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高中英语导学案 Unit5 Travelling abroadlanguage points 1 words and phrases 新人教版选修7

课题 language points 1 (words and phrases) Unit 5moudle7
学习目标 学习重点 学习难点
To learn the usages of the some important language points, such as board,recommend,substitute,acknowledge,comfort,occupy,keep it up, as far as one is concerned, settle in









Read the text and find the meanings of following. 1. board 3.substitute n.&vt. 上(船,车,飞机等); 付费;木板;布告牌 2. recommend n.代替者;代用品 vt. 推荐,介绍;劝告,建议 C


To understand some long, difficult sentences

The usage of some useful words and expressions: To learn the usages of the some important language points, such as board, recommend,substitute, acknowledge, comfort, occupy, keep it up, as far as one is concerned, settle in

Aim showing

互 动 与 展 示

vt.用……代替……4. acknowledgevt.承认;确认;答谢5. comfort n.舒适;安 慰vt.安慰6. occupy vt.占有;占领;占据7. contradictvt. 反驳; 反对; 否认; 与……矛盾8. keep it up 保持优秀成绩;继续干下去 9. as far as one is concerned 10. settle in(迁入新居、更换工作后)安顿下来 就……而言

目 标 与 导 入

自 主 研 讨 自 学 与 诊 断

Homework comments and Preview check: 1.Ask the students to read the text quickly and try to finish the questions on P12 in SWSJ.

动 精 讲 与 点 拨

常用结构: above board 光明正大地;across the board; 全面的;全盘的 sweep the board 全胜,大获全胜;go by the board 被丢弃;(计划、安排)全 部失败;boarding card 登船证/登机证;.boarding house 旅馆;寄宿 房屋 recommend sb.= recommend sb. 向某人推荐,介绍 recommend sb. for 推荐某人做……recommend sb. as 推荐某 人为……recommend sth. for 推荐某物做某种 recommend doing 建议做……;;recommend sb. to do sth.建议某人做某事;recommend that ...建议……;a substitute for sth 某物的代替者(代用品); substitute A for B=substitute B with/by A 用 A 代替 B;substitute for 代替; acknowledge sth.承认某事;acknowledge doing sth.承认做了某事; acknowledge that ... 承认……;acknowledge sth./sb. to be/as 承认某 事 / 某 人 是 ……;acknowledge help 对 帮 助 表 示 感 谢 ;It is universally (generally) acknowledged that …… 是 大 家 公 认 的 comfort ...with 以……安慰;以……使舒适 comfort sb.for sth.因某 事安慰某人 give comfort to(sb.) 安慰(某人) take/have/find comfort(in ...)感到慰/安心/宽心;(从……中)得 到安慰 keep sb.occupied 使某人忙碌 ccupy oneself with/in(doing) sth. 忙于(做)某事 be occupied in(doing)/with sth. 忙于(做)某事;正 在做某事 keep one’s head/temper 保 持 冷 静 / 强 压 怒 火 keep a school/family/diary 开 办 学 校 / 养 家 糊 口 / 写 日记 keep one’s word/keep one’s promise as/so long as 只要; 像……一样长 as soon as ... 一……就……as much as 尽量多地 as far as远到;keep the law守法keep in touch with与……保持联系 keep an eye on ...照看;密切注视keep up with跟上;保持同步水平 不落后 keep away from (常与from连用)远离;不接触keep to sth信守;坚 持;坚守;不违背(诺言、计划等)keep ...from(doing)sth. 避 开;禁止;克制

Interpretation must rely on the students; team members can add. Other groups can also correct or add. The teacher properly gives instructions.




与 检 测 与 纠 错

总 结 与 升 华

完成句子 ①我把名单上我的名字换成了你的。 I your name mine on the list. ②我们推荐的商标完全可以替代原来的。We recommend this brand as a good. 答案:①substituted; for ②substitute en recommended that ...意为“据推荐,据建议……”。 高手过招 (1) 同义句转换 ①They acknowledged having been defeated.They acknowledged that .②Most people acknowledged that he was innocent. that he was innocent. (2)完成句子 ①Do you (承认是你的过失)?②She (被 公认为) the best tennis player in the world.③Stephen Henry (接受……为) his heir. 答案: (1)①they had been defeated②It was generally acknowledged (2)①acknowledge your fault②is acknowledged as③acknowledged; as 高 手 过 招 完 成 句 子 ① 任 何 人 都 能 享 受 我 心 爱 的 椅 子 所 给 予 的 背 部 舒 服 。 Anyone can enjoy my favorite chair.②亲人们前来安慰失去父母的那位小孩。 The folks came to / the loss of his parents. 答案: ①comforting their backs with②comfort the child for/give a comfort to the child for①这 个 座 位 有 人 占 吗 ?Is / ? ②这种游戏会让孩子们玩上一阵子的。 This game will .③他在 教育部担任要职。 He in the Ministry of Education.④教师不仅要专心于教书还要育人。 A teacher should teaching. 答 案 : ①anyone occupying the seat / this seat occupied②keep the children occupied③occupies an important position ④be occupied(occupy himself/herself)with education as well as with 完 成 句 子 ①We appeal to the government to (降低) prices. ②The police asked the people to (远离) the scene of the accident. ③Though things changed,they (坚持;信守) the original purpose. ④We asked her to stop talking,but she (继续干下去). ⑤He stopped at a shop for something,so he failed (跟上) his associates and was left behind.⑥把你的狗从我这儿拿 开! Keep !⑦ 他 总 是 说 话 算 数 的 。 He always keeps .⑧他对他的结论守口如瓶。He kept 用 settle 的相关短语填空 ①It was two o’clock before I could finally writing the next chapter. ②When things 高 手 过 招 单 项 填 空 With all the two hundred passengers , the plane took off.A. on board B. on the boardC. on boardsD. going on board 解析:选 A。on board 在(船,车,飞机等)上,符合句意。 单项填空①I recommened an English?Chinese dictionary, which I thought would be of great help to his studies. (2010· 01· 辽宁大连检测) A. Buying B. bought C. to buy D. be bought②It has been that I try these pills for seasickness. (2010· 01· 陕西师大附 中检测)A. warnedB. said Crecommended D. Argued 解析: ①选 A。由句意可 知,recommend 此处表示建议,后面直接跟动名词。②选 C。考查动词词义辨析。句意为: 别人推荐我试试这些治晕船的药片。It has abroad,I’ll give you a call.答案:①settle down to ②settle down 易混辨析board/aboard/abroadboard 有两个词性。 作为动词时, 意为“上 (船, 车, 飞机等) ”; 作为名词时,意为“木板;布告牌;膳食费用”。aboard 有两个词性。作为介词时,意为“在 (船,车,飞机等)”;作为副词时,意为“上(船,车,飞机等)”。abroad 只能作副词, 意为“在国外, 到国外”。 He pays $90 a week board and lodging. 他每周的食宿花费为90美元。 We must not take combustible goods aboard. 我们且不可带易燃品上车。两者都有介绍的意 思。introduce 介绍与某人相识,常用句型introduce sb. to sb.;recommend 向某人介绍或推 荐, 侧重于个人倾向。 温馨提示 recommend 后可接不定式的复合结构; 也可接doing 形式。 类似用法的词还有:allow, advise, forbid, permit,etc。另外,recommend 表示主观判断时, 后面通常为虚拟语气的宾语从句,从句中谓语动词用should+动词原形,should 可以省略。 类似用法的词还有:advise, command, demand, desire, insist,

Test and consolidation : Ask the students to do the test and then the group mark them and give the scores they should get.

Homework Try to finish the exercises in section 2&3 in 3D design


Ask the students to summarize the usage of the expressions in the sentences.




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