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新人教版选修六Unit4 Global warming单元同步测试

Unit 4 Global warming 单元同步测试
I 单项选择 1. The little girl having ______ such a big meal, the boy was consumed with curiosity about how much food _______by the world every day. A. eaten; consumes C. consumed; is consumed 2. it? A. How come C. How it came about B. How come about D. How does it happen \ B. finished; is destroyed D. completed; is eaten

_______that all the data stored in the computer got stolen with nobody being responsible for

3. People who come to attend court hearings are always chosen _______ in order to be fair. A. by chance B. at random C. on purpose D. in general

4. As he didn’t ________ the conditions to _______ more aids to the victims of the catastrophe that came about in Indonesia, he refused to _______his name to the agreement. A. agree to; contribute; sign C. agree on; contribute; put 5. B. accept; subscribe; sign D. subscribe to; subscribe; subscribe

Large quantities of solid fuel ______consumed every day and too much carbon dioxide is sent into the air, which in turn _______ the going up of temperature. A. is; results in B. are; results in C. is; leads to D. are; results from


The phenomenon of global warming _______ to become worse and worse day by day, _______ of which will be catastrophic to human survival, some scientists predict. A. wants; the result C. tends; the consequence B. attempts, the consequence D. tends; as the consequence


_______at the graph and you can see clearly that there is a growing tendency towards combination of small companies to become stronger and more competitive in the tough market in recent years. A. One glance B. Taking one glance C. To take one glance D. Taken


We have to work out a way to _______their existence here without making them realize that

we _______it. A. oppose to; are opposed to C. oppose to; oppose B. be opposed to; oppose to D. oppose; are opposed to

9. _____has been stated in the annual white book, our national defense budget per year is _______ below the average of developed countries and ______ there is a steady increase every year, China won’t be a threat to A. As; very; even if C. As; well; even if the world. B. As it; well; even though D. As it; very much even though;

10. There is a widespread belief among the science world _______we keep on ______ the earth as we are doing today, the existence of us humans on this planet will be out of the question in some years yet to come. A. if; polluting B. if; to pollute C. that if; to pollute D. that if; polluting

11. Our government has protested time and again that any increase in arms sales to Taiwan is _______ the US government’s _______ the Chinese people but the US government just turns a deaf ear to our protest. A. breaking; promise C. damaging; promise of 12. B. violating; commitment to D. breaking; commitment with

It is imperative that your presentation on how to prevent pollution ______steady economic growth ______in time for the lecture. A. to keep; be finished C. to keep; finish B. keeping; is finished D. keeping; finish

13. He is a devoted advocate who strongly advocates _______clean energies such as the energy of the sun, the wind and ________ instead of ______ those that pollute our environment. A. to use; so on; to use C. to use; etc. to use 14. B. using; etc. using D. using; so on; using

_______we are not attacked by nuclear weapons, we promise that under no circumstances ______ use the bomb first but we reserve the right to use it for counter-attack when necessary. A. As long as; we shall C. So long as; shall we B. If; shall we D. Even if; we shall

15. As I don’t have enough money to buy a new_______ microwave, I have to ______ the present one which breaks down now and then. A. electric; put up with C. electric; bear 16. B. electrical; tolerate D. electrical; come up with

It is still in question ______ a can of coke could stop thirst but ______no doubt that it can

make one ______. A. if; there is ; refreshed C. that; there is; refresh B. whether; it is; refresh D. whether; there is; refreshed

17. Thousands and thousands of people attended the president’s inaugural ceremony, with ages _______from 5 to 100. A. varying 18. B. changing C. ranging D. rating

If we consider these _______ separately, each _______ is not so serious but if we consider them ______, the situation becomes serious and desperate. A. phenomenons; phenomenon; as a whole C. phenomena; phenomenon; on the whole B. phenomena; phenomenon; as a whole D. phenomena; phenomenon; on a whole

19. Your essay on the formation of volcanoes and their patterns of occurrences is well written _______ except that the language in some paragraphs has to be _______ a little. A. on the whole; polished C. in general; rewritten 20. B. as a whole; modified D. generally; reorganized

I am _______the government as well as to the general public for just treatment ________ peasant-workers, who have made great contribution to the improvement of city life. A. asking; on behalf of C. demanding; in the name of B. applying; in the name of D. appealing to; on behalf of

21. His wife is very _______ about dress and she is strongly _______ wearing ______ clothes on formal occasions. A. special; against; informal C. especial; against; causal 22. B. particular; opposed to; casual D. strict; opposed to; usual

It is ridiculous _______ school administrators say is always in disagreement _____ what they do in practice; On the surface, they advocate quality education, aiming to improve students’ overall abilities, but in fact they do everything they can to enable their students to

enter schools or universities of a higher level. A. what; with B. what; to C. that what; with D. that what; to

23. As time is so pressing that every minute _______, _______every minute should be made full use of _______ your grades. A. matters; so that; improving C. matters; so; to improve 24. B. counts; X; improving D. counts; X; to improve

In order to test how strong the tank was, the experts purposefully let the pressure inside continue to ______until it bursts A. come up B. rise up C. build up D. raise

25. Prices keep _______and people have to keep a close eye on their wallet. A. going up B. rising up C. lifting up D. raising up

II 完形填空 I was 15 when I walked into McCarley’s Bookstore in Ashland. As I was looking at ___26___ on the shelves, the man behind the counter, ___27___, asked if I’d like ___28___. I needed to start ___29___ for college, so I said yes. I ___30___ after school and during summers for the lowest wages and the job helped pay for my freshman year of college. I would work many other jobs; I made coffee in the Students Union during college, I was a hotel maid and even made maps for the U. S. Forest Service. But selling books was one of the most ___31___. One day a woman asked me for books on cancer. She seemed fearful. I showed her almost ___32___ we had at that time ___33___ and found other books we could order. She left the store less ___34___. I’ve always remembered the ___35___ I felt in having helped her. Years later, as a ___36___ in Los Angeles, I heard about an immigrant child who was born with his fingers connected, webline. His family could not ___37___ a corrective operation, and the boy lived in ___38___, hiding his hand in his pocket. I ___39___ my boss to let me do the story. After my story was broadcast, a doctor and a nurse called, offering to perform the ___40___ for free. I visited the boy in the recovery room soon after the operation. The first thing he did was to hold up his ___41___ hand and say, “Thank you.” I felt a sense of ___42___.

In the past, while I was ___43___, I always sense I was working for the customers, not the store. Today it’s the same. NBC News pays my salary, ___44___ I feel as if I work for the ___45___, helping them make sense of the world. 26. A. maps 27. A. the reader C. the shop owner 28. A. a book 29. A. planning 30. A. read 31. A. boring 32. A. anything 33. A. in need 34. A. worried 35. A. pride 36. A. doctor 37. A. pay 38. A. shame 39. A. advised 40. A. action 41. A. repaired 42. A. pleasure 43. A. at the TV station C. at the U. S. Forest Service 44. A. so 45. A. readers B. and B. viewers B. a job B. saving B. studied B. surprising B. something B. in all B. satisfied B. failure B. store owner B. cost B. honour B. forced B. program B. connected B. sadness B. titles C. articles D. reports

B. the college student D. the customer C. some tea C. preparing C. cooked C. satisfying C. nothing C. in order C. excited C. regret C. bookseller C. afford C. horror C. persuaded C. treatment C. injured C. interest D. any help D. studying D. worked D. disappointing D. everything D. in store D. puzzled D. surprise D. TV reporter D. spend D. danger D. permitted D. operation D. improved D. disappointment

B. in the Students Union D. at McCarley’s Bookstore C. but C. customers D. because D. passengers

III 阅读理解 第一节:阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。


The total area of land on earth is about 149 million square kilometers, or about 39 percent of the total area of the earth. The average height of the land is about 750 metres above the sea level .The Eurasian(欧亚 的) mass is the largest with an area of 54,527,600 square kilometers .The smallest continent is land the Australian mainland, with an area of about 7,614,600 square kilometers, which together with Tasmania, New Zealand, New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, is described as Oceania .The total area of Oceania is about 8,935,500 square kilometres, including West Iran which is political in Asia . The world’s largest peninsula(半岛)is Arabia ,with an area of about 3,327,500 square kilometres . The largest island in the world is Greenland, with an area of about 2,175,600 square kilometres. The largest island surrounded by fresh water is the Ilha de Marajo (4,022 square kilometres) in the mouth of the Amazon River, Brazil .The largest island in a lake is Manitoulin Island (2,766 square kilometres) in the Canadian section of Lake Huron . This island itself has on it a lake of 106 square kilometres called Manitou lake, in which there are several islands. 46.The area of Tasmania, of New Zealand, of New Guinea and of the Pacific Islands add up to about A.8,935,500 47.Oceania is made up of square kilometres . B.1,320,900 C.7,614,600 D.16,550,100

.(Suppose I: Australia ;II: Tasmania and New Zealand ; III:

New Guinea and the Pacific Is –lands ) A.I and II B.II and III C.I and III D.I,II and III

48.Which of the following diagrams (图解)shows the correct relationship between Manitoulin Island(MI), Lake Huron (LH), Manitou Lake (ML) and the “several islands” (SI) mentioned at the end of the passage ?

49.The largest island surrounded by fresh water is in A.a river B.a lake B C.a sea

. ocean

Tea drinking was common in China for nearly one thousand years before anyone in Europe had ever heard about tea . People in Britain were much slower in finding out what tea was like , mainly because tea was very expensive . It could not be bought in shops and even those people who could afford to have it sent from Holland did so only because it was a fashionable curiosity . Some of them were not sure how to use it . They thought it was a vegetable and tried cooking the leaves . Then they served them mixed with butter and salt . They soon discovered their mistake but many people used to spread the used tea leaves on bread and give them to their children as sandwiches . Tea remained scarce and very expensive in England until the ships of the East India Company began to bring it direct from China early in the seventeenth century . During the next few years so much tea came into the country that the price fell and many people could afford to buy it . At the same time people on the Continent were becoming more and more fond of tea . Until then tea had been drunk without milk in it , but one day a famous French lady named Madame de Sevigne decided to see what tea tasted like when milk was added . She found it so pleasant that she would never again drink it without milk . Because she was such a great lady that her friends thought they must copy everything she did ,they also drank their tea with milk in it . Slowly this habit spread until it reached England and today only very few Britons drink tea without milk . At first , tea was usually drunk after dinner in the evening . No one ever thought of drinking tea in the afternoon until a duchess(公爵夫人) found that a cup of tea and a piece of cake at three

or four o’clock stopped her getting “a sinking feeling” as she called it . She invited her friends to have this new meal with her and so , tea-time was born . 50.This passage mainly discusses A. the history of tea drinking in Britain Britain C. how the Britons got the habit of drinking tea D. how tea-time was born 51.Tea became a popular drink in Britain A. in the eighteenth century C. in the seventeenth century . B. in the sixteenth century D. in the late seventeenth century . C. it became a popular drink . B. how tea became a popular drink in

52.People in Europe began to drink tea with milk because A. it tasted like milk B. it tasted more pleasant

D. Madame de Sevinge was such a lady with great social influence that people tried to copy the way she drank tea 53.We may infer from the passage that the habit of drinking tea in Britain was mostly due to the influence of A. a famous French lady C. the upper(上层的) social class . B. the ancient Chinese D. people in Holland

第二节 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项.选项中有两项为多 余选项 What makes one person more intelligent than another? What makes one person a genius, like the brilliant Albert Einstein, and another person a fool? Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of where and how you live? 54_______. We know, however, that just being born with a good mind is not enough. In some ways, the mind is like a leg or an arm muscle. 55_______. Mental (done with the mind) exercise is particularly important for young children. Many child psychologists (心理学家) think that parents should play with their children more often and give them problems to think about. 56_______. If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are more likely to become dull and unintelligent. 57_____. According to some psychologists, if parents are always telling a child that he or she

is a fool or an idiot, then the child is more likely to keep doing silly and foolish things. 58_____, such as “That was a very clever thing you did.” or “You are such a smart child.”

A. Parents should also be careful with what they say to young children B. The children are then more likely to grow up bright and intelligent C. It needs exercise D. These are very old questions and the answers to them are still not clear. E. So it is probably better for parents to say very positive (helpful) things to their children F. A person often thinking about difficult problems is more likely to become a genius. G. What makes a person bright or stupid is still under discussion.

IV 短文改错 短文改错:

We don’t have to be doctors give somebody first aid. And we have to know how to do first aid. If it is quick and correctly given, we can save somebody’s life. Last winter, when Mike was trying to climb to a tree, he lost his footing and falling off the tree. One of his legs was bleeding bad. I tried to give him first aid. First I tried with a cleaned cloth and tied my handkerchief onto the bleeded point. I asked him to hold up the leg when I run to call a taxi. He was sent to the hospital in time. And the doctor praised me at what I had done.

V 书面表达 假设你是李华,你在报上看到北京华夏大学将于 2008 年 7 月 6 日举办为期一周的“中国 语言文化夏令营”活动。你的美国朋友 Mike 计划来中国旅行并了解中国文化,请你写信介 绍夏令营活动并建议他参加。 词数 100 词左右 2008 中国语言文化夏令营 主要课程 主要活动 日常会话、汉字书写 京剧,中国民乐,中国绘画欣赏,中国烹饪,游览故宫、天坛、长

城 活动时间 2008 年 7 月 6 日-12 日 2008 Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp

参考词汇:2008 中国语言文化夏令营

Unit four I 单项选择

Global warming answers:

1—5 CABDB 6—10 CADCD 11—15 BADCA 16—20 DCBAD 21—25 BADCA II 完形填空 26-30BCBBD 31-35CDDAA III 阅读理解 46-49 BDDA IV 短文改错 短文改错: 1..give 前加 to?2.And→But?3.quick→quickly 4.去掉 climb 后的 to?→ran? 36-40DCACD 41-45AADCB

50-53 A CDC 54—58 DCBAE

5.falling→fell?6.bad→badly?7.cleaned→clean?8.blooded---blooding→for? V 书面表达 Dear Mike,

You mentioned in your last email that you wanted to come to China to learn about Chinese culture. I’d like to tell you about a camp called “2008 Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp”. The camp is organized by Beijing Huaxia University from July 6th to 12th. In the camp they will teach some simple everyday Chinese and how to write Chinese characters. They will also introduce Beijing Opera, Chinese folk music, as well as Chinese painting. Most interesting of all is that you will have a chance to learn to try Chinese cooking. Sight-seeing tours include the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall. If you have any questions, please let me know. Best wishes. Li Hua


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