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2014 届高考高三英语二轮专题复习:阅读理解
A Sometimes, something that is considered to be negative tums out to be an advantage on the job. Though he is only 18 years old and blind, Suleyman Gokyigk is among the top computer technicians and programmers at Intelidata Technologies Corp. , a large software company with several offices across the United States. "After our company united with another one last October, two different computer networks were driving us crazy," recalls Douglas Braun, the InteliData president. "We couldn't even send E-mail to each other." In three weeks Mr. Gokyigit created the software needed to connect the two networks. "None of the company's 350 other employees could have done the job in three months" , says Mr. Braun. "Suleyman can'see' into the heart of the computer." Mr. Gokyigit's gift, as Mr. Braun calls it, is an unusual ability to form an idea of the inside of a machine. "The computer permits me to reach out into the world and do almost anything I want to do," says Mr. Gokyigit. The young programmer is at home with hardware as well, thanks partly to a highly developed sense of touch. Mitzi Nowakows-ki, an office manager at InteliData, remembers how he easily disconnected and reconnected their computer systems during a move last year. "Through feel, Suleyman can find the position of connectors, pins and wires much faster than most other people with sight,' he says. Much of the student programmer's speed comes from his ability not to be interrupted while at the computer. When typing, he listens carefully to the synthesizer(合成器). His long, thin fingers fly over keyboard. "Nothing seems to shake his attention,' says Mrs. Nowa-kowski, his boss. Mr. Gokyigit is the only company employee who is available (可找到的) 24 hours a day. "We consider him our top problem solver," says Mr. Braun. 1. According to Mr. Braun, Suleyman A. can work wonders on computer B. is the best technician in the world C. has done a hard job in three months D. has united InteliData Technologies Corp. with another computer company.
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答案: A 指导:据全文可知,Suleyman 在电脑方面有非凡的才能,故选 A:其他各项均与 原文有出人。 2. The underlined part "is at home with hardware" (Paragraph4) means_________. A. is good at dealing with computer hardware B. is fond of computer hardware C. works with computer hardware at home D. feels comfortable when working with computer hardware 答案: A 指导:此处的"be at home with sth. ”的意思根据上下文篇应是“擅长解决??的 问题” 。 3. Suleyman was quick while at the computer mostly because of A. his blindness B. his attention on the synthesizer C. his long, thin fingers D. his ability not to be interrupted 答案: D 指导:文中有“..speed comes from his ability not to be interrupted while at the . computer",这才是他速度快的原因。 4. What does the text mainly tell us? A. Computer technicians are more likely to be gifted. B. One's disadvantages may prove to be advantages. C. The disabled can also play an important role in society. D. Top computer scientists have unusual abilities to form ideas of computers. 答案: B 指导:通常文章的首段首句为主题句。 B The year is 2094. It has been announced that a comet (彗星) is heading towards the Earth. Most of it will miss our planet, but two pieces will probably hit the southern half of the Earth. On 17 July, a piece four kilometres wide enters the Earth's atmosphere (大气层) with a massive explosion. About half of the piece is destroyed, but the remaining part hits the South Atlantic at 200 times the speed of sound. The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the sea bed. Huge waves are created and spread outwards from the hole. The wall of water, a kilometre high,
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rushes towards southern Africa at 800 kilometres an hour. Cities on the African coast are totally destroyed and mil lions of people are drowned. Before the waves reach South America, the second piece of the comet lands in

Argentina. Earthquakes and volcanoes are set off in the Andes Mountains. The shock waves move north into California and all around the Pacific Ocean. The cities of lob Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo are completely destroyed by earthquakes. Millions of people in the southern half of the earth are already dead, but the north won't escape for long. Because of the explosions, the sun is hidden by, clouds of dust, temperatures around the world fall to almost zero. Crops are ruined. The sun won't be seen again for many years. Wars break out as countries fight for food. A year later, no more than 10 million people remain alive. Could it really happen? In fact, it has already happened more than once in the history of the Earth. The dinosaurs (恐龙) were on the Earth for over 160 million years. Then 65 mil- lion years ago they suddenly disappeared. Many scientists believe that the Earth was hit by a piece of object in space. The dinosaurs couldn't live through the cold climate that followed and they died out. Will we meet the same end? 1. What is mainly described in the passage? A. A historic discovery B. An event of imagination C. A research on space. D. A scientific adventure 答案: B 指导:通读全文可知此答案。 2. When the first piece hits the South Atlantic, it causes_________. A. an earthquake B. damages to cities C. an Earth explosion D. huge waves 答案: D 指导:从第二段中间"The sea boils and a huge hole is made in the seabed.Huge wave sarecreated.. .”可知。B 从第三段中间"Because of the explosions,the sun is hidden by clouds “dust,temperatures around the world fall to almost zero"可知。D 从最后三句话可得知此答
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案。 3. Why can't the northern half of the' earth escape for long? A. Because the land is covered with water. B. Because the light and heat from the sun cannot reach the earth. C. Because people there cannot live at the temperature of zero. D. Because wars break out among countries. 答案: B 指导: 从第三段中间"Because of the explosions, sun is midden by cloeds of dust, the temperatures around the world fall to almost zero"可知。 4. By giving the example of dinosaurs the author tries to prove_________. A. animals could not live in the cold climate B. what happened 65 million years ago was an invented story C. the human beings will die out in 2094 D. the Earth could be hit by other objects in space Passage 答案: D 指导:从最后三句话可得知此答案。

C Mountain lions live in mountainous areas of the western United States. Lately, however, people have reported seeing them in quiet neighborhoods all across the country! Usually considered shy and seldom seen, these lions are becoming more noticeable. In addition, the lions appear to be moving east. They were even reported in the suburbs(郊区)of Boston, Philadelphis, and Chicago. It seems certain that these " kings of the mountains"are moving. Why? Scientists are not sure. Some think that as the mountain lion population increases the west, younger wild cats are leaving the area. These cats are searching for new homes and new places for food. "The young males are looking for new homes, "says Lynn Sadler, who is the director of the Mountain Lion Foundation in Sacramento,Calif. "People tend to create to many barriers(障碍), such as buidings, fences, roads, and noise. As the mountain lions seek new places and food and water sources'(水源), these barriers get in their way." The sightings have made people increasingly watchful. Sometimes the"mountain lions"that
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people report seeing turn out to be large dogs or even house cats. But at least a few of the meetings have been real. The building of new roads, the growing of suburbs and the growing popularity of outdoor activities are all increasing the chances that people in various parts of the country may meet up with a mountain lion. Because many people are concerned, about the reappearance of the American lion, an expert outlined some ways they can a- void attracting the wild cats: Never leave pets or pet food outsider properly cvare for farm animals; and plan public land use to enable the lions to move safely from one place to another. "To be fair, "says the expert. "mountain lions are trying to regain their homes. They were here first. Now we need to find ways we can live together." 1. Mountain lions are moving probably because_________. A. the suburbs o[ big cities are peaceful and quiet B. more roads are being built into the mountains C. the number of the lions increases in the west D. young lions are seeking new partners 2. According to the passage,it is clear that_________. A. the reported sightings of mountain lions have not been proved B. people walking in the country may come across a lion C. fences have been built to protect the ions D. mountain lions prefer populated areas 3. To avoid attracting rnotuntain lions, People are advised_________. A. to build more roads for the lions to move safely B. to keep a close watch on their [arm animals C. not to stay outdoors D. not to raise pets 4. Which is the best title for the passage? A. Mountain Lions in Unlikely Passage? B. Measures Taken to Avoid Lions C. Number of Sightings Going Up
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D. Mountain Lions Moving West 命题目的与解题技巧; 本文的命题目的是考查学生把握全文主题和理解中心思想的能力, 而 本井无明显主题句。做这类题的技巧是:正确理解作者所提供的细节,运用自己的逻辑概括 能力。综合归纳主题。 解析: 本文主要讲美国西部的狮子被人们在全国各地发现。 据科学家估计是因为狮子数量 不断增加,新的雄狮欲寻新的安身之所。 答案: 1.C 细节题。从第二段的第三句话“Some think that as the mountain lion populat

ionicreases in the west,younger wild cats are leaving the area..searching for new homes and . new places for food”可直接选出答案。 2.B 细节题。由第一段第二句“.一 people have reported seeing them in quiet

neighbrhoods all across the country”和第四段第四句“The buiding of new roads,the..may . meet up with a mountin lion"可知目前狮子在美国到外可见 3.B 细节判断题。第五段专家建议中的第二点 properly care for farm animals 与 B 项同 义, A 项中的建更多的 roads 文中未提及, 而 文中只提到了 public land; D 两项文中提及。 C、 4.A 主旨大意题。本文主要讲山狮从山里游移到全国各地,有时来到它们不该来的农户、 新建公路等,一切都表明它们来到原来不可能的地方。 D Giving Back Fair Way The Westborough High School golf team had taken the of- ficial photos with the state prize. The other teams, disappoint- ed, were on the bus heading home. And then Westborough instructor Greg Rota noticed something wrong on one of the score cards. A 9 had been recorded as a 7. They were not the state prize winner; Woburn High had won. "No one would have known, "said Woburn's instructor, Bob Doraru For Rota, it wasn't a difficult decision." The prize wasn't ours to take. ' "Coin Stars" "College students are lazy, but they also want to help" says University of Pennsylvania graduate Dana Hork. So she made it easy, placing cups in rooms where students could leave their spare coins, and handing out cups to first-year students to keep in their rooms. Her" Change for
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Change" effort has collected $ 40,000 for charities (慈善机构) , which were decided upon by students. Never Forgotten A school in Massachusetts received a $ 9. 5 million check from Jacques LeBermuth But it took officials several days of digging to discover his connection to the school Records showed the LeBermuth came from Belgium and studied in the school in the 1920s. When his family fell on hard times, he was offered free room and board. LeBermuth became a trader, owned shares of AT&T and lived off the earnings until he died, at age 89. 1. What did Greg Rota probably do in the end? A. Took photos of Doran. B. Had a meeting with Doran. C. Returned the prize to the organizer. D. Apologized to Woburn High Schook 答案: C 指导:考查根据文章内容进行推理判断的能力。获奖队 的教练自己发现了错误, 而且决定这个奖不能拿,那么接下来推断肯定是要把奖送回去。 2. Greg Rota's decision shows that he was _______. A. honest C. careful B. polite D. friendly

答案: A 指导:考查根据文章内容进行推理判断的能力。从 Greg Rota 自己发现错误到决定 把奖送回,表明他性格中的诚实。因此答案为 honest. 3. The underlined word "Change" in the second paragraph means_______. A. Idea C. Cups B. Decision D. Coins

答案: D 指导: 考查猜测词义的能力。 Change for Change 中的第一个 change 指的是 “零钱” , 第二个 change 是表示“变化” 。两个 change 在一起肯定意思不同,关键在于首先应该明白 change 的不同含义,再根据文章内容进行判断。因为募集的零钱都捐给了慈善机构,改变 了其他一些人的生活。所以介词 for 后面的 change 应该是目的表“变化” ,那么第一个就是 “零钱” 。 4. What did the school officials do after receiving the check from Mr. LeBermuth? A They tried to find out why he gave them the money. B. They went to Belgium to pay their respects to him.
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C. They dug out the records that were buried underground. D. They decided to offer their students free room and board. 答案: A 指导:考查对文章事实细节的理解,依据是第三段文字的第二句话。 5. Jacques LBermuth gave the money to the school because_______. A. the school asked for it B. he had no need for that much money C. the school had helped him in the past D. he wanted to be remembered by the students 答案: C 指导:考查根据文章内容进行推理判断的能力。学校在 Jacques LeB-ermuth 困难的 时候帮助过他,所以他寄来 950 万美元的支票回报学校。

E It was an early September day, cool and bright and just right for running, and I was in the first few miles of a 10-mile race over a course (路线) with a few high hills. Still, I felt energetic; despite the hills it was going to be a fine run. Just ahead of me was Peggy Mimno, a teacher from Mount Kisco, New York. She too was running easily, moving along at my speed. The pace(步速) felt comfortable, so 1 decided to stay where I was; why pay attention to pace when she was setting such a nice one? I'd overtake (追上) her later on when she tired. So I ran behind her. The course headed north for five miles, wandered west for a hilly mile, then turned south again along a winding road. The race was getting harder. We had four miles left and already it was beginning to be real work. Peggy overtook a young runner. She seemed to know him, for they exchanged a few cheerful words as she passed him. Their exchange worried me. You don't chat during a race unless you are feeling good, and Peggy plainly was. Still, I was close enough to overtake her if she tired, so I didn't give up hope completely. We were getting nearer to a long punishing hill now and it would be the test. We were a mile from the finish line, so whatever happened on the hill would almost certainly determine who
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crossed it first. As I moved up the hill, my attention wandered for a few minutes. When I looked up, Peggy was moving away--first five yards, then ten, then more. Finally it was clear that there was no hope of catching her. She beat me soundly. There is an important lesson in that race. Women are thought to be weaker, slower and not nearly as skilled in sport. Yet as Peggy Mimno so clearly showed, the similarities between men and women runners are more important than the differences. I have run with a number of women, and I can say that it is often hard work. 1. What did the writer think of the race in the beginning? A. It would be hard work. C. It would be an easy race. C. It would be a test of his strength. D. It would be a good learning experience. 答案: B 指导:首先要审清题干,注意题干中的 inthebeginning。 本文第一段、第二段中的一些词如 energetic,a fine run,running easily,comfortable 等都 反映出作者开始认为这场比赛不会很难。 2. What worried the writer when Peggy greeted the young runner? A. Peggy overtook the young runner. B. Peggy was running energetically. C. Peggy was laughing at the writer. D. Peggy paid no attention to the writer. 答案: B 指导:由第四段倒数第一句"You don't chat during a race unless you are feeling good” 可知作者认为:你在比赛中聊天表示你感觉很好。而上句 peggy 恰恰在比赛中聊天反映出作 者认为 Peggy 在比赛中的感觉,作为 Peggy 的对手,他当然很担心。 3. By saying" a long, punishing hill"(Paragraph 5) , the writer implies that_______. A. Peggy would fail to reach the hilltop B. men are more skilled at climbing hills C. overtaking Peggy would be easy D. climbing the hill would be a demanding task
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答案: D 指导:下句中的 test 一词,能够反映作者当时的感觉,所以 D 为最佳选项。 4. What lesson does the writer learn from the race? A. Women are as good as men in sport. B. Women are better at climbing hills. C. He should have more training in a cross-country race. D. He should set a quicker pace at the beginning of a race. 答案: A 指导:文章倒数第一段倒数第一、二句是做此题的关键句。

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