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新人教选修6 Unit 4 Gloal warming-warming up and prereading教案

Unit 4 Global warming Warming up and pre-reading Teaching goals (教学目标) 1. Enable the students to talk about different sources of energy and express their own ideas. 2. Help the students learn how to give their ideas about the use of energy. Teaching important points 教学重点 Train the students’ speaking ability by talking about global warming. Teaching difficult points 教学难点 How to help the student carry out the task of speaking. Teaching aids Multimedia Teaching procedures Step Ⅰ greeting T: Good morning, everyone. Ss: Good morning, teacher. T: Sit down, please. Step II lead in T: Now late autumn is approaching, but the weather here is still quite hot, do you know why? What causes such bad weather? S1: … S2:… T: Yes, great, today we will talk some thing about it. Please turn to page25 and look at the topic of this unit, do you understand it? How to understand it in Chinese? Now let’s watch a film first(play the film for the students)and then appreciate some pictures.(show the pictures on the screen) what does the movie tell us? (The movie tells that the temperature heats up due to global warming. The Ice Age is coming to an end.) 1 (Animals discover that the miles of melted ice will flood their valley, they try to avoid the trouble .) Eventually, they succeed. Look at the pictures and think about the following questions. Think about: What causes the global warming? Human activity or a random but natural 2 phenomenon?(watch a video) T: When we talk about this problem, we

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