Maja was ___16___. She managed to find the inventors of Winter's tail. Within ten days, she had a new leg which freed her of the ___17___ that had troubled her for almost 16 years. Now, Maja was ready to keep her ___18___. She went to the aquarium, lowered herself into the pool and held out a hand to Winter, who approached ___19___, then swam away. After a few minutes, the dolphin let Maja ___20___ its back. Finally, the two began to swim around the pool together. 1.A.lost B.visited C.rescued D.left 2.A.talking C.swimming D.surfing 3.A.adored B.adopted C.possessed D.purchased 4.A.pretended B.decided C.preferred D.agreed 5.A.positive B.enthusiastic C.particular D.curious 6.A.Undoubtedly B.Surprisingly C.Strangely D.Unfortunately 7.A.took away B.took over C.cut down D.cut out B.operation C.treatment D.experiment 9.A.until B.because C.although D.if 10.A.Otherwise B.Therefore C.Besides D.However 11.A.scholarship C.prize D.notice 12.A.gradually B.actually C.eventually D.naturally 13.A.might B.should C.could D.would 14.A.eye B.leg C.nose D.hand 15.A.decorating B.guiding C.marking D.fitting 16.A.inspired B.puzzled C.shocked D.amused 17.A.worry B.sadness C.pain D.fear 18.A.appointment B.promise C.record D.habit 19.A.blindly B.angrily C.gratefully D.cautiously 20.A.strike B.cover C.touch D.wipe (C7)完形填空 (2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试全国一) 完 型 填 空 It was a busy morning,about 8:30, when an elderly gentleman in his 80s came to the hospital .I heard him saying to the nurse that he was in a hurry for an appointment(约 会)at 9:30. The nurse had him take a 1 in the waiting area, ___2 him it would be at least 40 minutes 3 someone would be able to see him. I saw him 4 his watch and decided to go.Since I was 5 busy —-- my patient didn?t 6 at the appointed hour, I would examine his wound.While taking care of his wound, I asked him if he had another doctor?s appointment. The gentleman said no and told me that he 7 to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his 8 . He told me that she had been 9 for a while and that she had a special disease. I asked if she would be 10 if he was a bit late. He replied that she 11 knew who he was,and that she had not been able to 12 him for five years now. I was 13 , and asked him,“And you 14 go every morning,even though she doesn?t know who you are?” He smiled and said,“She doesn?t know me, but I know who she is”. I had to hold back 15 as he left. Now I 16 that in marriages,true love is 17 of all that is. The happiest people don?t 18 have the best of everything;they just 19 the best of everything they have. 20 isn?t about how to live through the storm, but how to dance in the rain. 1. A. breath B. test C seat D. break 2. A. persuading B. promising C. understanding D. telling 3. A. if B. before C. since D. after 4. A. taking off B. fixing C. looking at D. winding

5. A. very 6. A. turn up 7. A. needed happened 8. A. daughter 9 . A. late 10. A. lonely 11. A. so far already 12. A. recognize 13. A. moved satisfied 14. A. only 15. A. curiosity 16. A. realize 17. A. agreement exhibition 18. A. necessarily frequently 19. A. learn 20. A. Adventure

B. also B. show off B. forgot B. wife B. well B. worried B. neither B. answer B. disappointed B. then B. tears B. suggest B. expression B. completely B. make

C. seldom C. come on C. agreed C. mother C. around C. doutful C. no longer C. believe C. surprised

D. not D. go away D. D. sister D.there D. hungry D. D. expect D.

C. thus D. still C. words D. judgment C. hope D. prove C. acceptance D. C. naturally C. favor C. Trust D. D. try D. Life

B. Beauty (C8)完形填空 (2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试北京卷) 完 型 填 空 I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, 1 she was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and me. Mrs. Neidl would ask me for my 2 . She wanted to know how I thought we should ___3 things. At first I had no idea how to answer because I knew 4 about stage design! But I slowly began to respond to her __ 5__ . It was cause and effect: She believed I had opinions, so I began to 6 them. She trusted me to complete things, so I completed them perfectly. She loved how 7 I was, so I began to show up to paint more and more. She believed in me, so I began to believe in myself. Mrs. Neidl's 8 that year was, "Try it. We can always paint over it 9 !"I began to take 10_ . I had been so afraid of failing but suddenly there was no failing---- only things to be 11 upon. I learned to dip my brush into the paint and 12 create something. The shy, quiet freshman achieved success that year. I was 13 in the program as "Student Art Assistant" because of the time and effort I'd put in. It was that year that I 14 I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing stage design. Being on that stage-design team 15 _Mrs. Neidl changed me completely. Not only was I stronger and more competent than I had thought, but I also 16 a

strong interest and a world I hadn't known existed. She taught me not to 17 _ what people think I should do. She taught me to take chances and not be 18 . Mrs. Neidl was my comforter when I was upset. Her 19 in me has inspired me to do things that I never imagined 20 . 1. A. and B. yet C. so D. for 2. A. opinion B. impression C. information D. intention 3. A. make B. keep C. handle D. change 4. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing 5. A. questions B. comments C. explanations D. remarks 6. A. hold B. follow C. evaluate D. form 7. A. happy B. lively C. reliable D. punctual 8. A. message B. motto C. saying D. suggestion 9. A. again B. more C. instead D. later 10. A. steps B. control C. charge D. risks 11. A. improved B. acted C. looked D. reflected 12. A. easily B. carefully C. confidently D. proudly 13. A. introduced B. recognized C. identified D. considered 14. A. confirmed B. decided C. realized D. acknowledged 15. A. with B. below C. of D. by 16. A. developed B. discovered C. took D. fostered 17. A. accept B. care C. judge D. wonder 18. A. bored B. lazy C. sad D. afraid 19. A. trust B. patience C. curiosity D. interest 20. A. accessible B. enjoyable C. possible D. favorable (C9)完形填空 (2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试重庆卷) Introduction to letters to Sam Dear Reader, Please allow me to tell you something before you read this book. When my 1 ,Sam, was born, my heart was filled with joy. I had been sitting in a wheelchair for 20 years before then, and I have been 2 ill many times . So I wondered if I would have the 3 to tell Sam what I had 4 . For years I have been hosting a program on the 5 and writing articles for a magazine. Being 6 to move freely , I have learned to sit still and keep my heart 7 , exchanging thoughts with thousands of listeners and 8 . So when Sam was born. I 9 to tell him about school and friendship, romance and work , love and everything else . That is how I started to write these 10 , I hope that Sam would 11 them sooner or later . However , that expectation 12 when Sam showed signs of autism (自闭 症) at the age of two . He had actually stopped talking before the discovery of the

signs . He 13 to communicate with others , even the family members . That was 14 for me but didn?t stop me writing on . I realized that I had even 15 now to tell him . I wanted him to 16 what it means to be “different” from others , and learn how to fight against the misfortune he?ll 17 as I myself .. his grandfather did. I just 18 if I could write all that I wanted to say in the rest of my life . Now, 19 the book has been published, I have been given the chance. Every chapter in the book is a letter to Sam: some about my life, and all about what it means to be a 20 . Daniel Gottlieb 1. A. son B. nephew C. brother D. grandson 2. A. seriously B. mentally C. slightly D. quickly 3. A. ability B. time C. courage D. responsibility 4. A. writen B. sulfered C. observed D. lost 5. A. radio B. television C. stage D. bed 6. A. ready B. unable C. anxious D. eager 7. A. warm B. broken C. closed D. open 8. A. hosts B. vistors C. readers D. reporters 9. A. boon B. stopped C. forgot D. decided 10. A.letters B. emunls C. books D. diaries 11. A.bad B. read C. collecd D. keep 12. A. developed B. disappeared C. changed D. arrived 13. A. intended B. refused C. regarded D. hoped 14. A. exciting B. acceptable C. strange D. heartbreaking 15. A. less B. eventhing C. more D. nothing 16. A. understand B. explam C. believe D. question 17. A. fear B. face C. know D. cause 18. A. felt B. guessed C. saw D. doubted 19. A. as B.once C. thought D. if 20. A. teacher B. child C. man D. writer (C11)完形填空 (2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试四川卷) Recently,I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting. As we were about to arrive,the pilot announced with apology that there would be a slight l before setting down. High desert winds had 2 the airport to close all but one runway. He said

that we would be 3 the city for a few minutes waiting to 4 . We were also told to remain in our seats meanwhile with our seat belts fastened 5 there might be a few bumps( 颠簸 ). We11 , that few minutes turned into about forty-five minutes , including a ride that would make a roller roaster( 过 山 车 ) 6 by comparison. The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt 7 and had to use airsickness bags. As you might guess, that?s not a good thing to have happened in a(n) 8 space because it only 9 to increase the discomfort of the situation. About twenty minutes into the adventure,the entire airplane became very 10 . There was now a sense of anxiety and fear that could be 11 noticed.Every passenger simply held on for dear life …except one. A 12 was having a good time! With each bump of the 13 , he would let out a giggle(咯咯的笑)of delight. As I observed this,I 14 that he didn?t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried about his 15 . He neither thought about the past nor about the future. Those are what we grown-ups have learned from 16 .He was 17 the ride because he had not yet been taught to fear it. Having understood this,I took a deep breath and 18 back into my seat, pretending I was 19 on a roller coaster. I smiled for the rest of the flight. I even 20 to giggle once or twice ,much to the chagrin(懊恼)of the man sitting next to me holding the airsickness bag. 1. A. mistake B. delay C. change D. wind 2. A. forced B. warned C. swept D. reminded 3. A. watching B. visiting C. circling D. crossing 4. A. arrive B. enter C. stop D. land 5. A. if B. though C. because D. while 6. A. light B. pale C. easy D. quick 7. A. sick B. nervous C. angry D. afraid 8. A. empty B. narrow C. secret D. open 9. A. happens B. continues C. fails D. serves 10. A. quiet B. hot C. dirty D. crowded 11. A. partly B. gradually C. shortly D. clearly 12. A. pilot B. baby C. guard D. man 13. A. seats B. passengers C. flight D. airplane[来 14. A. realized B. hoped C. agreed D. insisted 15. A. health B. safety C. joy D. future 16. A. teachers B. books C. experience D. practice 17. A. learning B. taking C. missing D. enjoying

18. A. sat 19. A. nearly 20. A. attempted decided

B. lay B. finally B. managed

C. went C. really C. wanted

D. rode D. suddenly D.

(C12)完形填空 (2010 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试江苏卷) Another person?s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved. That person was my stepmother. I was nine years old when she enterd our home in rural Virginia. My father 1 me to her with these words: “I would like you to meet the fellow who is 2 for being the worst boy in this county and will probably start throwing rocks at you no 3 than tomorrow morning. ” My stepmother walked over to me, 4 my head slightly upward, and looked me right in the eye. Then she looked at my father and replied, “You are 5 . This is not the worst boy at all, 6 the smartest one who hasn?t yet found an outlet (释放的途径) for his enthusiasm. ” That statement began a(n) ___7 between us. No one had ever called me smart. My family and neighbors had built me up in my ___8 as a bad boy . My stepmother changed all that. She changed many things. She ___9 my father to go to a dental school, from which he graduated with honors. She moved our family into the county seat, where my father?s career could be more ___10 and my brothers and I could be better 11 . When I turned fourteen, she bought me a secondhand___12 and told me that she believed that I could become a writer. I knew her ernthusiasm,I 13 it and I saw how it had alreadly improved our lives. I accepted her ___14 and began to write for local newspapers. I was doing the same kind of___15 that great day I went to interview Andrew Carnegie and received the task which became my life?s work later. I wasn?t the ___16 beneficiary (受益者 ). My father became the ___17 man in town. My brothers and stepbrothers became a physician, a dentist, a lawyer, and a college president. What power __18 has! When that power is released to support the certainty of one?s purpose and is 19 strengthened by faith ,it becomes an irresistible(不可抗拒的) force which poverty and temporary defeat can never 20 . You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it. This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm. 1. A. rushed B. sent C. carried D. introduced 2. A. distinguished B. favored C. mistaken D. rewarded 3. A. sooner B. later C. longer D. earlier 4. A. dragged B. shook C. raised D. bent 5. A. perfect B. right C. wrong D. impolite 6. A. but B. so C. and D. or 7. A. ageement B. friendship C. gap D. relationship 8. A. opinion B. image C. expectation D. mind

9. A. begged invited 10. A. successful 11. A. treared respected 12. A. cemera typewriter 13. A. considered appreciated 14. A. belief description 15. A. teaching readingw_ 16. A. next 17. A. cleverest D.healthiest 18. A. enthusiasm confidence 19. A. deliberately 20. A. win

B. persuaded B. meaningful B. entertained B. radio B. suspected B. request B. writing B. same B. wealthiest B. sympathy B. happily B. match

C. ordered C. helpful C. educated C. bicycle C. ignored C. criticism C. studying C. only C. C. fortune D. D.

D. D. useful D. D. D.

D. real strongest D.

C. traditionally D. constantly C. reach D. doubt



语法选择专项训练★ 方法点拨 从考点上看,语法选择主要集中在时态,介词,搭配,...use 完型填空专项训练完形填空全面考查学生的语言知识、阅读理解能力和总体语言...

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选择完形填空专项练习教案及反思_英语_初中教育_教育专区。选择完形填空专项练习教案及反思 羊场学校 刘向华 一.教学目标: 1. 知识与技能目标: 1)初步了解...


完形填空 A good photograph can often convey far more than words. A tiny baby soon learns to distinguish its mother's face from other adults'faces. ...


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单项选择完形填空 - Ⅱ. 单项选择。 (每小题 1 分, 共 20 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,并把答题卡上对 应题目的答案...


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多项选择与开放式完形填空... 暂无评价 2页 1财富值喜欢此文档的还喜欢 高考...多项选择完型填空专练参考答案及部分解析一、1—5 DBACA 6—10 BDCBB 11...


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