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高中英语 Unit4 Grammar课件 新人教版必修1

The Attributive Clause

Can you remember the things that happened around us?

We can see the city___ Which\that lay in ruins. 先性词

Many soldiers are

rescuing the people ___ are buried under who the ruins. 先性词

The city host(举办) 2oo8 Olympic Games


which\that hosted the 2008 The city _________________________________ Olympic Games ___________________ is Beijing.

Yangwei and Guo jingjing Whom\whomost ______ people like are famous athletes.

Which\that H1N1 ____________ spread around the world is a terrible disease. why That is the reason ____ people are afraid of it. 先性词

We must know H1N1 whose 先性词 ___ Symptoms (症状)are fever, cough and so on.

We must know that there are many things that ___we can do to protect ourselves.


people are standing beside the river ____ the accident happened. where
in which(=in the river)

on which(=on the day)

when We will not forget the day____ the three students devoted their life to saving two children.



修饰主语、宾语、表语的句子就叫做 定语从句。 引导定语从句的关联词有: 关系代词:who, whom whose, which, that 关系副词:when, where, why 介词+which\whom

如何选择关系代词? who ,whom, whose, which, that

口诀: 前看先行词, 辩清人或物 后看从句里, 有无主宾语

关系代词的用法 关系代词在从句中可以:
指人 指物 subject (主语) that which who whom whose


object attribute (宾语) (定语)

√ √

√ √ √

√ √ √ √

如何选择关系副词? when, where, why

The relative adverb Referring Function in (关系副词) to the clause
when(=at / in/ on which) where (=in/ at which) why(= for which) 修饰时间 修饰地点

time place reason


1.Yesterday I met doctor Wang Who/thattold me the _____ good news of his son's passing the examination. Who / that / whom 2.The two pupils_______________you taught three yeas ago have become teachers.

when 3.He began to work in Beijing in the year_________
New China was founded.

why 4.I don't know the reason______ she did n't agree to our plan.
Who/that 5.This is a soldier________ died in the war of


Some information about Xiao Shenyang
What qualities does he have? When was he born? Where does he come from?

When did he become famous?
Who is his master?

Why do you like him?

I like Xiao Shenyang_____________. You know he is very famous in china. Liaoning is _____________. I still remember 2009 New Year’s Eve_____________. His performance is so excellent. And we can’t forget that Xiao Shenyang_____________ is good at singing. He has many fans now. The reason _____________is that _____________.

Homework: collect more information and write an article to introduce Xiao Shenyang to your friends.


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