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2014年《导与练》北师大版选修6英语同步教学课时作业:Unit 18 Beauty Secition3 (含答案)

Section Ⅲ Communication Workshop, Language Awareness 3 & Culture Corner Ⅰ.品句填词 1.It’s a good?looking car—the only ________ (缺点)is that the price is too high. 2.One of the ________ (主题)of the book is the relationship between people and nature. 3.It was ________(明显的)that the company was in serious financial difficulties. 4.It’s a tall plant with ________(引人注目的)red flowers in early spring. 5.The ________(商人)decided to use camels to carry his goods across the desert. 6.It’s bad ________(方式)to talk with your mouth full. 7.________(被困的)in the forest for two days,they were desperate for help. 8.We can find the books we want easily by the book ________(目录). Ⅱ.完成句子 1.我们最好把它当作笑话。 We had better ________ it ________a joke. 2.警察设下了捉拿窃贼的圈套。 The police ________ ________ ________ to catch the thief. 3.他可以照这个样子做。 He may do it ________ ________ ________. 4.显然这项政策是失败的。 ________ ________ ________ ________the policy was a failure. 5.你可以向学生们推荐一些书。 You can ________ some books________ the students. 6.你尽管有些苦恼,但实在不必小题大做。 You may be a bit upset,but it’s really nothing to make ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ it. 7.你稍等一下,等我查查看。 ________ ________a minute while I look it up. 8.这工作正合我意。 The job was ________ ________ ________ ________. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—I’m hungry.Let’s get something to eat. —Look,there’s a restaurant over there.Let me ________you to dinner today. A.regard B.treat C.consider 2.Quite a few people used to believe that disaster ________if a mirror was broken. A.was sure of striking B.was sure of having struck C.was sure to struck D.was sure to strike 3.It is not easy to learn English well,but if you ________,you will succeed in the end. A.hang up B.hang about C.hang on D.hang onto 4.—Isn’t that Ann’s husband over there?

—No,it ________be him—I’m sure he doesn’t wear glasses. A.can’t B.must not C.won’t D.may not 5.One thing’s for sure,the fire ________by some cigarette butts. A.might cause B.could have caused C.must have been caused D.should have caused 6.________ true events,the film follows the life of Braddock,a boxer in New York. A.Being based on B.Basing on C.Having based on D.Based on 7.________either he or you going with me when the play ________ here? A.Is;is put on B.Is;is put up C.Are;is put on D.Are;put up 8.It is reported that ________ cat ________dog is raised in this area due to the fear of disease. A.neither;nor B.either;or C.both;and D.not only;but also 9.Many in the credit industry expect that credit cards will eventually ________ paper money for almost every purchase. B.decrease D.replace 10.In the recent coal mine accident, only 24 miners were rescued, 29 were left ________ and underground. be trapped B.trapped C.being trapped D.trapping 11.I can ________ him to you for the job.He is a very good worker. A.suggest B.recommend C.advise D.prompt 12.He did not regret saying what he did but felt that he ________it differently. A.could express B.would express C.could have expressed D.must have expressed 13.(2012· 皖南八校第一次联考)—Amazingly,Zhuo Jun got first place for the “China’a Got Talent”(中国达人秀)last night. —So wonderfully ________in the show that he deserved it. A.did he perform B.had he performed C.he performed D.he had performed 14.(提升题)Tom’s parents are proud of their son,who ________ as the best doctor in town. A.regarded regarded C.had been regarded D.has been regarding 15. Shenzhou Ⅷ successfully completed its first space rendezvous and docking with Tiangong1,________China the world’s third country ________ this technology after Russia and the US. A.makes;have mastered

B.making;to have mastered C.made;to have mastered D.made;mastering Ⅳ.阅读理解 The mystery of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa painting has been cracked with the help of emotion recognition software by scientists recently.According to the findings which will be published in the New Scientist, British journal, a Mona Lisa’ exact emotions were 83 percent s happy,9 percent disgusted,6 percent fearful,and 2 percent angry. Dr.Nicu Sebe,a professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands,used emotion ?recognition software to come up with the exact analysis of Mona Lisa’s emotional state.The software rated features such as the curvature (曲度)of the lips and crinkles around the eyes. The program draws on a database of young female faces to get an average“neutral” expression.The software uses this average expression as the standard for comparisons.Other applications of emotionrecognition software might be to detect terror suspects(嫌疑犯)on the basis of their emotions as well as their physical characteristics. Possibly the most famous portrait of all time, Mona Lisa’ mystic expression has puzzled art s lovers for five centuries.In 2003,a scientist from Harvard University said the way the human eye processes visual information meant her smile was only apparent when the viewer looked at other parts of the painting. The painting,which is on public display in the Louvre in Paris,was painted between 1503 -1506.It was thought to be named after the sitter (被画像的人),most likely the wife of Francesco del Giocondo,an Italian living in Florence. Mona Lisa features in the opening of Dan Brown’s hit novel The da Vinci Code when the curator(图书馆馆长)at the Louvre is found dead near the painting. 1.The best title for this passage would be ________. A.Mona Lisa “Happy” ,Computer Finds B.Another Mona Lisa,Computer Copies C.New Application of Software to Painting D.Artists Puzzled by Mona Lisa’s Smile 2.The underlined word“cracked”in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to ________. A.accepted B.discussed C.broken D.analyzed 3.According to the passage,the software judged Mona Lisa’s emotion by ________. A.her certain facial features B.her smile C.the paint on the painting D.all the parts of the painting 4.The practical use of emotion?recognition software might be to ________. A.draw lively paintings the painter of an ancient painting the police detect a criminal D.examine the value of a painting Ⅴ.任务型读写 American society is not nap?friendly(提倡小睡的 ).In fact,says David Dinges,a sleep

specialist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, “There’ s even a big ban against admitting we need sleep.”Nobody wants to be caught napping or found asleep at work.To quote a proverb :“Some sleep five hours,nature requires seven,laziness nine and evil eleven.” Wrong.The way not to fall asleep at work is to take naps when you need them.“We have to totally change our attitudes toward napping, says Dr.William Dement of Stanford University, ” the godfather of sleep research. Last year a national commission led by Dement identified an“American sleep debt”which one member said was as important as the national debt.The commission was concerned about the dangers of sleepiness: people causing industrial accidents or falling asleep while driving.This may be why we have a new sleep policy in the White House.According to recent reports,the president is trying to take a halfhour snooze(打瞌睡)every afternoon. About 60 percent of American adults nap when given the opportunity.We seem to have a mid “ ?afternoon quiet phase” also called secondary sleep gate” Sleeping 15 minutes to two hours in “a . the early afternoon can reduce stress and make us refreshed.Clearly,we were born to nap. We don’t nap to replace the lost shut?eye or to prepare for a night shift.Rather,we“snack” on sleep,wherever and at whatever time we feel like it.I myself have napped in buses,cars,on planes and boats;on floors and beds;and in libraries,offices and museums. Napping American society is not 1.________to napping.Nobody wants to Introduction be caught napping or found 2.________at work. Dr.William’s idea We have to change our attitudes toward napping and the way not to fall asleep while 3.________is to take naps when you need them. 4.________ of a national commission’s research 7.________brought by napping in the early afternoon Features of napping ●Americans sleep 5.________ than they need. ●There are some 6.________caused by sleepiness. ①industrial accidents ②falling asleep while driving,which will lead to car accidents ●Getting stress 8.______. ●9.________ourselves. ●We don’t nap to 10. ________the shut?eye or to prepare for a night shift. ●We can nap whenever and wherever we feel like it. Section Ⅲ Communication Workshop, Language Awareness 3 & Culture Corner Ⅰ.品句填词 1.drawback 2.themes 3.evident 4.striking 5.merchant 6.manners 7.Trapped 8.catalogue Ⅱ.完成句子 1.treat;as 2.set a trap this manner 4.It was evident that 5.recommend;to 6.a song and dance about 7.Hang on 8.right up my street Ⅲ.单项填空 1.【解析】选 B。treat sth.意为“请某人吃某物,招待某人”。

2.【解析】选 D。be sure to do sth.意思为“确定会发生某事”,be sure of doing sth.表示 “有把握,确信”,句子的主语是人;strike 表示“发生,突然袭击”。 3.【解析】选 C。hang on 坚持不懈,不放弃;hang about 闲逛;hang up 挂断电话;hang onto 保留,保存。句意为:学好英语不容易,但是只要你坚持不懈,最后会成功的。 4.【解析】选 A。由 No 和后文 I’m sure...可知,是有把握的否定推测,所以用 can’t(不 可能)。 5.【解析】选 C。句意是:有一件事是肯定的:这场火灾一定是由一些香烟头引起的。 由题干中的 sure 可知,此处要用把握性大的 must have been caused。A 项用于对现在或将来 的情况进行推测,B 项把握性不大,意为“可能??了”。should have done 不用于推测, 意为“本应该做某事”。 6.【解析】选 D。句意是:这部电影是根据真实的事件制作的,它追踪描写了纽约拳击 手 Braddock 的生活。短语 base...on...与主语 the film 是被动关系,故用过去分词形式作方式 状语。 7.【解析】选 A。句意是:当这部戏剧在这儿上演时他或者是你准备和我一起去看吗? either...or...连接并列主语, 谓语要与最靠近它的主语一致, 所以此句中的系动词要与 he 一致。 8.【解析】选 A。句意是:据报道,在这一带地区,人们害怕疾病的传染,既不喂猫, 也不养狗。根据句意可知,要用 neither...nor...表示全部否定。either...or...要么??要么??; both...and...意为“两者都??”,连接并列主语时,谓语要用复数形式。not only...but also... 不仅??而且??,语意不符。 9.【解析】选 D。句意是:信用行业的许多人都预料信用卡在许多消费方面,最终会替 代纸钞。此句要用 replace 表示“替代”。exchange“交换”;decrease“减少”;trade“交 换”。 10.【解析】选 B。句意是:在最近一次煤矿事故中,只有 24 位矿工得救了,还有 29 位被困在地下。空白处要用过去分词形式 trapped 作补足语,与主语是被动关系,意为“被 困在??中”。 11.【解析】选 B。suggest 指“建议某事”;recommend 可指“向某人推荐某人”; advise“建议某事”;prompt“提示”。 12.【解析】选 C。句意是:他并不后悔他所说的话,但是他觉得他可以用不同的方式 表达出来。此句要用 could have expressed 表示过去本来能够做某事。A 和 B 项用来叙述现 在或将来的情况;D 项表示“一定??了”,不合题意。 13.【解析】选 A。考查倒装句。so 位于句首时句子要部分倒装,由于对话双方都在谈 论过去发生的事情,故用一般过去时,将助动词 did 提前,应选 A。 14.【解析】选 B。考查时态和语态。句意:Tom 被认为是镇上最好的医生,他的父母 很为儿子自豪。who 指代 their son,who 与 regard 之间为被动关系,又因为主句时态为一般 现在时,故用一般现在时的被动语态,选 B。 15.【解析】选 B。句意:神舟八号飞船与天宫一号成功完成第一次交会对接,从而使 中国成为继俄罗斯、美国之后,第三个掌握此技术的国家。making...作结果状语。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 1.【解析】选 A。标题归纳题。从全文看,第一段是本文的主题段;四个选项中只有 A 项概括地、有针对地和鲜明地反映了该文的内容。 2.【解析】选 B。词义猜测题。从下一句可知,油画 Mona Lisa 的秘密已得以“破解”, 故选 B 项最佳。 3.【解析】选 A。细节理解题。由第二段最后一句,并结合下一段中提示词“faces”可判

定 A 项正确。 4.【解析】选 C。细节理解题。从第三段中最后一句可知,这个软件还能根据人物的情 绪和生理特征识别出恐怖嫌疑犯,故 C 项正确。 Ⅴ.任务型读写 1.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章首句“American society is not napfriendly(提倡小睡 的).”可知答案。 【答案】friendly 2.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据文章第一段第三句“Nobody wants to be caught napping or found asleep at work.”可知答案。 【答案】asleep/sleeping 3. 【解析】 捕捉信息题。 根据第二段第二句“The way not to fall asleep at work is to take naps when you need them.”可知答案。此处用连词+现在分词形式作时间状语。 【答案】working 4.【解析】综合信息题。根据文章第三段内容,结合右栏信息可知此处是归纳调查的结 果。 【答案】Results 5.【解析】语义转化题。根据第三段首句“Last year a national commission led by Dement identified an‘American sleep debt’ ...”可知美国人睡眠不足。 【答案】less 6.【解析】综合信息题。根据文章第三段第二句“The commission was concerned about the dangers of sleepiness...”,结合此栏中下面两点信息可知答案。 【答案】dangers 7.【解析】综合信息题。根据文章第四段内容,结合右栏信息可知此处归纳的是午间小 憩的好处。 【答案】Benefits 8.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据第四段第三句“Sleeping 15 minutes to two hours in the early afternoon can reduce stress and make us refreshed.”可知答案。 【答案】reduced 9.【解析】捕捉信息题。解析见上题。 【答案】Refreshing 10.【解析】捕捉信息题。根据最后一段首句“We don’t nap to replace the lost shut- or eye to prepare for a night shift.Rather,we“snack”on sleep...”可知答案。 【答案】replace

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