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英语作文Two aspects of lies(以说谎为话题)

Two aspects of lies It’s generally believed that telling lie is regarded as an immoral conduct by people all the time. Because some people attempt to get benefits from the dishonest behaviour

or try to conceal their shortcomings. On the other hand, honesty is wildly considered as the best example that a great number of parents manage to prove the importance of honesty to their children in their future. In my humble opinion, telling lie is like a coin having two different meanings. To start with, not only is a liar never trusted but also he/she is never respected by others. I have learnt a text named “ Cry Wolf” in my primary school. Because of the boy’ telling s lie again and again, he finally deserved punishing, even though he spoke the truth, were not believed by farmers any more. In addition, most people know the famous story “ Washington and Cherry”. It’s because Washington is an honest people that he is respected by people all over the world. However , as far as I ’ m concerned, in some extreme circumstances, telling lie, in spite of its negative effects, sometimes is essential and unavoidable in our daily life. For instance, a little girl couldn’t have accepted the fact that her father died in an unexpected accident. As a mother,

especially as a creative mother in that situation should tell a kind lie rather than the cruel fact . “ Honey, your dad goes to the heaven which is full of hapiness and where your dad blesses you all the time.” Therefore, a lie with original goodwill isn’t “a bad lie or people can’t tolerate it” as long as it isn’t related with immoral conduct. To some extent, the kind lies are necessary and the skills of telling lie can be regarded as a capacity of creation and imagination. From above these factors, we can draw the conclusion that whether telling lie does harm to others or oneself depends on its original intention and the ultimate result it will bring to us. So I feel that we should have different attitude towards lies in different circumstances and situations.


英语作文Two aspects of lies(以说谎为话题)

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