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2016届高考英语一轮复习Unit 1 A land of diversity

选修 8
Unit 1 A land of diversity


1. means n.
2.boom n.


3. customs n.


4.occur vi.
5. slip vi.




6. hire vt.&n.


7. nowhere adv.
8. reform vt.&vi.




9.distinct adj.清晰的;明显的;明确的→ distinction

10. majority n.大多数;大半→ minority n.少数

11.elect vt. 选择;决定做某事;选举某人→ election n. 选举 12.applicant n.申请人→apply v. 申请→application n. 申请 13.indicate vt. 指出;标示;表明;暗示→indication n. 迹象 → indicator n. 指示器;指示物 14. apparent adj. 显而易见的;显然的;表面上的 → apparently adv. 显然地;显而易见地

Ⅱ.重点短语必背 1. live on 2. by means of ... 3. make a life 4. keep up 继续存在;继续生存 用……办法;借助…… 习惯于新的生活方式、工作等 坚持;维持;沿袭(风俗、传统等)

5. back to back


6. team up with
7. mark out 8.take in 9. a great/good many 10. apply for

划线;标出……界线 包括;吸收;欺骗;理解 许多;很多 申请;请示得到

1.majority n.大多数;大半 be in the/a majority 构成大部分/大多数

a majority over sb.超过某人的票数
major adj.主要的



Among the members of the committee those who favour the

in the majority proposed change are ________________. (2)在最后选举中他们的票数大大超过其他党派。 a large majority over the other parties at the last They had ____________________ election.

2.occur vi.发生;出现 occur to...(主意等)浮现于脑海中;被想起

It occurs to sb.that-clause 某人突然想起……
运用 完成句子


did occur ? When ________ the accident ________
(2)他突然想起来那天晚上他见过汤姆。 It occurred to him that _________________________ he had seen Tom that night.

3.indicate vt.指出;标示;表明;暗示 indicate sth.(to sb.) (向某人)指示/指出/暗示某物 indicate that-clause 表示……;示意…… 运用 完成句子

(1)标志上的箭头指示的是应走的路。 indicates the way The arrow on the sign _____________________ to go. (2)闪烁的红灯表示这段路正在维修。 indicated A flashing red light ________________ that a stretch of road

was undergoing repairs.

用所学单词及用法完成下列句子 1.这场雪表明冬天来临了。

indicates The snow ______________ the coming of winter. 2.移民到这个国家有严格的限制。
immigration into this country. There are strict controls on ______________ 3.多数人喜欢电视胜过广播。 majority The ________________ of people seem to prefer TV to radio.

hire No ordinary families can afford to ____________ servants.

5.因为工资低,几乎没有人申请这份工作。 applicants As the wages were low, there were few ________________ for the job. 6.电子邮件不是一种安全的通讯方式。 a secure means of E-mail is not ______________________ communication. 7.空难在起飞几分钟后就发生了。 occurred That plane crash ______________ only minutes after take-off. 8.她把书签插入书中。 inserted into She _____________ a book mark ____________ a book. on 继续存在;继续生存

live on sth.以某物为食;靠某种经济来源生活
live through sth.经历某事而幸存 live together 在一起生活;同居

live up to sth.依照某事物行事;符合某事物的标准 live with sth.接受或容忍某事物 live 过着……的生活


用 live 相关短语的适当形式填空

lives on (1)The lonely old man ________________ charity.
lives on (2)Mozart is dead but his music ________________.

lived through (3)My grandfather __________________ both world wars.
live up to our parents' (4)We should work hard and try to ____________ expectations. live with her disability. (5)The brave girl is learning to ____________

2.make a life 习惯新的生活方式、工作等;创造生活 make a bargain 达成协议;成交

make a promise 做出承诺
make a choice 做出选择

make a living 谋生
make a profit 获得收益 make a decision 决定下来;作出决定;下决心 make a deal with 与……做生意;和……妥协



(1)不管怎样,在我作出决定前我会让你知道的。 make a decision Anyway, I'll let you know before I ________________. (2)独立创造生活至关重要。 make a life It is very important to ________________ on your own.

(3)不要轻易许诺。 make a promise easily. Don't ________________ up with 与……合作或一起工作

team up 合作
cooperate with 与……合作 运用 完成句子

(1)这两家公司一起合作研发这种微波炉。 teamed up The two companies have ________________ to develop this kind of microwave.

John preferred to go into business alone rather than cooperate with/team up with ______________________________ anyone else.

用所学短语及用法完成下列句子 1.他很快适应了这个陌生城市的生活。 made a life He ________________ soon in this strange city. 2.没有人喜欢与懒惰的人合作。 team up with Nobody likes to ________________ lazy persons. 3.他用油漆标记了篮球场。

marked out He ________________ the basketball court with paint.

4.我上学时只能靠水和面包过活。 live on I had to ________________ bread and water when I was a student. 5.他从那本文法书中引用了许多例子。 a great/good many examples from the He has extracted ___________________ grammar book.

6.联合王国包括英格兰、威尔士、苏格兰和北爱尔兰。 takes in The United Kingdom ________________ England, Wales,
Scotland and Northern Ireland.

原句 1 Although Chinese immigrants began to arrive during the Gold Rush Period, it was the building of the rail network from the west to the east coast that brought even larger numbers to California in the 1860s.虽然中国移民在淘金热时期就开始来到 (美国),但是更大批量的移民却是在 19 世纪 60 年代为了修建 贯穿美国东西海岸的铁路而来的。 结构:让步状语从句,+强调句



虽然他妹妹和他没有血缘关系,但是洪战辉他自己却坚持 背她上大学,这件事感动了整个中国。 Although ________________ his young sister has no blood relationship that/who with him, ______________ Hong Zhanhui himself _____________ it is insists on carrying her on his back to college, which moves the whole China.

原句 2 It is believed that before long the mix of nationalities
will be so great that there will be no distinct major racial or cultural groups, but simply a mixture of many races and cultures. 人 们 认 为,要不了多久,多民族的融合就会非常深入,以至于不可能 存在一种主要的种族或文化群体,而只是多种族、多文化的混 合体。

结构:It is+v.-ed+that-clause+so...that...



据报道 2008 奥运福娃的英文名已经由 Friendlies 改为 fuwa, 它易发音,易记忆,因而很受人们的欢迎。 It is reported that __________________ the English name of the five mascots of

the 2008 Olympics has changed from “Friendlies” to “Fuwa” ,
so easy to pronounce and remember that which is _______________________________________________ it is popular with all the people.

运用所学语言基础知识,补充完整下面短文,并背诵之 Like a good many parents expecting their daughters or sons

promising with (1)________________ ( 有前途的;有希望的) future, Liu
Xuan's parents sent her, still a high school student, to study in

Britain.Liu Xuan, who well understood her parents' good
intention make a life (2)_______________ (目的;意图), tried to (3)________________ ( 适应新的生活 ) there in spite of disadvantages such as, being language obstacles homesick, (4)______________________ ( 语言障碍) and cultural taken in shock.She was (5)________________ ( 接 收 ; 吸 收 ) by a host

family, which made her learn a lot about everyday life and improved greatly her English as well.A semester later, not only had been/got accustomed to Liu Xuan (6)_____________________________ (适应;习惯) apply for everything there but ma-naged to (7)________________ ( 申请) a scholarship to study in University of Edinburgh.When asked the feelings about studying abroad, Liu Xuan said proudly it was persistence and perseverance (8)_________________________________ ( 坚 持 和 毅 力 ) that get through made her (9)________________ (度过;完成) that hard time.


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