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笔试部分(满分 65 分)
一、单项选择(共 12 分,每小题 1 分) ( )1.---Can you sing? ----Yes. I can,_____ I can’t sing very well. A. but B. or C. so D. and ( )2.----In our English study, reading is more important than speaking, I think. ----- I don’t agree. Speaking is _____ reading. A. as important as B. so important as C. the most important D. the same as ( )3.She didn’t go home. I didn’t go home,_______. A. too B. also C. either D. neither ( )4.The teacher said I could do better _____ English . A. in B. at C. on D. for ( )5.He often helps his parents do the housework _____ Saturday afternoon. A. on B. at C. to D. in ( )6.Thank you for ______ me with my homework. A. help B. helped C. helping D. helps ( )7.____ is easy for a child to know where they are. A. It B. That C. This D. What ( )8.When I got there ,I saw some boys _____ on the playground. A. playing B. played C. to play D. was waiting ( )9. It always rains in summer in Beijing, ______? A. isn’t it B. doesn’t it C. is it D. does it ( )10. I want to be a police officer, ______ sometimes it is a little dangerous. A. so B. though C. or D. and ( )11. It’s great to be a Red Cross member. I want to look after ______ in the hospital. A. homeless people B. old people C. poor people D. sick kids ( )12. Don’t read the sun. A. in B. at C. under D. in front of 二、完型填空(共 10 分,每小题 1 分) A boy was walking in the street _______ (13) a man came over _______ (14) him and _______ (15) him the way _______ (16) the station. The boy was very naughty. He wanted _______ (17) a joke on the man. He pointed to _______ (18) side of the road and said, “Go down the street until you reach a shop. You can find it on your left.” The man thanked him and went away.

A few minutes _______ (19), the man came back. He said to the boy that there was only a bookshop there and he _______ (20) find the station. The boy _______ (21) and said, “_______ (22) a map in the bookshop, and you’ll find the way!” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )13. A. but )14. A. from )15. A. ask )16. A. to )17. A. play )18. A. another )19. A. before )20. A. need’t )21. A. cried )22. A. Buy B. because B. to B. asked B. for B. to play B. the other B. after B. may not B. smiled B. Carry C. then C. for C. tell C. at C. show C. one more C. past C. couldn’t C. run C. Show D. when D. with D. told D. in D. to show D. two D. later D. mustn’t D. angry D. Borrow

三、阅读理解(共 20 分,每小题 2 分) (A) Mr Smith was in trouble those days. He drove a car for Mr Black, a rich businessman. He worked hard and the shopkeeper liked him. But he couldn't work when he drank too much. And once he almost fell into the river when he drove along the bridge . Mr Black became angry and was going to send him away . He had a big family and was afraid of it and promised(许诺) he would stop drinking at once. The man told him to wait to be dealt with(处置). One Monday morning Mr Smith came into the office with two badly burnt ears. "What happened to your ears?" asked Mr Black. "Well," said the man. " I went to watch a football match yesterday while my wife was ironing (熨) clothes. She had put the iron (熨斗) near the telephone before she went to cook supper. Our team lost the game and I felt sorry for it. As soon as I went into the sitting-room, the phone rang and I answered the iron!" "And what happened to the other ear ?" "When I put the iron down on the table, the telephone rang again !" ( )23. _____, so he almost drove the car into the river. A. Mr Smith was not careful B. Mr Smith drank too much C. Mr Smith forget they were on the bridge D. Mr Smith couldn't work in the evening. ( )24. Mr Smith went to watch the football match on _______.


( (

A. Monday B. Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday We can guess _________. A. Mr Smith drank much after the match B. Mr Smith was angry with his team C. Mr Smith didn't drink those days D. Mr Smith watched the match in a store )26. The _____ badly burned Mr Smith's ears. A. telephone B. drinking C. iron D. irons )27. What would happen to Mr Smith? A. He would go on driving for Mr Black. B. He would join his football team. C. He would never watch any match D. Mr Black would send him away. )25.

( B) If you go into the forest with friends, stay with them . If you don’t , you may get lost, this is what you should do .Sit down and stay where you are .Don’t try to find your friends –let them find you instead .You can help them find you by staying in one place. There is another way to help your friends or other people to find you .You can shout or whistle ( 吹口哨 )three times .Stop .Then shout or whistle three times again .Any signal (信号) given three times is a call for help . Keep up shouting or whistling . Always three times together. When people hear you ,they will know that you are not just making a noise for fun . They will let you know that they have heard your signal . They will give you two shouts or two whistles. When a signal is given twice ,it is an answer to a call for help. If you don’t think that you will get help before night comes ,try to make a little house with branches (树枝). Make yourself a bed with leaves and grass. When you need some water ,you have to leave your little branch house to look for it .Don’t just walk away .Pick off small branches and drop (扔下)them as you walk in order to go back again easily .When you are lost , the most important thing to do is to stay in one place . ( )28..If you get lost in the forest , you should __________. A. try to find your friends B. stay in one place and signals C. walk around the forest D. shout as loudly as possible ( )29.Which signal is a call for help ? A. shouting here and there B. crying twice C. shouting or whistling three times together D. whistling everywhere in the forest ( )30When you hear two shouts or two whistles ,you know that __________. A. someone is afraid of an animal B. people will come to help you C. someone needs help D. something terrible will happen. ( )31.What’s the meaning of the underlined sentence?(划线句子) A. Leave branches to find your way back


B. Pick off branches to build another house C. Use branches to make a bed D. Drop branches to look for water )32.The main(主要的)idea of the passage is _________ A. how to travel in the forest B. how to spend the night in the forest C. what you should do if you want to get some water D what you should do if you are lost in the forest

四、句型转换,每空一词。 (共 4 分,每空 1 分) 33.. Jim usually has lunch at school. (改为一般疑问句) _______ Jim usually _______ lunch at school? 34..There’s some milk in the glass.(改为否定句) There milk in the glass. 五、翻译。 (共 4 分,每小题 2 分) 35.你放学后想打篮球吗?(would like) 36.在四岁的时候,他就开始学习唱歌了。 (at the age of…) 六、作文(15 分) 最近一段时间,很多同学出现感冒发烧的现象。为了提醒同学们预防感冒, 保持身体健康,请根据学校宣传栏中的建议,写一篇短文。词数 80—100 词。 提示:1、清晨坚持做早操; 2、保持室内空气清新; 3、要勤洗手,不随地吐痰; 4、不要学习到深夜,要早睡早起。 (提示词:fresh and clean 清新 spit 吐痰 everywhere 到处) _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________


2011 年振文中学元旦英语学科竞赛初二级试题 答题卡
班级__________姓名__________ 学号___________得分___________

笔试部分(满分 100 分)
一、单项选择(共 15 分,每小题 1 分) 题号 答案 题号 答案 二、完型填空(共 10 分,每小题 1 分) 题号 答案 三、阅读理解(共 20 分,每小题 2 分) 题号 答案 五、句型转换,每空一词。 (共 10 分,每小题 2 分) 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

33.__________, __________ 34.__________, __________ 35. 36.


九、作文(15 分) 最近一段时间, 很多同学出现感冒发烧的现象。 为了提醒同学们预防感冒, 保持身体健康,请根据学校宣传栏中的建议,写一篇短文。词数 80—100 词。 提示:1、清晨坚持做早操; 2、保持室内空气清新; 3、要勤洗手,不随地吐痰; 4、不要学习到深夜,要早睡早起。 (提示词:fresh and clean 清新 spit 吐痰 everywhere 到处)

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________


英语学科竞赛试题(一) (本试题满分 65 分) 一、单项选择(共 12 分,每小题 1 分) 1— 5 A A C A A 13—17D B B A B 6—12 C A A B B 18—22 B D C B A DA 二、完型填空(共 10 分,每小题 1 分)

三、阅读理解(共 20 分,每小题 2 分) 23—32 B D A C D B CBAD

五、句型转换,每空一词。 (共 4 分,每空 1 分) 33.____Does____, ____have____ 34.___isn’t______, __any_____ 六、翻译。 (共 4 分,每小题 2 分) 35. Would you like to play basketball after school? 36. At the age of four, he began to learn to sing. 九、作文(15 分)
Many students have a cold and often feel tired . Here is some advice for you to keep healthy. You should do morning exercises every day. And keep the windows of your bedrooms open for one or two hours every day .It can make the air in your bedrooms fresh and clean .You ’d better often wash your hands, especially before meals .Drink more water every day .Don’t spit everywhere .When you are tired ,you shouldn ’t work too late at night .You should go to bed early and get up early . I hope all of us will keep off cold and stay healthy.




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