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语法填空专练 一 Most successful men have the experience of suffering from failure and discouragement. Had it not been for 1 confident wife, Sophia, we might not have listed the name of Nathaniel Hawthorne among the great names of literature. When Nathaniel, a heartbroken man, went home to tell his wife that he was a failure and had 2 (fire) from his job in a customhouse, she surprised 4 (excited), “you can write your book!” shall we live on while I am 3 with a cry of joy.

“Now,” she said

“Yes,” replied the man, with little confidence, “and 5 writing it?” 6

his amazement, she opened a drawer and pulled out a great amount of money.

“Where did you get that?” he asked. “I have always known you are a man of genius,” she told him. “I knew that someday you 7 (write) a masterpiece. 8 every week, out of the money 9 (last) us

you gave me for housekeeping, I saved a little bit. So here is enough for one whole year.” From her trust and confidence came 10

of the greatest novels of American

literature—The Scarlet Letter(《红字》).

语法填空专练 二 The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on October 6 1 Chinese

scientist Gao Kun ( also known as Charles K. Kao ), a foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences won the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for groundbreaking achievements communication. Prof. Gao 3 (recognize) internationally as the "Father of Fiber Optic 4 (public) proposing(提出) the 5 6 (use) fibers. His work (develop) 2 (concern)the transmission of light in fibers for optical

Communications." He is credited for first

possibility of practical telecommunications(实用电信) provided the impetus(推动力) for serious research and

throughout the world on glass fiber waveguides for communications. 7 (bear) in Shanghai in 1933, Gao moved to Hong Kong in 1949 with his 8 received his Ph. D degree in electrical 9 the

family. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree issued by the University of London and then pursued research engineering issued by the Imperial College London in 1965. He served he was elected foreign academician at Chinese Academy of Sciences. 10

vice president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 1987 to 1996. In 1996, 8th Academician Conference of

语法填空专练 三 There was once a farmer 2 1 worked very hard every day. One day when he was 3 rabbit dying. He took hold of the 5 dinner.!” Then he

hoeing in the sunshine, he suddenly heard a loud sound “Peng”. He turned around hurried to the tree. There he found 4 6 rabbit with tree.” 7 (excite). “What a good rabbit! I’ll have it

had a good idea, “Why not were no more rabbits The story 10 8

(wait) for more rabbits here? It’s cool under the 9 was worse, all his crops were dead.

he dropped off his hoe and waited there. But day after day, there (come).

(tell) us that if you want to get something, you must work

hard for it. Remember, “No pains, no gains!”

语法填空专练 四 Happiness is like a small stone dropped into a pool to set in motion and everwidening circle of ripples. 1 Stevenson has said, being happy is a duty. 2 word “happiness”. Happy people are

There is no exact definition of happy 3

all sorts of reasons. The key is not wealth or physical well-being, since 4 6 are extremely happy. is not selfish to

we find beggars, invalids(残疾人) and so-called failures, 5 (stay) happy is triumph of soul and character.

strive for it. It is, indeed, a duty to ourselves and others. Being 7 (happy) is like an infectious disease. It causes people to stay away 8 , a cure fir

from the sufferer. He soon finds himself alone and sad. There is, it: if you don’t feel happy, pretend to be! It 9

(work). Before long you will find that you attract people. You discover

how deeply rewarding it is to be the center of wider and wider circles of good will. Then the make-believe becomes a reality. You become really happy. Being happy, once it 10 (realize) as a duty and established as a habit, opens

doors into unimaginable gardens thronged(群集) with grateful friends.

语法填空专练 五 Most years on average have 12 full moons, with That's 2 1 appearing each month.

the lunar month—the time it takes the moon to cycle through its

phases—corresponds(符合)closely to the calendar month. But the calendar year is actually 3 (base) on the solar cycle, or the time it 4 (mean) a year is 5 (year) or so

takes the earth to make one trip around the sun. This

not evenly(均匀)divisible by lunar months, so every three there are 13 full moons.

The farmer's almanac(历书) further divided the year into four seasons,


each season lasting three months. When a given season saw four full moons, the almanac dubbed the second full moon. Ultimately, a blue moon as defined by the calendar isn't that rare. The term's significance instead lies in the way it links people to the motions of the cosmos(宇 宙). "Just being able 9 (recognize)that we can have a full moon twice in a 7 (three)moon as a blue moon., 8 refers to the

month and have attached folklore really highlights the fact that humans have been astronomers their entire existence," said Mark Hammergren, astronomer at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois. 10 staff

语法填空专练 六 Hidden miles beneath the surface of an ice sheet, the so-called ghost peaks in the middle of Antarctica are finally coming into view, last month. Ground-penetrating radar results from 2008 and 2009 have possible the most it is a 3 2 (make) 4 1 (research) announced

(detail) images yet of the Gamburtsev Mountains—

5 (surprise) serrated(锯齿状的) range, the experts say.

The radar-based images reveal a slightly exaggerated view of the jagged, roughly 8,5006 (foot)-tall (2,600-meter-tall) peaks. 8 7 range likely formed millions of years before 9 (become) covered in Antarctic ice, said

geophysicist Robin Bell of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, led America's Gamburtsev Province Project as part of the International Polar Year (2007-08) science program. 10 size and shape, Bell said, the Gamburtsevs resemble the United States' Cascade Range, home of Mount Rainier.

语法填空专练 七 It is often said _ 1_ Tibetans can sing before they can speak. They are especially fond of singing and dancing. Tibetans need little excuse to sing or dance. Most of their festivals are all about singing and dancing. Each spring after all of the fields have been plowed, they celebrate the Guozhuang Festival. This festival is a chance _2_ all the locals to get together and sing and dance together. It is very 3_ (live) in the southern areas of Tibet. popular, especially amongst Tibetans _

The person _ 4 _ is considered _ 5_ (be) the _ 6 _ (good) singer and dancer is rewarded with a pot of the local Chang alcohol. Another popular festival is the Wangguo Festival. It _ 7_ (hold) just _ 8_ the autumn harvest. This festival walk around their fields lasts from three to five days. People wear their best clothing, create colorful prayer flags. They sing and dance, beat drums and gongs, _ 9_ racing. After the festival _ 10_ to express their hope for a bumper crop. Another feature of this festival is horse (end), the harvesting begins.

语法填空专练 八 Sinosauropteryx, a turkey-size carnivorous dinasour, is the first dinosaur— excluding birds, which many paleontologists consider _ 1 _(be) dinosaurs—to have _ 2 _ color scientifically established.

_ 3 _ 1996, Sinosauropteryx was also the first dinosaur reported to have feathers. It _4 _(find) in the Yixian formation, 130- to 123-million-year-old 6 sediments in Liaoning Province in northeast China, _ 5 _ have since produced _(thousand) of apparently feathery fossils. In a report _ 7 _(release) online today by the journal Nature, an international team of paleontologists and experts in scanning electron micrography infer _ 8 _ this dinosaur had reddish orange feathers running along its back and a striped tail. Why would a dinosaur need _ 9_ striped tail? Many birds, the living descendants of non-avian dinosaurs, use _ 10 _(bright) colored tails for courtship displays.

语法填空专练 九 Hi I'm Kenny G and I am very excited to talk to you about my new line of saxophones. Now I'm really passionate about the saxophone, _ 1 _(obvious) it's been really great for me, it's been the center of my life. I always think about myself when I first started as _ 2 _ student. What if I had gotten a really really bad saxophone and I wasn't able to get _ 3_ (inspire)? Maybe I wouldn't be sitting here today. I wanted to make a saxophone that students could pick up and it's going to play beautifully. That is not that easy _ 4 _(do), because most of the saxophones _ 5_ are made for students aren't that good, to be honest _ 6 _ you. So _ 7_ we did is we took all of the qualities of the professional sax that I have been playing forever, added the modern improvements that _ 8 _(happen) since I got my saxophones forty years ago _9_ came up with a saxophone that is as good as or _ 10 _(good) than any saxophone out there. This is pretty much a professional quality saxophone, right here, the one in my hands. This is our student saxophone, so affordable, so the students can start off on the right foot.

一、Keys: 1. a

2. been fired

3. him

4. excitedly

5. what

6. To

7. would write 8. So 二、Keys: 1. that 6. development

9. to last

10. one 3. is recognized 9. as 4. publicly 10. the 6. wait 7. So 8. coming 5. using

2. concerning 7. Born

8. and

三、Keys: 1. who 2. and 3. a 4. excitement 5. for 9. What 10. tells 四、Keys: 1. As 2. the 3. for 4. who 5. Staying

6. It

7. unhappy

8. however 9. works

10. is realized 7. third

五、Keys: 1. one 2. because 3. based 4. means 5. years 6. with 8. which 9. to recognize

六、KEYS: 1. researchers 2. made 3. detailed 4. and 7. The 8. becoming 2. for 9. who 3. living 10. In 4. who/that

5. surprisingly 6. foot

七、Keys: 1. that 7. is held

5. to be 6. best

8. before

9. and 2. its

10. ends 3. In 4. was found 10. brightly 4. to do 5. that/which 5. which 6. thousands

八、Keys: 1. to be 7. released

8. that

9. a

九、Keys: 1. obviously 2. a 6. with 7. what

3. inspired

8. have happened

9. and

10. Better



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