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Unit1 Women of achievement 单元同步测试 I. 单项选择 1. I don’t think it is ______taking the trouble to explain the question to him. A. worth B. worthy C. worth of D. worthwhile

2. You’d better ______ your behaviors in public places, or you are likely to get a ticket. A. watch B. see C. observe D. notice

3. With courage and determination, she set out to _____ her childhood dream: to become a world famous actress. Which of the following is NOT OK? A. realize 4. B. achieve C. come true D. live

Everybody showed great respect to the old doctor, who devoted everything he had to _____ the poor conditions of the local hospital. A. improving B. improve C. to improve D. being improved

5. No matter what you have achieved, you have no reasons to ______others in your filed. A. look on 6. B. look up to C. look forward to D. look down upon

When forbidden to surf the Internet, teenagers often _____it, saying that it provides them with colorful entertainments, a convenient means of communication as well as useful information A. argue about B. argue with C. argue for D. argue against

7. In the old days, his father was not able to earn enough money to ______ his family. A. raise B. bring up C. make D. support

8. The doctors in the medical institute wrote several articles, explaining in detail the steps of how to _____ a baby. A. give B. deliver C. have D. give birth to

9. In my opinion, an organization should be set up to study the______ a child’s personality and his living environment. A. relation to B. connection with C. link of D. connection between

10. A modest person always ______modestly, no matter how great he is. A. does B. behaves C. looks D. appears

11. After years of careful observation in the wild, Jane Goodall was finally able to _____ the social system of chimps. A. carry out B. pick out C. look out D. work out

12. It is impossible to ________one’s goal without working hard. A. achieve B. get C. arrive D. make

13. Would you ________a walk with me after supper? A. care about B. care for C. care with D. care taking

14. It is everyone’s duty to ______the rules of our school. A. watch B. see C. notice D. observe

15. China is developing at such an astonishing _______that it takes on a new look every day. A. altitude B. achievement C. direction D. rate

16. How would you like to ______your failure in the examination? A. count on B. account for C. count in D. count with

17. What he saw in the remote mountain village _______ him to write a book about the country life there.

A. encouraged

B. increased

C. inspired

D. engaged

18. Never before has the ________ been faced with such a threat as has happened in the past five decades A. human race B. people C. mankind D. man

19. Fears of being punished in various possible ways kept _______her, which worried her a great deal. A. coming to B. crowding in C. crowding in on D. crowded with

20. I strongly suggest the person that ________ out and explain all that has happened. A. was referred to standing C. referred to stand B. was referred to stand D. referred to standing

21. The book, which ______ for children under 10 when ________, are popular with adult readers. A. intended; written C. intended; writing B. was intended; being written D. was intended; written

22. Whether we can get the money we need for the project or not, we will ______ it to the end. A. carry on with B. move on with C. come on with D. take on with

23. When he was doing the software development project, he ______ many problems that he had to solve on his own. A. came up with B. came through C. came across D. came out

24. Ever since I became a first aider twenty years ago, which was totally _______, I have been ______my life on the go, dealing with cases of emergency. A. in accident; living B. by chance; led C. by chance; lived D. by accident; leading

25. The lecturer _______before the audience could _______any questions to him. A. moved off; raise B. moved away; come up with C. moved out; bring up D. moved up; put up


Book 4 Unit One Ⅰ. 单词拼写: 1. UN is an international __________ (组织). 2. He d_________ all his life to teaching in a faraway village. 3. Please e________ the reason to the teacher why you were late for class. 4. He has to work day and night because he has a large family to s__________. 5. The little boy is _________ (谦虚). 6. Animal rights activities call on people all over the world to r________ the life of animals. 7. Her speech has i_________ all women to fight for equal rights. 8. They didn’t agree with each other and a_________ about this problem for a long time. 9. Tom _________ (表现) so badly in college that he was sent down and never got his degree. 10. Typhoon Saomei (桑美) _________ (袭击) the city of Wenzhou and caused great damage last year. II 单项选择: ( ) 1. Only ______ a human being. A. when is it hungry a lion will attack B. when it is hungry a lion will attack C. when it is hungry will a lion attack D. when is it hungry will a lion attack ( ) 2. It’s not right to ____ the poorer people of the world. A. look up B. look down C. look down on D. look up to ( ) 3. It was with great joy_____ he received the news ______ his lost daughter had been found. A. because; that B. which; that C. since; which D. that; that ( ) 4. She ought to stop work; she has a headache because she ____ too long. A. has been reading B. had read C. is reading D. read ( ) 5. More than one answer ____ to the question. A. have been given B were given C. has been given D. has given ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 6. How about the two of us ____ a walk down the garden? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking ) 7. The famous singer and dancer ____ our party this evening. A. are going to attend B. was to attend C. were to attend D. is going to attend ) 8. - How often do you write to your father? - . A. Once a month B. In a week C. For a month D. Last week ) 9. He was in ____ bad condition at the sports meeting and was only placed _____ eighth in the 100-meter race. A. a; the B. /; / C. the; the D. /; the ) 10. ---- It ____ me that you might like some coffee, so I’ve brought some. ---- Thank you. A. supported B. considered C. struck D. connected ) 11. Those flowers were _____ your mother on her sixtieth birthday. But as she’s away, I would be glad if you accept them. A. intended for B. devoted to C. connected with D. introduced to ) 12. ---- Why did you go back to the shop? ---- I left my friend ____ there. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. waits ) 13. Would you _____ a cup of tea? A. care about B. care of C. take care of D. care for ) 14. He devoted his life _____ the environment. A. to improve B. to be improving C. to improving D. in improving ) 15. He is considering ______ abroad. A. going B. to go C. in going D. on going

( ( ( (


Unit 1 Women of achievement 21. At home, he keeps some pets,to which he ______ all his spare time. A. spends B. offers C. devotes D. provides

22. She’s tired of acting, and she _______ changing for a new job, but she hasn’t made up her mind yet. A. had considered B. has been considering C. considered D. is going to consider

23. Michael is ______ because he never takes any exercise. A. under conditions B. on no condition C. in condition D. out of condition

24. The flowers ______ my mother, but my sister thought they were for her and took them. A. were intended for B. intended for C. intended to give D. intended giving

25. She won a Nobel Prize for her scientific ______. A. interests B. achievements C. behavior D. observation

26. What he said at the meeting means _______ those who had cut down the forests. A. to argue against B. to argue for C. arguing for D. arguing against

27. Though we spent a lot, we think it _____ because we succeeded in the end. A. worth B. worth being spent C. worthy of D. worthwhile

28. Don’t ______ a person only because he has failed in an examination. A. look up B. look down C. look down on D. look up to

29. You’ve done much of the work, and please leave ______ to us. A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others

30. I really ______ whether we win or lose. A. care about B. care for C. care D. care to

31. On the bus, all the people except the driver ______ to talk and laugh during the journey. A. encouraged B. were encouraging C. were encouraged D. was encouraged

32. Don’t spoil the children. Can’t you make your little boy ______ himself? A. behave B. believe C. perform D. conduct

33. Only ______ a human being. A. when is it hungry a lion will attack C. when it is hungry will a lion attack B. when it is hungry a lion will attack D. when is it hungry will a lion attack

34. A good idea just ______ me — Let’s go swimming. A. beat B. happenedC. hit D. struck

35. It ______ at the crossroads ______ he was killed in the accident the other day. A. is; that B. was; that C. is; where D. was; where

Unit 1 Women of achievement 一、单项选择 21. -What does your brother look like? -__________. A. He likes watching TV. B. He is disappointed. C. He is warm-hearted. D. He is tall and thin, with brown hair. 22. The Smiths moved back to the country in _____ 1990s and have been leading ______ happy life ever since. A. the; a B. the; 不填 C. 不填;a D. 不填;不填 23. It was really ________ of your brother not to play the guitar while you were preparing your lessons. A. modest B. outspoken C. considerate D. determined 24. The organization, ________ goal is mainly to improve women’s position in the workplace, was founded in 1996. A. whose B. of which C. what D. of what 25. -A naught boy kept talking in class. -Are you _________ Mike? It’s just like him to be so rude! A. coming across B. looking down to C. looking forward to D. referring to 26. At that time, education __________ for white settlers only and few black people had the chance to go to school. A. intended B. was intending C. had intended D. was intended 27. Judging from the __________ look of the students, the professor must be giving a really _________ speech. A. inspiring; inspired B. inspired; inspiring C. inspiring; inspiring D. inspired; inspired 28. My cousin Jim didn’t ________ himself at the party and thus left a very bad impression on the guests. A. behave B. observe C. support D. respect 29. Please leave us your name and address and we’ll have all the goods ________ to your door. A. deliver B. delivering C. delivered D. to deliver 30. -Don’t forget to check behind the car before you move off. -OK,I _________. A. don’t B. won’t C. will D. do 31. Don’t wake Doctor Thompson up unless it is a real ________; he is too tired and needs a good rest. A. campaign B. emergency C. argument D. connection 32. Hurry up, boys. Only at this rate _______ able to afford a holiday. A. we may be B. may we be C. we can be D. can we be 33. It was the hard work and determination of the generation _________ had changed the opinion of people towards Chinese. A. why B. when C. that D. which 34. -If ________ I’m not in when Mary calls, can you take a message? -Of course. A. in return B. on purpose C. by chance D. in time 35. Scientists across the world ________ for many years about whether the planet contains large amounts of water. A. argue B. are arguing C. had argued D. have been arguing 二、完形填空 A daughter complained to her father about how hard her life was. She was 36 and wanted to give up. Her father filled three pots with 37 and placed them on the fire. The daughter looked at him in a strange way, 38 what he was trying to do. He then put carrots, eggs and coffee beans in each pot respectively without saying a word. Half an hour later, he 39 the fire. He pulled the carrots and eggs 40 and placed them in two bowls. Then he poured the coffee in another bowl. He asked his daughter to feel the 41 . She did and 42 that they were soft. He then asked her to take an egg and 43 it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg. Finally, he asked her to 44 the coffee. She frowned at the strength of the coffee. 45 , she asked, ―What does it mean, Father?‖ He explained, ―Each of them 46 the same 100 degrees of boiling water. 47 , each reacted differently.‖ ―After going through the boiling water, the carrots became 48 . An egg is easy to 49 . But now its inside has

become hardened. The coffee beans were 50 . After they were in the boiling water, they became stronger and richer. Which are you? 51 adversity knocks on your door, you should act like the coffee bean. The bean does not get its wonderful 52 until it reaches 100 degrees. When the water gets the 53 , it just tastes better. When things are at their worst and 54 are at their greatest, you should make more effort. Then you will win success. 55 , you will become soft with no strength like carrots or hardened like eggs with a stiff heart. 36. A. excited 37. A. water 38. A. realizing 39. A. turned off 40. A. up 41. A. eggs 42. A. noted 43. A. fry 44. A. make 45. A. Pleased 46. A. faced 47. A. Thus 48. A. soft 49. A. understand 50. A. unique 51. A. Before 52. A. flavor 53. A. lowest 54. A. rules 55. A. On the contrary B. satisfied B. milk B. believing B. put down B. away B. carrots B. answered B. clean B. taste B. Frightened B. feared B. Besides B. fresh B. find B. strange B. Though B. color B. deepest B. trails B. In other words C. tired C. coffee C. wondering C. looked at C. out C. beans C. proved C. break C. pour C. Puzzled C. caused C. Anyhow C. green C. move C. common C. Because C. time C. purest C. values C. As a result D. shocked D. food D. admitting D. set about D. in D. bowls D. doubted D. cook D. offer D. Disappointed D. knew D. However D. big D. damage D. lucky D. When D. role D. hottest D. views D. In a word

BOOK4-U1 参考答案: 21-25 DACAD 26-30 DBACB 31-35 BDCCD 36-40 CACAC 41-45 BACBC 46-50 ADADA 51-55 DADBA 56-59 CABA 60-63 ABCA 64-67 DACB 67. age 68. But 69. failed 70. it 71. disappointed 72. encourage 73. need 74. important 75. up 76. to


高一英语(必修 4 Unit2) 检测试题 III.语言知识应用 (15 分) 11. He was down with the flue, and _____couldn’t come to the meeting. A. however B. otherwise C. therefore D. besides 12. The baby fell _____a rock in his walk but he managed to _____to his feet. A. over ; struggle B. off ; run C. over ; stand D. off ; bring 13. Your training will _____you _____your future job. A. equip ; for B. be equipped ; for C. equip ; with C. be equipped ; with 14. ______with the problem, the _____student requested his teacher to explain it again. A. Confused; confusing B. confusing; confused C. Confused; confused D. Confusing; confusing 15. He hung up the phone, ______with a smile on his face A. having satisfied B. to be satisfied C. satisfying D. satisfied 16. I’d rather you _______that now, than afterwards. A. know B. to know C. knowing D. knew 17. The light moved across the sky and _____the plane. A. focused on B. was focused on C. focused itself on D. focused to 18. It was ______your timely help that we accomplished the task on time. A. because B. for C. thanks to D. in case of 19. Eating too much sugar can _____health problems. So we must have a balanced diet. A. lead to B. result from C. refer to D. devote to 20. With the help of his friends, he has _____a good business over the years. A. built up B. made up C. grown up D. picked up 21. To enjoy the scenery, Irene would rather spend long hours on the train _____travel by air. A. as B. to C. than D. while 22. Next week, I’ll travel to Britain, where can I ______my dollars for pounds? A. exclaim B. excite C. exchange D. exclude 23. The police ______a criminal to see what he had in his pockets. A. searched B. searched for C. searched out D. searched of 24. If you’ve finished, we can have a coffee.________, you’d better keep working. A. If so B. Only if C. If only D .If not 25. He is always the first ______to the classroom and the last ______. A. to come; leaving B. coming; to leave C. to come; to leave D. coming; leaving IV.完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分;满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项 One day when some people were rebuilding a barn,they found a mouse hole in a corner. So they used smoke __26_ the mice to come out. A while later they indeed saw mice running out. Then,everyone thought that all the mice had escaped. But as they were just about to start to __27__,they saw two mice _28__ at the exit of the hole. The strange thing was that they did not run away __29_.Instead,one chased after the other near the exit of the hole. Everyone was __30_,so they stepped closer to take a look. They __31__ that one of the mice was __32 and could not see anything,and the other one was trying to allow him to bite on his tail so they could escape _33_. After _34 what had happened,everyone was speechless and _35_.A smart Israeli said, “I think the relationship between those two mice is husband and wife.”The others thought for a while,and all felt it _36__,so they expressed their agreement. Therefore,the expression on the Israeli's face showed __37__. A Chinese,who was accustomed to the firm tradition of loyalty to _38__,said: “I think the relationship between those two mice is that of mother and son.”__39__ the others thought for a while,and felt this was more

reasonable. At that moment,one __40 Samaritan who was squatting(蹲)on the ground resting his chin in his palms, looked at other people,and asked, “Why do those two mice have to have a __41_ relationship?” Suddenly,the atmosphere _42_.Shocked,the group looked back at the Samaritan and remained __43All the people who had spoken earlier all __44_ their heads in shame,and did not dare to respond. In fact,the true love is not __45 benefit,friendship and loyalty or blood relationship. Instead,it is based on no relationship. 26.A. to invite force trap free 27.A. clean up B.come up C.make up D.break up 28.A. holding out B.escaping C.coming out D.squeezing 29.A. approximately B.certainly C.immediately D.eventually 30.A. puzzled B.moved C.embarrassed D.ashamed 31.A .recognized B.knew C.heard D.realized 32.A .deaf B.blind C.dumb D.lame 33.A. separately B.together C.deliberately D.accidentally 34.A. experiencing B.promoting C.witnessing D.undergoing 35.A .lost face B.lost in thought C.lost heart D.lost reason 36.A. made nothing B.made up C.made progress D.made sense 37.A. self?esteem B.self?confidence C.self?consciousness D.self?satisfaction 38.A. teachers B.parents C.leaders D.relatives 39.A. Once again B.Again and again C.Once D.Over and over 40.A .strong?minded B.pure?minded C.absent?minded D.simple?minded 41.A. certain B.sure C.accessible D.characteristic 42.A. accumulated B.boiled C.froze D.refreshed 43.A. speechless B.harmless C.hopeless D.stainless 44.A. surrounded B.put away C.put up D.lowered 45.A. centered on B.concentrated on C.established on D.faced of 第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分 40 分) A A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time. Hobbyists raise pets, build model ships, weave baskets, watch birds, hunt animals, climb mountains, raise flowers, fish, ski, skate and swim. Hobbyists also paint pictures,attend concerts and plays,and perform on musical instruments. They collect everything from books to butterflies and from shells to stamps. People take up hobbies because these activities offer enjoyment,friendship,knowledge,and relaxation. Sometimes they even give financial profits. Hobbies help people relax after periods of hard work,and provide a balance between work and play. Hobbies also offer interesting activities for persons who have retired. Anyone,rich or poor,old or young,sick or well,can follow a satisfying hobby,regardless of his age,position,or income. Hobbies can help a person's mental and physical health. Doctors have found that hobbies are valuable in helping patients recover physical or mental illness. Hobbies give bedridden or wheel?chair patients something to do, and provide interests that keep them from thinking about themselves. Many hospitals treat patients by having them take up interesting hobbies or pastimes(娱乐). In early times, most people were too busy making a living to have many hobbies. But some persons who had spare time did enjoy hobbies. The ancient Egyptians played games with balls made of wood,pottery(陶器). People today have more time than ever before for hobbies. Machines have reduced the amount of time they must spend on their jobs. Hobbies provide variety for workers who do the same unchanging tasks all day long. More people are retiring than ever before,and at an earlier age. Those who have developed hobbies never need to worry about what to do with their newly found spare time hours.

Sir William Osier, a famous Canadian doctor expressed the value of hobbies by saying, “No man is really happy or safe without a hobby” . 46.Which of the following is RIGHT? A.Hobby is one's regular activity in his office. B.Hobby is one's regular activity in his spare time. C.Hobby is a kind of activity only for old people. D.Hobby is a kind of activity only for young people. 47.It seems that people who ________ may spend more time enjoying their hobbies. A.have little money B.have much money C.have retired from their work D.have left school 48.The phrase“recover from”in the third paragraph means “________” . A.get back B.become healthy again C.become calm with a new cover 49.In early times,most people spent less time on their hobbies,because ________. A.they were brave and hard?working B.the living conditions were poor C.they were engaged in making a living D.B and C 50.What's the writer's opinion about hobbies? A.People all over the world have the same hobby. B.Machines also have their hobbies. C.Hobbies are popular among people in Egypt. D.People should have hobbies in their spare time. B As a boy, Sanders was much influenced(影响) by books about the sea, but by the age of fifteen he had decided to become a doctor rather than a sailor. His father was a doctor. So he was often with the doctors and got along very well with them. When he was fourteen, he was already hanging around the hospital where he was supposed to be helping to clean the medicine bottles, but was actually trying to listen to the doctors’ conversations with patients in the next room. During the war Sanders served in the army as a surgeon(外科医生). “That was the happiest time of my life. I was dealing with real sufferers and on the whole making a success of my job.‖ In Rhodes he taught the country people simple facts about medicine. He saw himself as a life-saver. He had proved his skill to himself and had a firm belief that he could serve those who lived simply, and were dependent upon him. Thus, while in a position to tell them what to do he could feel he was serving them. After the war, he married and set up a practice deep in the English countryside, working under an old doctor who hated the sight of blood. This gave the younger man plenty of opportunity(机会) to go on working as a life-saver. 51. When he was a small boy, books about the sea had made Sanders want to be ___. A. a surgeon B. an army man C. a sailor D. a life-saver 522. At the age of 14, Sanders ___. A. worked as a doctor by cleaning the medicine bottles B. met some doctors who were very friendly to him C. was interested in talking with patients D. remained together with the doctors 53. His experience in the Army proved that ___. A. he was good at medical operations on the wounded B. he succeeded in teaching people how to save their lives themselves C. a doctor was the happiest man D. his wish of being a life-saver could hardly come true 54. Having proved his skill to himself, Sanders ___. A. wanted to live a simple life like a countryman B. came to realize that he was really working for his countrymen C. taught himself life-saving D. was highly respected by the old doctor 55. When the war was over, he ___. A. learned from an old doctor because he was popular B. started to hate the sight of blood while working C. served the countrymen under an old doctor who needed someone to help him D. had few chances to be a “life-saver” because he was younger


C In 1933 an unknown American called Clarence Nash went to see the film-maker Walter Disney. He had an unusual voice and he wanted to work in Disney’s cartoon film for children. When Walter Disney heard Nash’s voice, he said, “Stop! That’s our duck!” The duck was the now-famous Donald Duck, who first appeared in 1934 in the film, The Wise Little Hen. Donald lived in an old houseboat and worn his sailor jacket and hat. Later that year he became a star after an eight minute Mickey Mouse film. The cinema audiences liked him because he was lazy and greedy, and because he lost his temper very easily. And they loved his voice when he became angry with Mickey’s eight nephews. Soon Donald was more popular than Mickey Mouse himself, probably because he wasn’t a goody-goody, like Mickey. In the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, Donald and his friends Mickey, Goofy and Pluto made hundreds of Disney cartoons. He also made educational film about the place of the USA in the world, and safety in the home. Then in 1966 Donald Duck and his voice disappeared—there were no more new cartoons. Clarence Nash died in February, 1985. But today’s children can still see the old cartoons on the television and hear that famous voice. 56. Who made Donald Duck cartoons? A. Mickey Mouse. B. Clarence Nash. C. Walter Disney. D. Pluto. 57. When did the first Donald Duck film appear? A. In 1933 B. In 1934 C. In 1966 D. In 1965 58. Who was Clarence Nash? A. A cartoonist. B. A writer. C. A film maker. D. The man who made the voice for Donald Duck. 59. Where do today’s children see Donald Duck cartoons? A. In new cartoons. B. At the cinema. C. On television. D. In the theatre. 60. Why did people like Donald better than Mickey Mouse? A. Probably because he was lazy and greedy. B. Probably because he wasn’t a goody—goody like Mickey. C. Probably because he lost his temper very easily. D. Probably because he became angry with Mickey’s eight nephews. 第 II 卷 (非选择题,满分 55 分) I. 单词拼写 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 1. Our country has become self-sufficient in ______ (粮食). 2. The road signs _________(使糊涂) the driver. 3. The only way to do that is to ______ (减少) expenses. 4. The school _________(提供) books for children. 5. We took the opportunity to _______(交流) experience with them. 6.He has a (晒黑的) face and bright eyes. 7. The _______ (斗争) for independence was long and hard. 8. The factory must increase its ________(产量). 9. They ________(用掉) all their strength in trying to climb out. 10. Our army is well ___(装备). 参考答案 语言知识应用 11-15 CAACD 16-20 DACAA 20-25 CCADC 完形填空 26-30 BADCA 31-35 DBBCB 36-40 DDBAB 41-45 ACADB 阅读理解 46-50 BCBCD 51-55 CDBBC 56-60 CBDAB 单词拼写 1. grain 2. confused 3. increase 4. supplies 5. exchange 6. sunburnt 7. struggle 8. output 9. expanded 10. equipped


高一英语必修 4 第二单元测试卷 一、单项选择: (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1. --- Shall I open the window to let some fresh air in? --- No, . A. I’d rather not B. I’d rather you not C. I’d rather you didn’t D. I’d like not to 2. Vitamin B and C help to your resistance. A. set up B. give up C. build up D.stand up 3. He got completely when he saw both Lucy and Lily, who are twin sisters. A. confusing B. confused C. confuse D. confuses 4. The professor referred to yesterday. A. come B. came C. coming D. comes 5. He insisted that he from heart trouble, but I didn’t think so. A. should suffer B. has suffered C. suffers D. was suffering 6. It is generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever 7 --- What happened to your shoes? --- They want . A. to mend B. being mended C. mending D. mended 8.---What do you think made Mary to upset? --her new bicycle. A. Losting B. Lost C. As she lost D. Because of 9. The officers narrowly escaped in the hot battle. A. have killed B. to kill C. to be killed D. being killed 10. The students are listening to the teacher with their eyes the blackboard. A. fixing on B. fixing to C. fixed on D. fixed to 11. Did you find impossible for him to tell the truth? A. this B. it C. that D. what 12.You but he the prizes to these gifted students at the meeting. A. is hanging out B. are handing out C. are to hand out D. is to hand out 13. I will appreciate if you paid in cash. A. that B. you C. this 14. If I ruled the world, I would _______ the world ______ everything that is bad. A. get rid of; by B. be rid of; by C. rid; of D. get rid; of 15. As is known to all, oranges are _______ Vitamin C. A. rich in B. poor with C. short of D. good for 16. We found several ______of rice near the hole. The mice may have stored a lot of _______in the hole. A. grain; grain B. grains; grains C. grain; grains D. grains; grain 17. Only then how much damage had been caused A. did she realize B. she realized C. had she realized D. she had realized 18. ---It’s five years since I worked here. --? A.Where do you work now B. Have you worked here happily C. How long will you work here D. Do you want to here longer 19. Three days enough to finish the work. Let my do it. A. are B. was C. is D. were 20. Progress so far has been very good. , we are sure that the project will be completed on time. A. However B. Otherwise C. Therefore D. Besides


四、单词拼写。根据下列句子及所缺单词的首字母或汉语意思,写出单词的正确形式。 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 61. The new from the front is very (令人不安的). 62. There were several new forms of ________ (细菌) and nobody knew how they would affect humans. 63. Air e when heated. 64. If you blood (循环)badly, your hands and feet will get cold easily. 65. This food provides the ________(营养) your dog needs. 66. The average ________(产量) of the factory is 20 cars a day. 67. We e______ rice but import wheat. 68. I bought the shirt because its price was r______ by 40%. 69. Give me a s______ of your report—I have no time to read right through it. 70. The soldiers were e with the lastest weapons. 一、单项选择: (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1-5 B C B B D 6-10 B C A D C 11-15 B C DCA 16-20DAACC output export reduced summary

四、单词拼写。 (共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) disturbing bacterium expands circulates nutrition equipped


Book 4 Unit Two Ⅰ. 单词拼写: 1. I am a bit c____ . Is that her husband or her son she is with? 2. P___________ of computers has increased double in the last few months. 3. Sydney's population (扩大) rapidly in the 1960s. 4. He has a (晒黑的) face and bright eyes.

5. The ________ (斗争) for independence was long and hard. 6. Richard is American and John is British---- they have different n____________. 7. Our army is well _________ (装备). 8. The only way to do that is to ___________ (减少) expenses. 9. Please __________ (查阅) to your dictionaries if you meet new words 10. A c___________ change takes place in any substance (物质) when it burns. II 单项选择: ( ) 1. Cleaning women in big cities usually get _________ by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay ( ) 2. ___________ your help, I got the first in the final-term English examination. A. Thanks to B. Without C. If not D. But for ( ) 3. —Some more wine? —Thank you. ______. I have to drive home. A. With pleasure B. I’d rather not C. That would be nice D. Just what I needed ( ) 4. The experts advise _______ our army _______ modern weapons. A. to equip; with B. equipping; with C. to equip; for D. equipping; for ( ) 5. Our school covers an area of 400 mu, which is _______ as yours. A. twice as big B. twice bigger C. twice the size D. twice the big ( ) 6. The war made _______ impossible for the scientist to go on with his research. A. him B. it C. this D. that ( ) 7. We’ll do ________ the Party calls upon us to do. A. no matter what B. whatever C. however D. whenever ( ) 8. As is known to all, oranges are _______ Vitamin C. A. rich in B. poor with C. short of D. good for ( ) 9. Do you know that _______ with wise men improves your mind? A. chat B. chats C. chatted D. chatting ( ) 10. When I said that some people are stupid I was not _______ you. A. talking to B. referring to C. turning to D. listening to ( ) 11.– You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. -- Well, now I regret ________ that A. to do B. to be doning C. to have done D. having done ( ) 12. ---What makes him so happy? ---_________ a prize in the computer contest. A. Because of winning B. For he won C. Winning D. He won ( ) 13. Do you remember ______ a ruler from Betty? Don’t forget ______ it to her tomorrow. A. borrowing; to return B. borrowing; returning C. to borrow; to return D. to borrow; returning ( ) 14. The farm as well as its neighbouring hills we once spent so much time on _______ a new look this year. A. have taken on B. has taken on C. having taken on D. taking on ( ) 15. Nick is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does ______ his boss. A. serves B. satisfies C. promises D. supports

高中英语必修四《Unit 1-2》英语检测试卷 Ⅰ单项选择 1. ______ the traffic jam, he didn’t catch his plane, which was reported to have crashed soon after it took off. A. Because of 2. B. On account of C. Due to D. Thanks to

You have to learn how to be a ______ first, and then to be a student. A. human being B. people C. person D. man


A ______ has been launched by the neatens on the Net to get rid of unhealthy information which does harm to young students. A. struggle B. campaign C. fight D. battle


Measures have to be taken to teach young people how to ______ themselves both in family and in school. They don’t know the basic manners. A. do B. perform C. behave D. work


Before my father moved off, he told me again and again that I should ______ the rules and regulations of the school. A. make B. watch C. remain D. observe


It is required by the authorities of school that students should be treated ______ by their teachers but how can a teacher respect them when the students show no respect for him? A. in respect B. with respect C. for respect D. by respect


Stop _______me and do what you have been told. A. to argue with B. arguing with C. arguing D. to argue


After meeting the beautiful young girl, the young man lay on his bed, wide awake, with wonderful ideas ______ into his mind. A. crossing B. entering C. crowding D. reaching


There is no need for you to look up every new word you ______ when reading. You have to learn how to guess the meanings of new word according to the context. A. come up with B. come out C. come along with D. come across

10. As a laid-off worker, it is hard for her father to ______ the family, let alone send his children to key schools. A. bring up B. raise C. support D. supply

11. I always look _____ those who never look _____ others, even though they have achieved great achievements. A. down on; up to B. down upon; up to C. forward to; down on D. up to; down on

12. Most young people don’t want _____ the kind of life that their parents ______. A. to lead; used to live to live 13. Do you still remember the key points that _______ in his report? I don’t remember them all. A. referred to B. were referred C. he was referred to D. were referred to

B. living; used to live C. to live; used to living D. leading; used

14.--- How did you manage to get such a nice old painting? ---Quite _______. A. by accidents B. by a chance C. by accident D. by incident

15. With the improvement of people’s living conditions, most mothers _______ in hospitals. A. have delivered their babies C. have their babies born B. have born their babies D. have their babies delivered

16. The book, which _______ children, became popular with adults. A. was planned for B. was meant by C. was intended for D. was designed by

17. Whatever happens, they are determined to ______ the struggle to the end. A. carry on B. go on C. continue on D. insist on

18. You should ________ these bad habits. A. get yourself rid of B. rid yourself of C. get rid of yourself with D. rid of yourself with

19. I would rather you _______me the truth; then what has happened would not have happened. A. to tell B. tell C. told D. had told

20. Operation rooms should be kept free ______ bacteria of any kind. A. with B. for C. from D. to

21. I regret _____ you that my sister regretted _____ you her date. You are not the kind of person she wants. A. telling; making C. to tell; to make C. telling; to make D. to tell; making

22. ---Would you like to ____ on the performances of my students? ---Sorry, but I am not in the position to do so. A. have comment on B. make a comment on C. say some comment about D. raise a comment on 23. There is no point arguing about what _____ the accident. The point is what to do with the victims of it. A. led to B. caused to C. accounted to D. resulted from

24. When reading, you should ______ your attention on the main idea and the structure of the passage, not on specific words or sentences. A. pay B. focus C. put D. expand

25. Because of the financial crisis, the total amount of export has ______ 40% in the first quarter of the year. A. cut down by B. reduced to C. been cut down; to D. reduced by




必修四第一单元基础练习 二.根据各题括号中所给的汉语意思,用正确的单词或短语填空。 (每空 1 分,共 30 分) 。 1. We ___(争论) about the matter...


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