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Hip hop is an American cultural movement 1. started in the 1970s at block parties.The DJs at block parties started repeating the percussion breaks when they noticed that people were 2. (devote) to them.The percussion breaks were usually short,but Herc and other DJs made them longer by 3. (take) advantage of two records on two turntables side 4. side.Some of the DJs began shouting and speaking while the music played,and thus the shouting DJs became known as MCs.Later,they experimented with different vocal and rhythmic 5 . (approach) using rhyming words,often words from AfricanAmerican culture. Hip hop was 6. (success) for two main reasons.Firstly,it’s cheap and easy; secondly,people 7. (be) bored with the pop music of the day—disco music and rock music were both in 8. (decline) in the mid-1970s.9. ,hip hop provided a kind of disco music for people.During the 1980s,the style of hip hop was known as East Coast rap,but it soon spread to other parts of the USA and 10. (late) to other parts 2.devoted of the world. 答案 :1.which 3.taking 5.approaches 6.successful 7.were 8.decline 9.However 10.later

Ⅱ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.The children would cycle to the countryside (而不是) stay indoors all the day. 2.I’d like to 3.The students 4.Eye experts have realized that (利用) this opportunity (厌烦) the deadly boring (完全不) to thank you all for your cooperation. .

lecture and left the lecture room in advance.
being an advantage,large eyes can actually be a weakness.

5.Concept cars are a way for designers to
试) their ideas on the public with complete freedom.


答案:1.rather than

2.take advantage of

3.were bored with

4.far from

5.try out

Ⅲ.微写作 1.这位嬉蹦乐的创始人一生都在致力于音乐创作。 2.他的幽默的演唱风格令人耳目一新,给人留下了深刻印象。 3.刚开始出现时这种音乐没有打动观众,结果远不能令人满意。

答案:1.The pioneer of hip hop devoted his life to music creation. 2.His humorous singing style was refreshing and made a deep impression on people. 3.When it emerged first,this kind of music didn ’t touch the audience,so it was far from being satisfactory.



答案:4.Trying it out continuously,he took advantage of
different singing approaches and gradually this music began to boom.

5.Now the musician has quit his job,living an easy life on
his pension in old age.

Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Many difficulties new type of fuel. (arise) since the changeover to a

2.This is the great
3.He had a wide mouth and

(devote) of a mother to her child.
(humor) grey eyes. (refresh) way of (approach),all the students

4.Online shopping sometimes causes us trouble more than simply provides us with convenience and a life. 5.With the final-term exam are busy reviewing their lessons. 答案:1.have arisen 5.approaching 2.devotion 3.humorous 4.refreshing


doesn’t matter to me what you do. take a bus. being rich.In other words,he is very poor.

7.I prefer to walk there rather 8.He is far

9.As soon as the policeman caught up with the thief,he held the

thief’s arms
10.When we are

(bore) with something,we can listen to

the music that we love.

答案:6.It 7.than 8.from 9.tightly 10.bored


1.She considered teaching a worthwhile career and devoted her
life for it. 2.I would rather stay at home than to go to see a film.

3.I am boring with the reading materials which are very dull.
4.The teacher rather than the students are to blame now. 5.He was a much older tennis player,but he had a advantage over other players in experience. 答案:1.将for改为to 2.去掉to 3.将boring改为bored 4.将

are改为is 5.将第二个a改为an

6.As matter of fact,no one is sure who discovered America.

7.He is a person full of the sense of humorous,so he is popular
among us. 8.The story he told us just now was touched.

9.You’ll be struck by her beauty the moment you saw her.
10.Tom,as well as his friends,were going to have a picnic the next Sunday. 答案:6.As后加a 7.将humorous改为humor 8.将touched改为touching

9.将saw改为see 10.将were改为was



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