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高中英语 Unit 3 Travel journal-Period 1课件

Unit 3

Travel journal

Valuable Advice for Traveling Abroad Traveling isn't just about buying a ticket or taking your bags with you. Without proper plans and safety measures1, a trip that seems wellplanned at the beginning can turn into a nightmare2. When deciding on the place which you are going to visit, it is always better to get background3 information on that place before making the final decision. This information can be got from your local travel company, or from the Internet. You should know information about safety measures and other similar matters such as war, disease or natural disasters.

①While traveling in a foreign country, there is a chance that you might get into trouble. So②it is advised to get in touch with your country's consulate4. In order to do this without any problems, it is good to carry a list showing the addresses and telephone numbers of the consular offices in the country you plan to visit. If you are traveling from one country to another, it is a good idea to tell your friends or family about your plan. This allows them to keep in touch with you. Another way to keep in touch with them is to exchange email addresses. This is much more useful as email can be sent almost anywhere in the world.

Notes: 1.measure /'me??(r)/n.方法;措施

2.nightmare /'naItme?(r)/n.噩梦
3.background /'b?kgra?nd/n.背景 4.consulate /'k?nsj?l?t/n.领事馆


①While traveling... ________(遛狗时)you got it loose and it was hit by a car. ②It is advised to get... ______________(建议你) get along well with your parents.




1.①While walking the dog

②It is advised to


Period 1

Warming Up,Pre-reading & Reading

Ⅰ.单词识记 1.________ 2.________ n.日记;杂志;定期刊物 n.运送;运输

vt.运输;运送 3.________ 物) 4.________ n.不利条件;不便之处 ________(反义词) 5.________n.费用 vt.更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选择其他事



8.finally 9.schedule

adv.________ n.________vt.________

10.fond/f?nd/adj.____________________ 答案 1.journal 2.transport 3.prefer 4.disadvantage ;

终于 宠爱的








2.________________喜欢;喜爱 3.________________改变主意 4.________________关心;忧虑;惦念 5.________________说服某人做某事 an altitude of...________________
7.give in________________

8.attitude to________________

9.get sb interested in ________________ 10.graduate from ________________ 答案 1.ever since fond of 3.change one's mind 6.在??的经度上 9.使某人对??感兴趣 about

5.persuade sb to do sth




Ⅲ.句型搜索 1.It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River. 是我姐姐首先想到要沿湄公河骑车旅行。 [信息提取] 强调句结构:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+ 其他 [例句仿写] 你真正的朋友是我。 It is ________ ________ ________ your true friend.

2.Although she didn't know the best way of getting to places, she insisted that she organize the trip properly. 尽管她对去某些地方的最佳路线并不太清楚,她却坚持要把 这次旅行安排得尽善尽美。 [信息提取] insist“坚持要求,坚决主张”,后接省略should 的宾语从句。 [例句仿写] 我们坚决要求你收下这礼物。 ______________________________________________________

3.When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it would be very cold, she said it would be an interesting experience. 当我告诉她那里空气稀薄,呼吸困难,而且天气很冷时,她 却说这将是一次有趣的经历。 [信息提取] 特殊句式:主语+be+adj.+to do sth 不定式用主动形式表达被动含义。 [例句仿写] 那个男孩不易相处。 ______________________________________________________

4.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. 她一旦下定决心,什么也不能使她改变。 [信息提取] once引导条件状语从句,意为“一旦??”。 [例句仿写] 一旦你听了这首歌,你就忘不掉。 ______________________________________________________ 答案 1.I that/who am 2.We insist that you accept this 4.Once you have

gift.3.That boy is not easy to get along with. heard the song, you can't forget it.

Ⅳ.预读理解 1.Fast Reading:Scan the text and choose the best answers according to the text. ①Why is it so hard to breathe in Qinghai Province? A.The weather is cold. B.Because of the high altitude. C.Because of the rivers. D.Because of the low altitude.

②Which sentence is NOT true according to the text?
A.Wang Wei advised Wang Kun to buy a mountain bike and he agreed. B.Wang Wei seldom listened to others. C.Before their trip they went to the library.

D.Wang Wei knew the best way of getting to places.
③From the text, we can infer that ________. A.their trip will be difficult B.their trip will be very easy because they have prepared a lot C.they must be successful after enough preparations

D.they know very well about the Mekong River before

④What does Wang Kun mean by saying “the proper way is always her way”? A.Wang Wei is reliable (可信赖的),because she always knows

the proper way.
B.Wang Wei always insists on her way, even though she doesn't know the proper way. C.Wang Kun thinks that his sister is stubborn and can't do anything properly.

D.Wang Kun thinks that his sister can find the best way to get to
the places.

⑤The text tells us about ________. A.the author and her sister's plan about their holiday

B.anecdotes(轶事)that happened to their trip
C . the experiences during the author and his sister's trip in Qinghai D.the plan and the preparations for their trip 答案 ①B ②D ③A ④B ⑤D

2. Careful Reading: Read the text carefully and then decide

whether they are true or false.
①Wang Kun and Wang Wei have dreamed of a long bike trip for a long time.( ) ) )

②Dao Wei and Yu Hang grew up near the Lancang River.( ③Wang Wei has studied the map of the Mekong carefully.(

④When they graduated from middle school, they got the chance.( )

⑤They wanted to take the trip from the beginning of the Mekong
River to its end.( 答案 ①T ②T ) ③F ④F ⑤T

1.transport n.[U]运送,运输vt.运送,运输 The transport of goods by air is very expensive. 货物空运是很昂贵的。 A bus got fire when transporting passengers from the city to the airport. 一辆公共汽车在运送乘客从城里到机场的过程中起火了。

transport...(from...)to... 把……(从……)运到…… transportation(美)=transport(英)运输,交通工具 【比较网站】 transport transport/traffic 作“交通”讲,实指运输工具/方式 作“交通”讲,指路上的行人、车辆,着重指数 traffic 量的多少。“交通拥挤,交通中断”中的“交通 ”用traffic


①________is held up in many places because of the earthquake.
②My son is using my car, so I have no means of ________. 答案 ①Traffic ②transport

2.prefer vt.更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选其他事物) (1)prefer+n.+to+n.

Which do you prefer,rice or bread?
你比较喜欢哪一样,米饭还是面包? I prefer the town to the country. 与农村相比我更喜欢城市。 (2)prefer doing...

I would prefer playing outdoors to watching TV.
我宁愿在外面玩也不愿看电视。 While he was in the office , he preferred doing something to chatting. 他在办公室时喜欢做一些事情而不喜欢聊天。

(1)prefer和to后常跟对应的名词、形容词和v.-ing形式等。 (2)prefer to do rather than do“喜欢干??而不喜欢干??”。 rather than之后的不定式常省略to,如果两个不定式动词相同,则 第二个动词也可以省略。如:

I prefer to read rather than sit idly.
我宁愿读书而不愿闲坐在那儿。 I prefer to do this rather than that. 我喜欢做这件事而不愿做那件事。

(3)prefer sb to do...愿意让某人做某事 I'd prefer him to paint the door blue.

They preferred their son to go to college. 他们宁可让儿子上大学。 (4)prefer that...(should)do Would you prefer that I(should)go with you?

=Would you prefer me to go with you?
你要我和你一起去吗? Do you want me to come tomorrow,or would you prefer that I come the day after tomorrow? 你要我明天来还是后天来?

【温馨提示】 prefer不可用more,most来修饰。 Which of these hats do you prefer best?(误) Which of these hats do you like best?(正)

I prefer this more than that.(误)
I prefer this to that.或I like this more than that.(正)

【完成句子】 ①I prefer spending the weekend at home to ________(也不愿和他

②The old man was still in good health he ________work in the garden ________ sit.(他宁愿在花园里干活而不愿坐着). 答案 ①going on an outing with them

②preferred to; rather than

3.fare n.[C]费用,票价

She didn't have enough money for the ship fare.
她的钱不够付船费。 travel at half/full/reduced fare半价/全价/减价票旅行 【比较网站】 fare/fee

指乘坐公共汽车、轮船、出租车等的费用。(fare原本 fare 有旅行的意思) 指给律师、医生等的费用或(考试的)报名费、(加入俱 fee 乐部的)会费等

用fare和fee填空 ①Does the bank charge a ________for opening the account?

②He asked why his son should pay for full ________instead of half.
③If you want to join, there is an entrance ________of ?20. 答案 ①fee ②fare ③fee

4.persuade vt.说服,劝说
? persuade sb to do sth ? ?说服某人做某事 persuade sb into doing sth? ?

persuade sb not to do sth ? ? ?说服某人不做某事 ? persuade sb out of doing sth? persuade sb of sth ? ? ?使某人相信?? persuade sb that ...? ?

The salesgirl persuaded us to buy/into buying her goods.

The hunter tried to persuade Wu Song not to walk/out of walking through the mountain alone. 猎户试图劝阻武松不要独自过山冈。 I persuaded him of its truth finally.

【比较网站】 advise advise/persuade 强调“劝说”的动作

persuade 强调“已说服”的结果


______________________________________________________ ②我们劝他改变想法,但没有人能说服他这么做。 ______________________________________________________ 答案 ①Don't let yourself be persuaded into buying things you

don't really want.
②We advised him to change his mind but no one could persuade

him to do so.


He graduated in law.他获得法学学位。 He graduated from Tsinghua University. 他毕业于清华大学。 She graduated with honor.她以优异的成绩毕业。

He's a high school/college graduate.


【归纳拓展】 graduation n. 毕业

after graduation 毕业后
graduate in 毕业于??专业 graduate from 毕业于??学校

用适当的介词或graduate的适当形式填空 ①After ________Beijing University, he returned to his hometown. ②I graduated ________English ________Shandong University.

③It is ten years since May ________.
答案 ①graduating from ②in; from ③graduated

6.schedule (1)n. 时间表,进度表 draw up a schedule 订出时间表 keep one's schedule 遵守日程安排表 ahead of schedule 提前 on schedule 按时间表,准时 They finished the task ahead of schedule. 他们提前完成了任务。 You'd better plan your schedule for the coming holiday. 你最好为即将到来的假期安排时间。

(2)vt.为某事安排时间 be scheduled for 预定为

be scheduled to do sth 预定做某事
The meeting is scheduled on Monday. 会议安排在周一。 President is scheduled to make a TV speech tomorrow. 总统定于明天发表电视讲话。

【完成句子】 ①Please try to arrive ________ ________. 请尽量按时到达。 ②The programme ________________ ________start next month.

答案 ①on schedule ②is scheduled to

7.determine vt.决定,下决心,确定 (1)determine sth决定某事 Have you determined a date for the meeting? 你决定会议的日期了吗? (2)determine to do sth 决定做某事

No matter what happens,she has determined to tell the truth.

(3)determine sb to do sth使某人决定做某事 That incident determined her to become a nurse. 那次事件使她决定成为一名护士。 (4)determine+从句 决心?? I determined that I would never see her again. 我决心再也不见她了。

【归纳拓展】 be determined to do sth 下决心做某事

determined adj. 坚决的;有决心的 determination n.[U] 决定,决心 determine to do(表动作) ? ? ?决心做?? 注意: be determined to do(状态)? ? He determined to do it for a long time.(×) He was determined to do it for a long time.(√)

________ to give up smoking, he threw away his ________ cigarettes. A.Determined; remained B.Determined; remaining

C.Determining; remained
D.Determining; remaining 解析

be determined to do sth“决定做某事”,因在句中作状语,

故用分词或形容词。remaining“剩余的”,作定语修饰cigarettes。 答案 B

1.ever since 从那以后(作连词或副词,常与现在完成时连用) The CCTV has been broadcasting English programmes ever since 1977. 中国中央电视台自1977年以来一直在播放英语节目。 He hasn't heard from his brother ever since the earthquake. 自从地震以来他就未曾收到兄弟的来信。

Ever since the Civil War, the south ________ to find ways to deal with the problems. A.tried C.was trying 解析 B.have tried D.has tried


法。”ever since...在句中作时间状语,句子常用现在完成时;the

答案 D about 关心,爱护,在乎,计较 My sister doesn't care about details.

I don't care about whether you know it or not. 我不在乎你知不知道这件事。 The young should care about the old. 年轻人应该关心老人。

【归纳拓展】 care for 照顾,喜欢,为??操心

take care
take care of with care care to do sth

照顾,负责 当心,仔细地 愿意做

①Einstein, who cared little for money, never cared about his salary. ______________________________________________________ ②自从危机以来,你就一直为公司的前途担忧,当心!你会病倒 的。(危机:crisis) ______________________________________________________ 答案 ①爱因斯坦对金钱不感兴趣,他从不在乎薪水的多少。

②Ever since the crisis, you have been caring about the company's
future.Take care! You may fall ill.

3.make up one's mind 下决心,决定

Have you made up your mind where to go for your holiday?
你们决定好到哪里去度假了吗? We have made up our minds to finish the work before dark. 我们决心在天黑前完成工作。


change one's mind mind 记住 mind 考虑,打算


call/bring sth to mind 回忆起某事 fix one's mind upon 把注意力集中在??

read one's mind 看出某人的心思
speak one's mind 直言不讳

注意:①make up one's mind中的mind的单复数要随其前one's的 单复数而变化。 ②mind用作动词,“介意,在乎”,常用于:Would you mind (my) doing sth?你介意我做??吗?

【单项填空】 The man who has ________to win will never say impossible.

A.changed his mind
C.made up his mind 解析

B.kept in mind
D.had in mind

句意:凡是决心取得胜利的人是从不说不可能的。make up

one's mind “下定决心”;change one's mind“改变主意”; keep/ mind “记住,记在心里”。



4.give in 投降,屈服,让步,上交(与to连用) The government refused to give in to their demands.[朗文]

No matter how the enemy beat him, he never gave in. 无论敌人怎么拷打,他从不屈服。 It's time you gave in your papers. 到交论文的时候了。


give in to sb


give in=hand in=turn in 提出,递交 give up sth/doing sth 放弃某事/做某事 give away 赠送,牺牲 give off 发出,散发

give out 用尽,分发;筋疲力尽
give back 归还,使恢复

give over 移交

用gave的短语填空 ①He had to ________to my views. ②Do you know the famous foreign student ________the prizes to us? ③The liquid ________a strong smell.

④After a month their food supplies ________.
答案 ①give in ②giving away ③gave off ④gave out

1.It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.首先想到要沿

该句为强调句式:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+其他。 【归纳拓展】 强调句型的基本用法: (1)被强调的是现在或将来的事实时be动词用is,强调过去事实时be


(2)强调句的一般疑问句:把is/was提前,即Is/Was it+被强调部分 +that+其他成分

分 (4)若强调not...until句型中的until时间状语从句时,则用It is/was not until...that...句式。 Was it during the Second World War that his grandfather died?


When was it that you learnt the truth? 你是什么时候得知真相的?

It was not until he came back from Europe that he married that
beautiful woman. 直到他从欧洲回来他才娶了那位美丽的女士。

It is not how much we do but how much love we put into what we do ________benefits our work most.(2011·陕西,23) A.who B.which C.that D.what 解析


而是我们对于自己所做的事情付出了多少爱。本题考查强调句型。 被强调部分为句子的主语not how much we do but how much love

we put into what we do,故选择C项。
答案 C

【单项填空】 ①It was from only a few supplies(用品) that she had bought in the

village ________the hostess cooked such a nice dinner.
A.where B.that C.when D.which 解析 句意:女主人是用从村子里买的那点东西做出了这么好吃

的晚餐。此处为强调句型,强调状语from only a few supplies。 答案 B

②It was not until midnight ________they reached the camp site. A.that B.when C.while 解析 答案 考查not...until的强调句式。 A

2....the air would be hard to breathe...呼吸会非常困难??
英 语 中 有 许 多 形 容 词 , 如 easy, difficult, hard, fit, convenient, pleasant, heavy, light等,当其后的不定式与前面的主语构成语义 上的动宾关系时,不定式使用主动形式表被动。 A man so difficult to please must be hard to work with. 一个如此难以取悦的人一定很难与之共事。 The box seemed heavy to carry.


注意:如果该形容词表示心理活动,其后不定式用to do表示主动,
用to be done表被动。 We were disappointed to be told that the game had been cancelled. 被告知比赛取消了,我们感到很失望。

【完成句子】 ①English is difficult ________________ ________ in a short time. 英语难以在短时间内学好。 ②The problem is really hard ________________ ________. 这道题很难算出来。


①to learn well

②to work out

3.Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it.她一旦

(1)once可用作连词或副词,作连词时,意为“一旦??就??”。 once作连词时,引导的是时间状语从句,用一般现在时表示将来 时。

Maths is easy to learn once you understand the rules.
一旦你理解了规则,数学就不难学了。 Once you object to a man, everything he does is wrong. 一旦你反对一个人,他干什么都看着不顺眼。


I have been there only once.
那里我只去过一次。 He once lived in the countryside. 他曾经住在乡下。

【单项填空】 ①________ you have made a promise, you should carry it out.

A.Once B.Until C.For D.While
解析 答案 句意:一旦你立下诺言,就得实现。once表条件。 A

②The book was ________famous, but nobody reads it today. A.even B.still C.once D.before 解析 答案 once为副词,“曾经”。 C


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