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嘉兴市第一中学 2016 学年第二学期阶段性练习 高一英语
2016 年 3 月

满分 100 分,时间 90 分钟 一、单项选择(本题共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分。 ) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在机读卡上将该选项标号涂黑。 1. –When can we have dinner? --It

______ in the canteen. A. is being served B. is served C. serves D. is serving 2 As he was born and brought up there, he should be familiar ______ that area. A. to B. towards C. with D. for 3. The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in the jobs ______ they are being trained. that B.for that which D.for which 4. Is this factory _____ he worked before moving to Beijing? A. the one B. which C. where D. in which 5. Hearing the footsteps from the stairs, he hurriedly turned off the TV, picked up a book and pretended ______. A. reading B. to be reading C. to reading D. ha ving read 6. I had never imagined ______ such a big audience. A. there to be B. there being C. there had D. to have 7. He decided to apply ______ the company ______ the new position. A. to; to B. for; for C. to; for D. for; to 8. His confidence ______ his good knowledge of the business. A. results in B. results from C. as a result of D. results with 9. The book ______ fifty maps or so, ______ three of China. A. contains; including B. includes; containing C. contains; containing D. includes; including 10. We feel grateful to them for their efforts to ______ pollution ______ our environment better. A. prevent; making B. protect; from making C. protect; to make D. prevent; to make 二、完形填空(本题共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Drama(戏剧) and the performing arts are excellent methods of building confidence in children and adults alike. Learning through drama allows children to 11 their creativity and have fun while leaving their 12 and worries behind. Drama also works by supporting the growth of imagination and other skills. Entertainment has become rather passive with 13 , television, and video games. These screen-based methods have had a 14 effect on communication. They prevent children communicating with each other. 15 , drama puts the get-up-and-go(干劲) back into entertainment. Children have the opportunity to 16 with others in a more meaningful way 17 drama encourages speech development and awareness of body language, and allows the children to become more 18 aware. Play and drama are closely linked. When children play a game, they are pretending and using their 19 and so they are moving away from reality to 20 their own story. Drama is a vehicle 21 which children can express themselves more freely through mime (哑剧表演) gesture, movement and speech to make education fun. Children gain 22 by understanding that there is no final answer in drama and that their opinion and

contribution are valued. They are able to 23 to many issues and situations such as poverty, global warming and recycling. Drama and 24 have a strong link as drama can 25 children to take an active interest in other subjects such as geography, history, and English and so they can 26 a more rounded education. As a drama teacher, I have witnessed a child at his first class holding on to his parents' arm ---- 27 to let go. Then to see the same child later running into my class with a smile is an 28 sight. Drama installs confidence in children by allowing them to improvise (即兴创作) and experiment. Everyone is given the opportunity to shine 29 drama. Besides learning the history of the theatre, drama 30 dance, music, and directing, etc. These classes are especially designed to be of great fun. 11. A. express B. expose C. experience D. explore 12. A. depression B. happiness C. shyness D. sadness 13. A. cinema B. radio C. media D. drama 14. A. positive B. negative C. sensitive D. subjective 15. A. However B. Besides C. Therefore D. Meanwhile 16. A. compare B. discuss C. connect D. compet e 17. A. though B. as C. if D. before 18. A. mentally B. physically C. emotionally D. socially 19. A.determination B. consideration C. communication D. imagination 20. A. create B. tell C. read D. believe 21. A. through B. beyond C. across D. for 22. A. success B. hope C. admiration D. confidence 23. A. stick B. turn C. respond D. reply 24. A. language B. education C. play D. entertainment 25. A. persuade B. require C. encourage D. train 26. A. have B. continue C. provide D. give 27. A. tired B. unwilling C. sorry D. pleased 28. A. ordinary B. excellent C. odd D. imaginary 29. A. over B. above C. after D. within 30. A. possesses B. applies C. covers D. links

三、阅读理解 第一节(本节有 16 小题;每小题 2.5 分,共 40 分) 子的最佳选项。 A From time to time I travel to town from my new country home. On this particular Saturday, it was Adam’s turn to accompany me on the forty-five-minute drive---- a coveted(渴望的) pleasure. Adam has a deep fondness of candy. If he knew there was a candy treat on the other side of a mountain, he would move the entire mountain, stone by stone, to get the treat. When we arrived, we walked toward the store. But I found Adam had fallen silent — his stare falling on something further down the street. There an old man sat by the store entrance, begging. His gray sweater had many holes exposing a dirty T-shirt. He sat with his back to the wall, his hands cupped around an empty hat. ―Can I have my dollar, daddy?‖ I pulled a dollar and handed it to Adam and thought he would use it to buy his candy. ―Thank you, daddy.‖ He went away and I went on to choose something we needed. After a while we left the store and walked a few feet to the corner. While waiting for the light, I felt Adam gently slip his hand from mine. I turned watching him as he walked back to the beggar giving his dollar.
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阅读下面短文并做每篇后面的题目。从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句

When he came back, I hugged Adam saying, “Daddy is very proud of you, Adam. That was very thoughtful.” “It certainly was,” confirmed(证实) a female voice to my right. I turned and watched a middle-aged woman place five dollars in the man’s hat. ―May I?‖ she asked as she leaned over to kiss Adam’s cheek. I nodded and smiled—Adam smiled. ―Look, daddy.‖ Adam was looking over my shoulder to the beggar. A small group of people had gathered around him placing money in his hat. I couldn’t help but recall a thought: A child shall lead them. 31. Why did Adam become silent when walking to the store? A. Because he felt tired after the drive. B. Because he noticed a beggar sitting by the store. C. Because the beggar asked money from him. D. Because he saw an old man sat before the store entrance. 32. What made the writer feel proud of his son? A. Adam dared to walk alone on the busy road. B. Adam was able to buy something for himself. C. Adam shared his sweet with poor beggar. D. Adam gave his money to the poor beggar. 33. What did the woman want to do by asking ―May I?‖ A. She wanted to show her praise by kissing Adam. B. She asked if she could give the beggar some money. C. She intended to give five dollars to Adam in return. D. She hoped to kiss the writer for his act of kindness. 34. From the passage, we can make a conclusion that ____________. A. a child is often the first to love others. B. a child can take the lead in loving others. C. a child usually needs others to lead him. D. a child sometimes should be led to do things.
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Many of us remember being in awe(敬畏) when we saw cloned dinosaurs running wild in the film Jurassic Park. And the idea of using technology to revive(恢复) extinct species has long fascinated not only writers and directors, but scientists as well. According to The Telegraph, woolly mammoths(长毛猛犸象), which featured in the popular Ice Age animated movie series, ―may walk the earth once more‖ now that scientists have taken another step toward realizing a long-held dream—recreating their DNA. Mammoths became extinct around 10,000 years ago. However, since the discovery of near-perfect preserved remains in Arctic permafrost(北极冻土带) in May 2013, a variety of research studies have been carried out since. Geneticists from Harvard University analyzed DNA from the remains, looking for genes which separated mammoths from elephants, such as hairiness and ear size. They then used the results to reproduce exact copies of 14 mammoth genes. ―It is the first time that mammoth genes have been alive—although so far it has only been done in the lab,‖ George Church, lead researcher of the project, told the Sunday Times. Church then used a new technique which allows scientists to edit DNA carefully, replacing sections of elephant DNA with the mammoth genes. So ―we now have functioning elephant cells with mammoth DNA in them,‖ he said. However, Church ruled out the possibility of bringing the mammoths back to life via cloning from frozen remains. He said he ―preferred to focus on rebuilding the full mammoth genome(基因组) by analyzing DNA from preserved remains and putting it into the cells of its closest living relative – the Asian elephant,‖ reported The Telegraph.

Church argued that the return of the woolly mammoth—or rather, the return of something very similar—could help bring back fragile(脆弱的) ecosystems. However, some scientists believe that bringing back the mammoth would be


Professor Alex Greenwood, an expert on ancient DNA, said: ―We may face the extinction of African and Asian elephants. Why bring back another elephant from extinction when we cannot even keep the ones that are not extinct around?‖ he told the Sunday Times. ―What is the message? We can be as irresponsible with the environment as we want. Then we’ll just clone things back?‖ ―Money woul d be better spent focusing on conserving what we do have than spending it on an animal that has been extinct for thousands of years,‖ he said. 35. We can learn from the article that ______. A. cloned mammoths followed cloned dinosaurs to get revived B. the technology to revive mammoth genes is already mature C. George Church and his colleagues tried to reproduce mammoth DNA D. Church and his team managed to list all the genes that separate mammoths from elephants 36. According to Church, what is the significance of his study? A. It could help prevent the extinction of the Asian elephant. B. It could help people better tell elephant DNA from mammoth genes. C. It could help bring back some extinct species and save fragile ecosystems. D. It could help bring mammoths back to life via cloning from frozen remains. 37. The underlined word ―unethical‖ in Paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to ______. A. unacceptable B. misled C. impractical D. illegal 38. According to the article, Professor Alex Greenwood believes that _______. A. there is no need to worry about the extinction of African and Asian elephants at present B. it’s necessary to bring back species that are beneficial to human beings from extinction C. the return of the woolly mammoth would help to balance ecosystems D. it’s more important to protect present species than to bring back extinct ones

Each year, 500 million people from 164 countries celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June. It may seem like there is not much that an individual can do to save the world, but there is. One of the first steps is to understand the problems and their solutions. Try to learn about your ecosystem, endangered animals and pollution. If you are well-informed, you can make better decisions about how to save energy and produce less waste. You can als o learn how to be a better consumer and not buy products made from endangered animals or which have too much packaging. Also share your concerns with others and find ways to promote environmental education. Help educate people in your community about ways in which they can help protect the environment. The Earth is our only home. We should take good care of it.

Make a list of all the things you can recycle at home and at school and start recycling. In some cases, you can sell the things you recycle. In others, you can turn unwanted items into something useful for another purpose, such as using old plastic bottles for growing plants. Most bottles and jars contain at least 25% recycled glass. And recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy needed to make aluminum from bauxite ore. Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees, 26,000 liters of water, 1,700 liters of oil, 266 kilograms of air pollution and 2.3 cubic meters of rubbish dump space.

Use less energy
The easiest way to save energy is to cycle or walk whenever possible instead of using public transportation.

At home and at school, you should only use electric lights and electrical appliances when you need them. There are many other less obvious ways of saving energy. For example, try to ask your mum to buy food which has been grown locally. Why? When people buy food from far away, it takes extra energy to package and ship it by boat, train, truck or plane.

Save water
You can save water by helping your Dad repair leaking pipes and toilets. Take short showers instead of baths. Some waste water from baths can be used for other purposes, such as watering plants or washing outdoor spaces. It is important to help preserve the local water quality by not pouring dangerous household chemicals down the drain or into the ground. Dispose of them properly. 39. The target readers of this passage could mostly probably be ________. A. housewives B. car drivers C. businessmen D. students 40. Which of the following is NOT mentioned to protect the Earth? A. Don't buy products made from endangered animals. B. Don't buy food produced in faraway places. C. Don't order more than you can eat at a restaurant. D. Don't buy goods with heavy packaging. 41. According to the passage, the underlined words ―bauxite ore‖ in the third paragraph refers to ________. A. a metal which can be used to make cans B. a mineral from which a certain metal can be obtained C. a container in which a certain material can be stored D. a matter which can be used to produce energy 42. Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. You can do these! B. Recycling to save the Earth C. Celebrate the World Environment Day! D. Use less water and energy
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Charles Dickens was one of the most beloved storytellers in the English language. His novels made him famous in his own time, and continue as classics in ours. Dickens began his literary career with almost no formal education. He was born in Landport, on Feb. 7, 1812, the second of eight children. When he was 12, his father was sent to debtor's prison. Dickens was forced to quit school and work in a London blacking factory. He would rework that terrible experience into his fiction for the rest of his life. ―He was a social reformer,‖ says actor Simon Callow, author of a new biography called Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World. ―He knew what poverty was. He knew what it was to be rejected, to be cast aside, to live in squalor(悲惨).‖ And so Dickens wrote with great sympathy for the suffering of innocent and vulnerable(易受攻击的) children—characters like David Copperfield, Little Dorrit and the orphan, Oliver Twist: With his slice of bread in his hand, and his little brown parish cap on his head, Oliver was now led away from the wretched(苦难的) home, where one kind word or look never lighted the gloom of his infant(幼儿) days. Yet he burst into an agony of childish grief as the cottage gate closed after him. Wretched as were the little companions in misery he was now leaving behind him, they were the only friends he had ever had. His first book Sketches by Boz came out in 1836. With the appearance of Oliver Twist in London periodicals in 1837, the 25-year-old Dickens became the most popular writer in England. But his first love was theater, and he considered becoming an actor. ―When he was actually writing, he became his characters,‖ says Peter Ackroyd, author of Dickens: Public

Life and Private Passion. ―He would get up from his desk, go over to the mirror and mouth the words—do the expressions, grimaces(鬼脸), whatever, and then laugh, chuckle to himself, then go back to his desk and write it down.‖ Dickens created 989 named characters, which increased his popularity. Every one of his major works has been adapted for either stage or screen. A Christmas Carol inspired more than a dozen films, from Alistair Sims' Scrooge in 1951 to Jim Carrey's voicing of the same character i n Disney's 2009, 3-D animated film. The original 1843 manuscript(手稿) of A Christmas Carol is on display at the Morgan Library. Dickens wrote everything by hand, in tiny script, with a quill pen. Remarkably, the manuscript is both the first and the final draft, says Kiely, the curator. You can see where Dickens has changed the name of the first chapter from ―Old Marley's Ghost‖ to ―Marley's Ghost‖. Further down the page, he has canceled an entire section. ―He realizes he's not writing a novel, and he only has a very short time in which to write this,‖ Kiely explains. ―He's got to keep it tight, in order for it to be published in time for Christmas.‖ Dickens wrote all the time. He traveled with a portable inkwell and a supply of quill pens. He was working on his last novel, Our Mutual Friend, en route from France to London when the train he was on crashed. Dickens died five years later in 1870, after a stroke at age 58. As a comic talent and a social reformer, Dickens' achievement was extraordinary, says novelist T. C. Boyle, who earned a doctorate in Victorian literature. ―He achieved what any great artist achieves—a body of work that has entertained and delighted and instructed people down through the ages. That's what we all hope for,‖ says Boyle. But Dickens' greatest fiction was his own character, says Callow, the biographer:―People think of him as a cheerful man... but he was increasingly suffering from depression and a sense of hopelessness. And that's worth knowing. I think it's always good to know that great creative individuals have their struggle, their drama.‖ 43. What can pro bably be reflected in Dickens' works? A. His love for his family. B. His childhood sufferings. C. His desire for formal education. D. His reason to choose literary career. 44. The author quotes Dickens' description of Oliver Twist mainly to show ________. A. that Dickens was full of pity for poor children B. that Dickens knew well about poor children C. what real poverty was like in his days D. what kind of life Oliver Twist lived 45. It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A. Sketches by Boz is nothing but a complete failure B. Oliver Twist made Dickens first known to the public C. A Chri stmas Carol proved Dickens an efficient writer D. Our Mutual Friend came into being on a train 46. What did Dickens intend to do by telling his stories? A. To amuse his readers and change society. B. To analyze the nature of society he was in. C. To make an attack on the upper class of the time. D. To get rid of his depression and sense of hopelessness. 第二节(本节有 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 请在答题卡上将对应题号的相应选项字母涂黑。(温馨提示:选

E 答案时,请涂 AB; 选

F 答案时,请涂 CD,G 请涂 ABCD)
There are times in life when things don’t go as expected. Perhaps an important project of yours ended up in failure. Or you got laid off from your job. Whatever it is , it might make you depressed. But you need to get things back under control. You need to keep moving forward. 47 . In this way, you can face the situation with a positive attitude. How to Feel Better?Here are some tips to make yourself feel better when you’re depressed: 1. Calm down Before anything else, calm yourself down. Don’t panic. 48 . You can only apply the tips below if you are calm. 2. 49 When you’re depressed, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of negative thoughts, which makes things look worse than they actually are. It’s important that you break this cycle so that you don’t become a victim of your own thoughts. You may read spiritual texts, motivational books, or inspiring quotes. You may also listen to positive tapes. 3. Remember good things Our minds tend to focus on the negative and not the positive. 50 . Remember the good things in your life. Remember the good people around you. 4. Forgive Sometimes one reason you feel bad is because you don’t forgive. Perhaps you had made mistakes in the past and you blamed yourself for it. You need to forgive yourself. Or perhaps someone mistreated you. 51 . I know it’s easier said than done, but as Mahatma Gandhi said: The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. So let us all be strong. A. You apologized for it. B. You need to forgive them. C. You need to make yourself feel better. D. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. E. But you should direct your mind to the positive. F. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. G. Say something positive. 四、语法填空(本节有 10 小题;每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 I have a classmate named Angel, _______ is a lovely and bright girl. She is popular______ all the classmates. One day, news came ______Angel had got skin cancer. It really shocked everybody. When I saw her in the hospital, I could not help______(cry). She was _______ thin and weak that it seemed only skin and bones were left. ________her face was so pale, she gave us a big smile to comfort us. All the classmates and teachers began to raise money. Some called the media ______help. In the end, we succeeded in_________ money for the first operation. We will keep trying until Angel _________(cure). Many people offered as ______ help as they could even though they did not know Angel. I am really touched by this. There is love in everywhere as long as we seek for it.

2016 学年第二学期英语 3 月阶段性练习 答案及评分标准
一、单项选择(本题共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分。 ) 1-5ACDCB 6-10 BCBAD 二、完形填空(本题共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 11-15 DCABA 16-20 CBDDA 21-25ADCBC 26-30 ABBDC 三、阅读理解 第一节(本节有 16 小题;每小题 2.5 分,共 40 分) 31-34. BDAB 35-38. CCAD 39-42. DCBA CBAD 43-46. BACA 第二节(本节有 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 47-51. CDFEB 四、语法填空(本节有 10 小题;每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1.who 2. with 3. that 4. crying 5. so 6. Though/Although 7. for 9. raising10. much



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