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牛津版高一英语上学期 Unit 3 教案(第六讲) 主讲教师:邵磊 主审: 孙德霖 【教学内容与教学要求】 一、 教学内容:

牛津高中英语模块一 Unit 3(下) 二、教学要求: 1.学会谈论有关健康生活的话题。 2.学习英语中标点符号的名称和用法。 3.学习调查、整理、分析信息。 4.缩略和简写。 【知识重点与学习难点】 一、 重要单词:

Guideline, highlight, lifestyle, advertisement, commercial(n), convey, , afford, , offer, yoga, branch, square, shape, figure, trainer, , brief, abbreviation, contraction, symbol, seldom, , proper, energy, count, concentrate, chemical, amount, booklet, survey, conduct, analyze,

statistics, questionnaires, permission, give out, create, percentage, level, pin, persuade, omit, skip, virus, remove, item, recommend, mention, summary, conclusion, calorie.

二、重点词组: Prompt box 提词台, a reminder of 提醒某人想起某事的人或事物, call sb names 骂人, cheer up 高兴起来, closely related 紧密相关的, live(lead) a?. life 过着?.样的生活, , a headache to 令人头疼的人或事, along with 一起, in the long term(run)从长远角度看, give up on 放弃, a good amount of 适量的、许多, in no time 很快, give out 分发、发出, allow enough time for sb to do?留出 充足的时间让某人做某事, skip meals 不吃饭, membership fee 会员费,

三、 【标点符号的英文名称和用法】

punctuations: comma 逗 号 , full stop/period 句 号 , question mark 问 号 , exclamation mark 感叹号, colon 冒号, semi-colon 分号, quotation marks 引号, apostrophe 省略符号, hyphen 连字符号, dash 破折号, under bar 下划线。 英语中的标点符号的使用和汉语相近,但也有一些区别:

1.句号用在缩写中,例如:U.S.A, Mr., e.g,p.m 等。
2.逗号在疑问句中引出说话人: "I can come today," she said, "but not tomorrow." 逗号用于排列三个或以上的名词: Green, blue, white and green are his favorite colors. 逗号用于非限制性定语从句: Edison, who was the inventor of electric bulb, had over 2000 inventions. 写日期时,如次序是月-日-年,在日和年之间加逗号: He was born on October 15,1983. 有些起连系作用的副词,如 however, therefore, hence, nevertheless, moreover , thus, otherwise, besides 等等: China, however, is still at the primary stage of socialism. 3. Apostrophe ['] 表示所有: This is David's computer. Mary and Jim’s father/Mary’s and Jim’s fathers The football players’ photo 4.破折号 Dash [-] 在一个句子前作总结 Mild, dry, and clear - these are the characteristics of weather in Kunming. 在一个句子的前面或后面加入额外的注释 The kids-John, Bettie and Leo-were left behind while their parents went to church. 表示某人在说话过程中被打断 The woman said, "I want to ask - " when the earthquake began to shake the room。 5.连字符 Hyphen [-]

连接两个单词 well-educated, kind-hearted, good-looking 加前缀 anti-Japanese, non-stop, semi-conductor 在数字中使用 one-quarter, twenty-three, two-fifths


1. You can highlight main points by underling them. 你可以通过下划线来强调要点。 Highlight 本来是美术术语 “高光点” , 指画面上最亮、 最显著的地方。 这里 highlight 作动词,表示“强调” 。Main points 指文章的要点。 这句话的结构是:do sth by doing sth, 表示通过做某事达到某个目的,例如: He keeps fit by going to the gym twice a week. The students enlarged their vocabulary by reading English Novels. 2. Is there such a thing as being big boned? 有没有“骨架大”这么回事? 介词短语 as being big boned 在句子中作定语,“being big boned”是动名词短 语,作介词 as 的宾语。类似的句子还有:Her friends all speak of her as being sweet-tempered。 As 也可以作关系代词,在限制性定语从句中常和 such, the same, so 连用; 在非 限制性定语从句中代指主句的整个内容,例如: Such exercises as he does are good for old people. I hold the same view as the majority does. He is a teacher, as is clear from his manner. As was his wont(习惯), he cleared his throat before starting the lecture. Big boned 指“骨架大的” 。 3. Walking and riding your bike count, and so do school sports.

步行和骑自行车都有用,学校里的体育活动也有用。 Count 除“计数,计算”的意思外还有“被视为、在?之列、有?作用”等意思。 例如: His opinions don’t count. Knowledge without common sense counts for little. so do school sports 是省略句,相当于:school sports also count. 4. When you sleep, your body prepares you for the day to come. 当你睡觉的时候,你的身体为新的一天做好准备。 Prepare sb for sth: 使?.做好?.的准备,例如: Education prepares students for their future careers. We must prepare her for the bad news so that it won’t come to her as too much a shock. 不定式短语 to come 在本句中作定语,修饰 the day, 表示“即将来临的” 5. As a matter of fact, loss of sleep can make you look tired, and even cause you to put on weight. 事实上,睡眠不足会使你看起来疲倦,甚至导致你体重增加。 As a matter of fact: in fact。Loss 是 lose 的名词形式,loss of sleep 意思 是“睡眠不足” ,不是“失眠” 。Cause sb to do sth, 使某人做某事。

6. Many teenagers are surprised to learn that when you exercise, your body produces some chemicals that make you feel relaxed and increase your ability to concentrate when you study. 许多青少年听说体育锻炼可以使身体产生帮助放松精神、促进集中注意力的化学物 质时都觉得吃惊。 Be surprised to learn 得知某事感到惊奇,learn 在这里是“得知、了解到”的意 思。surprised to learn 【同步练习】 一、单项选择 1. He is a friend of______. A. Mike’s brother’s B. Kate’s brother C. father’s of Mike D.

Mike father’s 2. Encourage is a ____________ word. A. 9-letters B. 9-letter C. 9-letter’s D. seven-letters’

3. The nurse is taking my ________ temperature. A. mother’s-in-law B. mother-in-laws C. mothers-in-law D. mother-in-law’s 4. This cup is ______big as that one. A. half as B. as half C. three-seventh D. two as

5. Mr. Wolfe seldom speaks in a loud voice, _____ he? A. does B. doesn’t C. is D. isn’t

6. Peter said he would practice yoga, and _________. A. so did he B. so would he C. so he did D. so he does

7. ____ we all know, China is a big developing country. A. what B. so C. which D. as

8. The old classmates talked of the things and persons ______ they remembered. A. who B. whom C. that D. which 9. A good ______ of students have sign up for the outing. A. amount B. deal C. many D. lot

10. You can’t ______ to neglect such an important client. A. offer B. afford C. pay D. refuse

11. We put the food in the shade to ______ it cool. A. remain B. prevent C. stay D. keep

12. Such a _______ person can never be trusted with so important a job. A. worthless B. valueless C. priceless D. worthy

13. If you ______breakfast often, you will have no energy for the morning work. A. leave out B. drop C. give up D. skip

14. Those _____ want to have a go please step forward. A. that B. who C. they D. for whom

15. Her charm _____ well with those eager young gentlemen. A. counts B. results C. works D. affects







advertisement, conduct, concentrate, offer, percentage 1. He always behaves _______ in front of the teacher. 2. You have to be very _______ if you want to become an inventor. 3. you can ask the _______ for help if you meet with any difficulties on the bus. 4. They ______ their products in several newspapers. 5. I ________ to lend him a hand, but he refused. 6. There is a high _________ of harmful chemicals in the water we have been drinking for years. 7. Only 25 _______ of high school students find their way to college. 8. It is rather hard for poor couples to find an _________ apartment. 9. She _________ her speech with a call for peace. 10. When he failed _______ her to accept his offer, he threatened her with force. 三、完形填空 China today is 1 a dragon that, 2 up after centuries of sleep, suddenly has happened to it

realizes many nations have 3

on its tail. With all 4

over the past 200 years, China could be forgiven for awakening(醒来) as an angry nation, and 5 Beijing has declared that it will rise peacefully. 6 from China's awareness that it is

This good disposition(脾气) comes

7 weak. But it is also a sign that Beijing has recognized the vision of

progress 8

the United States has praised since World War II. States no

longer need to have a strong army to prosper(富强), the theory goes; trade and economic integration(一体化) pave a surer path to growth. And Beijing has noted how much sticking to this idea helped Japan and Germany rise from the ruins(废墟)of World War II. __9__ the main architect(建筑师) of the 10 the first to celebrate

world order today, the United States should be

China's progress. For if Beijing continues to abide by(遵守) Washington's rules, peace and stability could stay, and the United States, as both a society and an economy, could benefit a great deal from the renaissance(复 兴) of Chinese civilization. 1.A. for 2. A. wake 3. A. stepped stepped 4. A. what 5. A. then 6. A. partly 7. A. rather 8. A. when 9. A. As B. that B. yet B. mainly B. relatively B. where B. with C. which C. so C. exactly C. probably C. in which C. Be C. within D. it D. however D. merely D. only D. that D. To be D. besides B. like B. woke C. with C. woken D. as D. waking D. been

B. being stepped

C. been stepping

10. A. between B. among 四、阅读理解

The World Heart Federation(联合会) says heart disease kills seventeen million people each year. The group urges people to be active and have a good, healthy diet. It also warns against activities known to increase a person's risk of heart attack or stroke.

Some of the warnings are directed at children. The World Heart Federation says about twenty-two million boys and girls under the age of five are obese (肥胖) -- severely overweight. Children are normally energetic and active. However, two thirds of all children are not active enough. Such children greatly increase their risk of becoming obese. They also increase their risk of developing heart disease or other disorders. One message of World Heart Day is to eat right. Children should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Also, limit sugary drinks, sweets and eating between meals. The World Heart Federation urges parents to keep their children active. It says physical exercise helps to decrease the risk of obesity and keeps a child healthy. Obese children often become obese adults. If you believe your child is too heavy, talk with a health care provider. The World Heart Federation also is concerned about the effects of tobacco on young people. It says the younger someone begins to smoke, the greater the chance of a health problem tied to smoking. Half of the young people who continue to smoke are likely to die later in life from a smoking-related disease. 1. What is the goal of the world heart Federation? 2. What are the risks for those less active children? 3. What does the organization urge parents to do? 4. Why is the federation worried about young people smoking?

【参考答案】 一、ABDAA, CDCCB, DAABC 二 、 1.properly 2. creative 3. conductor 4.advertised 5.offered 6.

concentration 7. percent 三、BDCBB, ABDAB

8.affordable 9. concluded persuade

四、1.To help people decrease the risk of having heart diseases by having proper diets and healthy lifestyle. 2. Becoming fat and developing heart diseases. 3. To keep their children active. 4. Because people who starts smoking earlier have a greater chance of developing smoking related disease.


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