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A Teaching Plan for The Internet
by Yu Xiaowei

Teaching aims: ? To train Ss’ reading skills and writing skills. ? To get the students to have a good understanding of the material. ? To help the students learn to talk something about advantages and disadvantages or dos and don’ts. Difficult and important points: ? To understand the difficult words, phrases and sentences. ? How to arrange the word teaching among the procedures. ? How to stimulate the students to discuss and think about some hot issues. Teaching methods: ? Fast reading and careful reading: to get the Ss to grasp the detailed information ? Writing practice: to get the Ss to learn how

to write something about advantages and disadvantages. ? Pair work or group work: to get the Ss to be active in class. Procedures: 1. Leading in Show some pictures to the students to arouse their interest in the topic---- the internet. Ask some questions: 1 What are they doing? 2 Does watching TV like this do good to you? 3 Can you talk something about the advantages and disadvantages about the internet? 2. Brainstorming Get the students to talk something about the topic and then check whether they are mentioned in the text. 3. New words and phrases Help the students to find out the meaning of the following new words and phrases in this text: drawback; deny; efficiency; disastrous; loosen;

weaken; interrelated land an order /call up / The same can be said about……/ by means of /in view of / speak highly of / in spite of 4. Careful reading Read the passage carefully and then give the students some questions to answer to test their understanding of the passage: 1 What’s the definition of the internet in this passage? 2 How many areas where internet is used are mentioned? 3 In what way can the internet improve the efficiency in scientific research? 4 Why human being’s writing abilities are weakened? 5. Summary Summarize the whole text, and give them some key words. Show the structure of the passage.

6. Discussion A new topic related: netiquette------ internet dos and don’ts. 7. Homework Write a composition about what you have discussed today----- netiquette. Blackboard: advantages disadvantages structure: Definition

Areas where internet is helpful

However Advantages

Disadvantages Summary



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