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I'll have to have my watch replaced

Unit 4 I'll have to have my watch replaced.



alarm badly

n. adv. v.

闹钟 很;非常 损坏

detailed disappoint guarantee inconvenience incorrectly

v. n. n. adv.

失望 担保 (书);保证 不便 不妥当地

mark quality receipt refund

n. n.

传单 (人或东西留下的) 明显痕迹

n. n. v. n. n.

收据 退还 (钱款等) 替换 淋浴 手腕



? 形容词bad ? -ly副词后缀 ? slow缓慢的 ? slowly


? 名词detail ? 细节 ? -ed形容词后缀 ? interest兴趣 ? interested ? 感有趣的

? be disappointed at 对...失望 ? ? 我对你的态度很失望。

? I am disappointed at your attitude.

under guarantee

? in? 否定前缀,“不”的意思 ? convenience便利,方便 ? correct正确的 ? incorrect不正确的

? re? 表示"回" ? fund基金

? re? "重新" ? start ? restart ? 重新开始

? 洗澡 ? take a shower

Listen and underline.
Tim is leaving home. Tim: I’ve got to go now. I’ll have to go to the shop before work. Mom: What’s the matter? Tim: I’ll have to have my watch replaced because there is something wrong with the alarm. Tim is talking to the staff.

Staff: Good morning! How can I help you, sir?
Tim: I bought this watch in your shop but it doesn’t work very well. Staff: What is the problem? Tim: The alarm doesn’t work and when I took off the watch yesterday, I found it left a green mark on my wrist.

Listen and underline.
Staff: Did you wear the watch in the shower, sir? Tim: No. I took it off before taking the shower. Staff: When did you buy this watch?

Tim: I bought it one week ago and it’s still under guarantee.
I’m very disappointed at its quality. Staff: I’m so sorry for the inconvenience we have caused you. Would you like a refund? Tim: No, I’d rather have the watch replaced please. Staff: No problem, sir. Would you please show me your receipt so that I can take down some details? We’ll get this watch exchanged for you in no time. Tim: Thank you.

I'll have to have my watch replaced.
have sth done 使...被... ? * 这件事不是主语做的 ? I had my hair cut. ? 我使我的头发被剪了。 ? 我(请别人)剪发了。

? I have my homework finished. ? 我(让别人)完成了我的作业。



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