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人教课标版 高二 选修7 Unit 2

Warming up & Reading

What can a robot do?

It can do many different things.

robot waiter

robot worker

play music



pour tea

sweep the floor cook dinner

play football

explore dangerous places

play with us

serve us

rescue work take care of human


And so on… Play with human

Do you know any science fiction, literature, films, video games, TV shows and cartoons that include robots as characters? The passage in reading part is a short story about a robot. It was originally written by the science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov.

Isaac Asimov ( 1920-1992) 当代美国最著名的科普 作家、科幻小说家、世 界顶尖级科幻小说作家, 他也是位文学评论家, 美国科幻小说黄金时代 的代表人物之一。他一 生高产,著述颇丰,一 生著述近500本,其中 有100多部科幻小说, 早已远远超过了“著作 等身”的地步。



Who are they?

worked for a company that Larry Belmont makes robots
Claire Tony

Larry’s wife, a housewife a household robot to be tested out

Gladys Claffern a woman that Claire envies

Scanning 1, What did Tony look like?(para.2) 2, Why did Claire feel alarmed when she saw Tony? 3,Why did Claire feel embarrassed? (Para.3) 4, What did Claire think of herself and her house? (Para.4)

1,Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks.

● tall and handsome Charact ● his 1. ________________ facial expression never eristics changed of Tony ● 2. ________ smooth hair voice ● a deep 3. ________ ● soft and warm 4. ________ skin


Things ● gave Claire a new 5. ________ haircut Tony and changed her makeup did ● wrote out a(n) 6. ____ list of items for Claire to buy ● spoke to the clerk in a(n) 7. ______________ jewellery shop to make him change his 8. ________ attitude

Things ● 9. _______ advised Claire to invite her Tony friends to the house did ● worked steadily on the improvements of the house ● succeeded in catching Claire when she fell off a ladder ● opened the curtains, 10. ________ hugged Claire and expressed his feelings to her

1. Read the story, then fill in the occasions when Claire had these feelings.
Occasion 1 Before he arrived 2 When he arrived 3 When he offered to help her dress Claire… disliked him was alarmed felt embarrassed

4 When he offered to help her improve her house and herself 5 When he helped her with the salesman 6 When she fell off a ladder and caught by Tony

admired and trust him called him a dear felt his warmth

7 When she heard Gladys whispering to another woman that she had never seen anyone so handsome as Tony 8 She remembered Tony was just a machine

felt being envied

cried all night

3 Read the story again and answer the following questions in groups. 1. Why did Tony open the curtains? He wanted Claire’s guests to see him and Claire together so that she would be envied by the women guests.

2. Why did Tony have to be rebuilt? Tony had to be rebuilt because the company felt that they could not have women falling in love with a robot. 3. How would you feel if you had a robot

like Tony in your house?
Students give their own answers.

? 自主能力测评P22

2 Finish the following chart.
Claire’s attitude to the robot How Claire felt when first seeing the robot She was unwilling to accept it, because she was afraid harmed of being ________.
alarmed She felt ________.

? prepare meals What Tony did ? do some reading ? make up Claire improve the house ? __________ Why Tony To make Gladys and other envy Claire. hugged Claire women _____ before the party clever The result of Though it was __________, the test Tony would have to be rebuilt.

4 List Tony’s characteristics that were similar to those of a human being and different from those of a human being. Characteristics Similar Tall, handsome, black hair, deep voice Different Facial expressions never changed


Mental Clever enough to Cannot solve all kinds of think for
problems itself

5 Read the story and decide whether the following statements are true or false. 1. Larry was going to be away from home so he hired a robot to accompany his wife. F 2. Claire didn’t like the idea at the beginning, but she agreed to it at last. T 3. Tony could understand Claire when she said she was not clever. T

4. It was Claire that first decided to invite Gladys and her friends to her house. F 5. Claire’s guests were filled with admiration when they saw her house was completely changed. T 6. The company was satisfied with Tony’s report because he had successfully made a woman fall in love with him. F

Find how Claire’s emotion developed.

At first refused to have Tony at her
house →accept him → trust him → proud of him → love him → sad to remember he was just a machine

Remember the characteristics of science fiction. Surf the internet to learn more about robots and science fiction. Surf the internet to learn about Isaac Asimov.



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