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Reading (2)


Unit 2

The Olympic Games


Task 1: Fast reading True or False 1. The 2004 Olympic Games were held in Sydney. F 2. The winter Olympics are usually held two years before the summer Olympics.T 3. At first, Pausania thinks people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games. T

4. Pausania is surprised to know that women are to take part in the modern Olympic Games. T 5.There are many events like ice skating and volleyball which need snow and ice in the Winter Olympics. F 6. It’s a great honor for every competitor to win an Olympic medal. T

7. Horse riding events belong to the Winter Olympics. F 8. Just Greece could take part in the ancient Olympic Games. T 9. Slaves and women used to join in the Olympic Games. F 10. The modern Olympic Games is hosted by different countries. T

Task 2: Choose the best answer.
1. Where do all the competitors live? B A. A hotel. B. A special village. C. A restaurant. D. Nowhere. 2. Which of the following is an event of Winter Games? A A. Skiing and ice skating B. Running and races C. Horse riding D. Swimming

3. Why do so many countries want to host the Olympic Games? B

A. To develop the economy.
B. It is a great honor. C. To make the country famous.

D. They want to make money.

4. Why does Pausanias think people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games? C A. The winner can get medals. B. The winner can be awarded lots of money by their own countries. C. The olive wreaths have been replaced by medals. D. Medals are made of gold.

Task 3: Answer the following questions.

1. What is the text mainly about?
The similarities and differences about the ancient Olympics and modern Olympics.

2. When Pausanias hears that women are allowed to join in, what does he say? How about his feeling, sad, surprised or happy? “Please wait a minute! All those events, all those countries and even women taking part!” he says. He feels surprised.

3. When he hears the Olympics are also about being able to run faster,

jump higher and throw further,
how does he feel, sad, surprised of

happy? happy

4. What do you think Pausanias will write about the Olympics Games

after the interview? Great changes have taken

Please find out what Pausanias wants to know about the present day Olympic Games
1. How often are the Olympic Games held? Every four years. 2. Who can take part in the Games? Athletes from all over the world Men and women.

3. Where can competitors stay? A special village which is built for them. 4. What do the winners get as a prize? They get medals as their prize. 5. What do the competitors compete for?

They compete for the three words: higher, swifter, stronger

Task 4:

Fill in the form.

(1) What are the similarities? How often Both are held every four years. What for Beliefs Both are held not for money but for honour. They are the same: Swifter, Higher, and Stronger.

Men are allowed to take Competitors part both in ancient and modern Olympics. Events Some events are the same, such as running, jumping, shooting, and throwing.

(2) What are the differences?
Ancient Summer Modern Summer winter


Countries Country Only Greece from all over the world

Competitors Only men Prize Events Olive wreath A few

Men and women

Many more


Unit 2

The Olympic Games
Learning about language

Discovering useful words and expressions
1.Find the word or expression for each of the following meanings from the text. (1) to take part in a sports event—compete (2) to allow to enter (a course or sports competition ) —admit (3) someone who takes part in a sports competition— athlete (4) level of ability— standard

(5) happening every time with

the same amount of time
in between— regular basis

(6) to take the place of — replace
(7) short sentence or phrase expressing the beliefs of a person or group — motto

(8) duty to be in charge and get in trouble if things go wrong— responsibility

(9) special hall for physical
exercise— gymnasium (10) to join in— take part in

2. Choose the word or phrase that means almost the same as the word in

italics. (1) She rose to her feet in one swift
movement. B A. short B. quick

C. immediate

D. hurry

2. Nowadays all countries can take part in if their athletes reach the standard. B A. Today B. These days

C. In the future
D. Tomorrow

3. My son went to see the new stadiums

before the Olympic Games began. B
A. concert halls B. sports halls

C. reception buildings
D. athletes’ village

4. Li Yan wanted to take part in the Olympic Games as a volunteer. C

A. someone who offers help
B. someone who offers to pay C. Someone who helps without pay D. someone who works part-time

5. What do the five rings on the Olympics

flag stand for? B
A. support C. introduce B. mean D. look like

3 complete the passage with the words below in their proper forms.
standard athlete admit compete responsibility olive wreath homeland
Helena was a great athlete _____ in the 5000-metre running race. She had won many prizes and wanted to compete _______ in the Olympic Games. So she practised hard every day in order to be ________ as a competitor. admitted

It didn’t take her long to reach the
_______ for entering the Olympic standard

Games. This made Helena eager to
win a gold medal for herself and her __________. homeland Unfortunately during

the final, she was in front in her race

another competitor pushed her on

purpose so that she fell down. Poor
Helena lost her chance of a medal but

the other woman had to take responsibility for breaking the rules. ____________
The judges felt sorry for Helena and gave her a special prize of an ___________ olive wreath instead.

Passive Voice

一. 英语动词有主动语态(the active voice)和
被动语态(the passive voice)两种形式.主动语态 表示主语是动作的执行者;被语态表示主语是 动作的承受者.如: Everyone enjoys exciting sports.(主动语态)

Exciting sports are enjoyed by everyone.(被动

V -ed)+ by+O(S),如: Miss Li is teaching music now.


Music is being taught ( by Miss Li) now.



单数 复数 过去分词

一般现 The is car/cars 在时



was were 一般过 The designed. car/cars 去时 has have 现在完 The designed. car/cars been been 成时

过去完 成时
一般将 来时 将来完 成时

The had had designed. car/cars been been
The will car/cars be will be designed.

will will The have have designed. car/cars been been

现在进 The 行时 过去进 The

is was

are were

car/cars being being

designed. designed.


car/cars being being

1. English is spoken all over the world.

2. The water is being turned into vapour.
3. Those rooms have not been cleaned yet. 4. He was seen to enter the room.

5. At that time they were being shown
how to run the machine.

6. Radios had just been invented then, and people were talking about sending pictures by electricity.
7. Madame Curie will always be remembered as the discoverer of the element radium. 8. Before you come back, the building will have been finished.

1) 一般将来时被动语态由 “shall(will)+be+及


(1) 主语+谓语+宾语,例如:
主动:We’ll build a new house next year.

被动:A new house will be built(by us) next

(2) 主语+谓语+间接宾语+直接宾语(习
惯上把间接宾语变为被动语态的主 语) 主动: My mother will give me a shirt. 被动: I will be given a shirt (by my


如果把直接宾语改为主语时 , 则在间 接宾语前加to或for 主动: My mother will give me a shirt. 被动: A new shirt will be given to me

(by my mother).

(3) 主语+谓语+宾语+宾补。如果是含有复

的宾语变为主语,宾补不变。例如: 主动: We’ll ask him to help you tomorrow.

被动: He will be asked to help you (by

表示将来时的结构: will/shall + do,
be + going + to do, be + doing , be + to do, be + about + to do do be done 1. We’ll build a new house next year. A new house will be built (by us)

next year.

2. My mother will give me a present. I will be given a present (by my

A present will be given to me (by my mother).

3. The mother is going to tell the baby
a story The baby is going to be told a story

(by the mother).
A story is going to be told to the baby

(by the mother).

4. Kelly is about to sing us a song at
the party. We are about to be sung a song (by Kelly) at the party.

A song is about to be sung for us
(by Kelly) at the party.

5. The police is going to have the

thief stay in prison.
The thief is going to be had to stay in prison (by the police).

I. 用所给动词的正确时态和语态填空。
1. It is clear that Beijing Olympic Games ___________ will be held (hold) on August 8-24, 2008.

2. While many people turn to computer
for news and movies, it doesn’t mean that

the TV set will _____________ be replaced (replace) in the
near future.

will be lost (lose) if you 3. Many chances ___________
don’t work hard.

4. You ______________ will be fined (fine) by the police if
you keep driving so fast.

be discussed 5. The question is going to ____________
(discuss) by us. 6. The little girl is so pretty that she ______________ (admire) by all the people will be admired

7. Don’t worry about that. It ______________ will be finished (finish) next week. 8. She ___________ will be met (meet) by her friends as soon as she arrives. 9. I hear that more than one million

dollars ___________ will be spent (spend) on the
project next year.

2 Choose the words below that are synonyms
of the words in italics.

and also gradually too impossible

as well as, One after another, as well, hopeless,




Translate the following sentences into English using the words and phrases in brackets.

只有在希腊出生的人才能成为古代奥运会的参赛者。 (ancient; Greece; admit; competitor)

1. Only those who were born in Greece could be admitted as competitors in the ancient Olympic Games.
运动员们一个接一个地离开了奥运村。(one after another)

2. One after another the athletes left the Olympic village.
她和儿子讨价还价后答应他:如果孩子努力学习,他就 会带他去看2008年的北京奥运会。(bargain; promise)

3. He made a bargain with his son and promised him that he would take in to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games if he worked hard.

有许多运动员虽然没有为自己赢得奥运奖牌的荣誉, 却以运动家的精神帮助别人实现了这个梦想。 (athlete; glory; medal; sportmanship)

4. There are many athletes who did not win the glory of an Olympic medal for themselves, but helped others to realize their dream by their sportsmanship.
志愿者将帮助人们找到前往体操馆和体育场的正确的路。 (volunteer; gymnasium; stadium)

5. Volunteers will help people find their way to the gymnasiums and stadiums.

Using structures

Page 50

This passage is an announcement put out by the Olympic Committee about the next Olympic Games. Complete it with the given verbs in their proper forms.

replace admit provide advertise organize ask
During the next Summer Olympics more will be admitted as athletes than ever ______________ competiors. This may cause problems for the host city.

To avoid any problems the host city will be asked about who will be in charge ____________ of organizing the Games. All the events will be advertised ahead of time so visitors ________________ can buy the tickets for the events they want to see earlier.

The old rules and regulations for the athletes ______________ will be replaced with new ones. Many trips and visits ________________ will be organized for all those competitors who wish to take part. We know that the athletes deserve to have all the care and attention we can offer them. We know provide us with wonderful they will ________ examples of skill and sportsmanship as well as friendship and cross-cultural understanding.


You are a volunteer in the Olympic Village. Someone has written the following notice for the guests in the village. You are asked to check if it is properly written. Please note that two of the sentences are correct. There is only one mistake in each of the rest.

1. Meals will be served three times a day. Please check the exact time in the dining hall. cleaned 2. Rooms will be cleared in the late morning. taken 3. All competitors will be taking to their sports events at the correct time. be 4. Visitors will not allowed to stay in the building after 9pm.

5.Smoking will not permitted at all in any of the stadiums. wait 6.Doctors will be waited 24 hours a day. 7. Competitors deserve a good night’s sleep so be lights will have been turned off 10pm each night. will 8.Competitors to be punished for cheating. 9.All competitors will be expected to behave politely to each other.



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