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201209 学期《航空英语 1》复习纲要一
一、单项选择题 1. Those planes are for charter. A. available B. useful C. handful D. helpful 2. You must pay fare, because there is no discounts for this flight. A. complete B. all C. enough D. full 3. Is there any flight that leaves on Sunday? A. toward B. unchanged C. direct D. straight 4. The observation group traveled from South Africa to Oxford eight other African countries. A. with B. via C. by D. through 5. The baggage allowance for is kg. A. a minor traveling unaccompanied …20 B. an infant traveling with his parents…10 C. an adult flying C class…40 D. an adult traveling economy with discount fare… 20 6. All applicable flight restrictions conditions must be coded in the ticket box. A. endorsement B. fare C. name D. address 7. Could you please me through San Francisco though I can’t set off tomorrow? A. route B. reroute C .arrange D. send 8. The ticket indicates Air China as your carrier form San Francisco to Shanghai. A. pointed B. recognized C. designated D. thought 二、完形填空题 Andy was still traveling in Spain when he realized he had to confirm(确认) his flight home with the airline company(航空公司). He was visiting Spain in order to __1 __ his Spanish. When he was speaking to people __2__ he had no __3__ understanding what they said. __4__, when he was speaking on the phone, he __5 __ had a problem. Andy __6__ the airline. And the clerk confirmed that his plane was leaving at nine o'clock three days from that day. She __7__ told Andy to be at the airport two hours __8__ in order to cheek in his luggage and get a seat. Since he was __9__ in three days, Andy didn't __10__ any time. He visited as many places as he could. He thought that it would probably be a while before he had enough money again. He wished he could __11__ and spend a year in Spain. Too __12__, the final day arrived. Andy left early for the airport to arrive two hours before take-off. He hated to __13__. He went to the clerk to __14__ his ticket. The clerk looked at the
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ticket with __15__. "Why, sir, but your flight was at nine o'clock in the morning, and __16__ it is eight in the evening." "But I confirmed my flight," __17__ Andy. "Will I have to pay for another ticket?" "No, sir. However, the next flight out will be three days from now." Andy's __18__ of shock turned to one of __19__ as he realized that now he could continue his __20__. 1. A. prepare B. improve C. enjoy D. learn 2. A. slowly B. in public C. in person D. carefully 3. A. difficulty B. idea C. mistake D. interest 4. A. Instead B. Therefore C. Meanwhile D. However 5. A. even B. just C. still D. seldom 6. A. called B. liked C. trusted D. asked 7. A. again B. also C. only D. once 8. A. before B. earlier C. later D. after 9. A. moving B. returning C. staying D. leaving 10. A. take B. have C. lose D. find 11. A. wait B. go home C. stop D. come back 12. A. shortly B. quickly C. badly D. early 13. A. speak B. go C. rush D. delay 14. A. buy B. present C. order D. provide 15. A. astonishment B. patience C. respect D. delight 16. A. maybe B. so C. here D. now 17. A. insisted B. apologized C. replied D. demanded 18. A. experience B. expression C. look D. face 19. A. pleasure B. comfort C. sadness D. hopelessness 20. A. plan B. flight C. journey D. vacation 三、段落翻译 Welcome, Good morning (afternoon, evening), Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome aboard China Eastern Airlines Corp. Airlines flight Beijing to London (via Shanghai) The distance between Beijing and London is 8505 kilometers. Our flight will take 15 hours and 15 minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of 30000 meters and the average speed is 800 kilometers per hour. In order to ensure the normal operation of aircraft navigation and communication systems, mobile phones, toys and other electronic devices throughout the flight and the laptop computers are not allowed to use during take-off and landing. We will take off immediately. Please be seated, fasten your seat belt, and make sure your seat back is straight up, your tray table is closed and your carry-on items are securely stowed in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. (This is a non-smoking flight, please do not smoke on board.)
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The (chief) purser with all 9 crew members will be sincerely at your service. We hope you enjoy the flight! Thank you! 四、问答题 1. Please list the procedures of working out the fares.

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201209 学期《航空英语 1》复习纲要一答案
一、单项选择题 题号 答案 1 A 2 D 3 C 4 B 5 C 6 A 7 B 8 C

二、完形填空题 题号 答案 题号 答案 1 B 11 D 2 C 12 B 3 A 13 C 4 D 14 B 5 C 15 A 6 A 16 D 7 B 17 A 8 B 18 C 9 D 19 A 10 C 20 D

三、段落翻译 女士们,先生们: 欢迎你乘坐中国东方航空公司航班 XX 北京前往伦敦(中途降落上海)。北京至伦敦的飞行 距离是 8525 公里,预计空中飞行时间是 15 小时 15 分。飞行高度 35000 米,飞行速度平均 每小时 800 公里。 为了保障飞机导航几通讯系统的正常工作,在飞机起飞和下降过程中请不要使用手提式电 脑,在整个航程中请不要使用手提电话,遥控玩具,电子游戏机,激光唱机和电音频接收机 等电子设备。 飞机很快就要起飞了,现在有客舱乘务员进行安全检查。请您坐好,系好安全带,收起座椅 靠悲和小桌板。 请您确认您的手提物品是否妥善安放在头顶上方的行李价内或座椅下发。 本 ( 次航班全程禁烟,在飞行途中请不要吸烟。) 本次航班的乘务长讲协同机上 9 名乘务员竭诚为为您提供及时周到的服务。 谢谢! 四、问答题 1 1) F fare 2) Y fare 3) Discounted fare 4) Total fare.

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