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Unit Two

Is this your pencil?
Let’s review

things in the classroom

stationery 文具



computer game



ID card

A: What’s this ?
B: It’s a watch. A: How do you spell it ?

B: W-A-T-C-H.



computer game


A: What’s this ? B: It’s a… A: How do you spell it ? B: …



ID card

Do you remember? game 4.ID card 2. watch




8. p e n

-Is this a pencil case? -Yes, it is.

-Is that an eraser? -No, it isn’t. It’s a book.

Is this your ruler?

No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

Yes, it is. It’s my ruler.

Is that your book?

No, it isn’t. It’s his book.

Yes, it is. It’s my book.

填 空
1.-Is that your pencil? it is -Yes, ____ ____ . 2.-Is this your ruler? No -___ , it isn’t. 3.-____that your book? Is -No, it isn’t ____. 4.-Is this her pen? It’s -No, it isn’t. ____ my pen. Is 5.-__ that your pencil case? -___ , it isn’t. It is his/her pencil case. ____ No 6.-Is this his eraser? Yes -___ , it is. It’s his/her eraser. ___ Is 7.- __ this your pencil sharpener? -Yes, ___ ___. It’s___ pencil sharpener. it is my

课 堂 练 习

Found:Gold ring. Is this your ring? Please call Mary . Phone # 235-0285.

Francisco, Is that your computer game in the lost and found case? Rick


Found: _______ Pencil
Is this your _______? pencil Please call _______. Tom 67223456 Phone # __________.

Is this your watch? Call Alan at 495-3539

call + 某人 + at +电话号码(用这个号码打电话给某人)

Computer game

Found: _______
Is this your _______? Please call _______. Phone # __________.

李超拾到一块 手表,请帮他写 一则招领启事, 电话是688997。

Lost: My school ID card. My name is Steven. Please call 685-6034. Steven school ID card No.2 Middle school Class Two,Grade one


My school ID card. My name is Li Yao.

Please call 6213480 .

My name is _________. Please call ___________.

孟伟丢失了一把钥 匙,请帮他写一则 寻物启事,电话是 611668.

李静丢失了她的 英语书,请你帮 她写一则寻物启 事,她的电话是 622113。


1.This is a pen.(变为一般疑问句)

——————————————— 2.Is this your pen?(肯定回答)

Is this a pen?

Yes, ———— it is. ———
3.How do you spell “ruler”?(回答) —————————————— 4.Can you spell “ruler”?(回答) —————————————— 5.Is that her pen?(否定回答) ———— ——————


Yes,R-U-L-E-R,ruler. No, it isn’t


1.This is a pen.(变为一般疑问句)

——————————————— 2.Is this your pen?(肯定回答)

Is this a pen?

Yes, it is. ——— ———— 3.How do you spell “ruler”?(回答)
—————————————— 4.Can you spell “ruler”?(回答) —————————————— 5.Is that her pen?(否定回答) ———— ——————



No, it isn’t.

再 见


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