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高一英语必修三 Unit1 基础知识小测
Class: __________ Name: __________ No. :________ Mark:____________
一、单词拼写。(10 分) 1. It is hard to know the ________ (起源) of the human race, how the human race comes out. 2. People light incense before graves in __________ (纪念)of their ancestors. 3. The homeless children were _________(渴望) for safety and love. In Africa, many people die of (starve). 4. I don’t share her ___________ (宗教的) beliefs. 5. You see, the _________(精力充沛的) young man plays basketball day and night. 6. We held a party to (celebration)Tom’s birthday. 7. My little brother quite likes living alone. It’s made him more ____________ (independence). 8. It is my _________ (believe) that we will find a cure for the cancer in the next ten years. 9. The boss is a great (admiration) of Bob’s work. 10.Smoking is not (permission) in the meeting room. 二、句型转换:(每空 2 分,共 10 分) 1. Obviously, he was very nervous. _________ ________ ________ ________he was very nervous. 2. You will be sure to enjoy yourself at the party tonight. You will be sure to___________ ___________ at the party tonight. 3. You must apologize to your teacher for being so rude. You must _________ _______ _________ ______ your teacher for being so rude. 4. May I have your permission to open the door ? Would you _____________ me ____________ open the door ? 5. They built a statue to honour the famous leader. A statue was built _________ __________ _________ the famous leader. 三、完成下列句子翻译。(每题 3 分,共 15 分) 1.孩子们把 Jon 的自行车藏起来捉弄他。 The children hid Jon’s bike to _________ _________ _________ him. 2.那位妇人总是把自己打扮成年轻女子。 The lady always __________ _________ ________ a young girl. 3.他是一个守信用的人。 He is a man who _______ _______ _________. 4.这封信让我记起她以前说过的话。 This letter ________ _________ _________ what she said before. 5.艾米丽屏住呼吸,等待乔丹的回答。 Emily _________ ___________ __________, waiting for Jordan’s reply. 四. 单项填空:(每题 2 分,共 20 分) ( ) 1. Be careful ! The slightest spark could ______ the fireworks. A. set about B.set off C.set out D. set up ( ) 2. —Why is Mr. Li so happy this morning? —Because he was honored with a(n)______ for excellence in teaching. A. present B. gift C. award D. reward ( ) 3. —Tom is still unhappy today. —It’s all your fault. You _________ to him yesterday for your mindless mistake. A. should apologize B. should have apologized


C. shouldn’t have apologized D. must apologize ) 4. The manager meant _____ the workers that being 5 minutes late meant ____ the company. A. to tell, to leave B. telling, leaving C. to tell, leaving D. telling, to leave ) 5. I am looking forward to ______ your answer as soon as possible. A. receiving B. being received C. receive D. be received ) 6. —Your mother becomes more and more forgetful. —Yes. She searched for her cell phone for a whole day last Sunday but it ______ in her coat pocket the next day. A. turned out B. turned on C. turned over D. turned up ) 7. Lewis was much admired _____ his work on the advanced medical research. A. on B. in C. for D. with ) 8. Seeing the enemy, Gary was behaving as though nothing ______. A. happened B. had happened C. would happen D. was happening

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) 9.After the class was over, the boy apologized ________ the teacher ______ his coming late. A. / ; because B. / ; for C. to ; because D. to ; for ( ) 10. Food, ______ and shelter are people’s basic needs. A. clothing B. clothes C. cloth D. cloths 五、语法填空。(每空 1.5 分,共 15 分) Dragon Boat Festival is a national festival in China. It had its origin as an event in memory 1_the great poet Qu Yuan. Every year, people can hardly wait and look forward to its 2 (arrive). It is Chinese custom 3 (hold) dragon races in the 4 (five) month of the lunar calendar. The festival is also celebrated to protect people 5 bad luck and illness. Of course, parents should watch over 6 children and protect them from doing harm ______themselves or get 8 (drown) in the water. Anyway, the main purpose of the Dragon Boat Festival today is to let people have fun with each other 9 forget our daily life for a little 10 . 1._________ 6._________ 2.__________ 7. _________ 3. _________ 8.________ 4. _______ 9._______ 5.________ 10.________

高一英语必修三 Unit1 基础知识小测 参考答案: 一、1. origin 2.memory 3. starving; starvation 4.religious 6. celebrate 7. independent 8. belief 9. admirer 二、1. It is obvious that 2. have fun 3. make an apology to 4. permit, to 5. in memory of 三、1. play tricks on 2.dresses up as 3. keeps his word 4. reminded me of 5.held her breath 四、1--5 BDBCA 6--10 DCBDA 五、1. of 2. arrival/arriving 3. to hold 4.fifth 5.from 6. their 7. to 8. drowned 9.and 10. while 5. energetic 10.permitted



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