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高考英语总复习学案 SBIIB Unit 17 Disabilities 新人教版

SBIIB Unit 17 Disabilities 残疾人记者 素材新挖掘 考点1. assist vt. 帮助;援助 They not only learn how to assist disabled people, but also learn the importance of cooperating to reach their goals in life. He

would never refuse to assist a neighbor even in the roughest toil. 遇到邻居要他帮忙,即使最繁重的工作,他也从来不会拒绝。 assist vt.& vi. assist in/at assistant n.& adj. 帮助;支援;搀扶 出席, 参加 助手;助理/副的 (1)The teacher often _____________(帮助我)with my English study. (2)We all ____________(参加)mending the roof. (3)He hurried to ________(搀扶)the old man to his feet. (4)Next week he’ll assist at a graduation ceremony. (替换)________ (5)A man is assisting the police with their inquiries.(替换)________ (6)I was invited to assist at their wedding. (替换)_________________________________ assists me 用心 爱心 专心 1 assisted in assist attend helping take part in /be present at/attend 考点2. encouragement n. 鼓励;促进 Like all of us, disabled people also need inspiration and encouragement. Her encouragement gave me a great sense of uplift. 她鼓励我激发了我的上进心。 encouragement n. discourage vt. 鼓励;奖励 鼓励, 激励, 怂恿 使丧失勇气;使气馁; 使沮丧 encourage sb. to do /from doing (1)The teachers’ ______________(鼓励)made the boy try again. (2)The headmaster ____________(鼓励)the candidates for the national maths competition to make every effort for the best results. (3)Don't let one failure ___________(气馁)you, try again. (4)If you meet with any difficulty in your study, _________________ (不要泄气). (5)谢谢你的鼓励!(写作小练笔:谓宾;thank) ________________________________________ encouragement encoura

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