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北师大版英语必修2 unit 4 cyberspace lesson 1 tomorrow’s world 课件(共28张PPT)

Watch a short video Q: What kinds of new technologies does the video mention? Let’s have a time travel! Cassette tape telegram Text message cash Credit card Online matchmaking Sites (相亲网站) A face-to-face date How do you think technology will change our lives? Unmanned car A word that describe the place where messages, information, pictures are when they are sent from one computer to another. (网络空间) Make a prediction Look at the title of the article. Which of these topics do you think it will mention? 1) The Internet 2) Artificial human The Future of Cyberspace 3) Time travel 4) Robot 5) Global warming 6) Virtual reality(虚拟现实) Fast reading Match the paragraphs with these headings. a) pessimistic opinions b) seeing the future c) optimistic opinions d) the Internet growth Paragraph 2 Paragraph 4 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 1 Careful reading Paragraph 1: the Internet growth Q: How has the Internet grown in the last thirty years? The Internet has grown from only 200 computers in 1983 to around 50 million now. Paragraph 2-3: pessimistic and optimistic opinions Match the vocabulary with the definition in Ex4. A person who enters other people’s computer programmes in secret. hacker Someone who does terrible things to harm countries, governments, and people. terrorist A terrible situation in which everything goes wrong. chaos I arrived home to find the house in chaos. crash Have an accident by violently hitting something Computer system that a


必修2 Unit 4 Lesson 1 The Future of Cyberspace 说课稿

北师大版高中英语必修 2 Unit 4 Lesson 1 The Future of Cyberspace 说课稿 ...'Tomorrow's World' and the title of the article is 'The Future of ...

Unit 4 Cyberspace lesson1电子版

Unit 4 Cyberspace lesson1电子版_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 4 Cyberspace Warm- up &Lesson 1 Tomorrows World 目标: 1. To practise using vocabulary ...

...Unit 4 Cyberspace-Lesson 1》教案 北师大版必修1

Unit 4 Cyberspace-Lesson 1》教案 北师大版必修1_高三英语_英语_高中教育_...Terrorists will attack the worlds computers, cause chaos, make planes and...

北师大版高一上Unit4《Cyberspace》(Lesson 4)word教案1

北师大版高一上Unit4Cyberspace(Lesson 4)word教案1_英语_高中教育_教育...3) Sky Tower is Auckland’s tallest building 4) Maoris were the first ...

...Unit 4 Cyberspace-Lesson 3》教案 北师大版必修1

北师大版高中英语必修2 Un... 254页 5财富值 北师大M2U4L1 Tomorrow's .....房山区周口店中学高中英语《Unit 4 Cyberspace-Lesson 3》教案 北师大版必修1...

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