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Reading (2)


Unit 2

The Olympic Games


Task 1: Fast reading True or False 1. The 2004 Olympic Games were hel

d in Sydney. F 2. The winter Olympics are usually held two years before the summer Olympics.T 3. At first, Pausania thinks people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games. T

4. Pausania is surprised to know that women are to take part in the modern Olympic Games. T 5.There are many events like ice skating and volleyball which need snow and ice in the Winter Olympics. F 6. It’s a great honor for every competitor to win an Olympic medal. T

7. Horse riding events belong to the Winter Olympics. F 8. Just Greece could take part in the ancient Olympic Games. T 9. Slaves and women used to join in the Olympic Games. F 10. The modern Olympic Games is hosted by different countries. T

Task 2: Choose the best answer.
1. Where do all the competitors live? B A. A hotel. B. A special village. C. A restaurant. D. Nowhere. 2. Which of the following is an event of Winter Games? A A. Skiing and ice skating B. Running and races C. Horse riding D. Swimming

3. Why do so many countries want to host the Olympic Games? B

A. To develop the economy.
B. It is a great honor. C. To make the country famous.

D. They want to make money.

4. Why does Pausanias think people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games? C A. The winner can get medals. B. The winner can be awarded lots of money by their own countries. C. The olive wreaths have been replaced by medals. D. Medals are made of gold.

Task 3: Answer the following questions.

1. What is the text mainly about?
The similarities and differences about the ancient Olympics and modern Olympics.

2. When Pausanias hears that women are allowed to join in, what does he say? How about his feeling, sad, surprised or happy? “Please wait a minute! All those events, all those countries and even women taking part!” he says. He feels surprised.

3. When he hears the Olympics are also about being able to run faster,

jump higher and throw further,
how does he feel, sad, surprised of

happy? happy

4. What do you think Pausanias will write about the Olympics Games

after the interview? Great changes have taken

Please find out what Pausanias wants to know about the present day Olympic Games
1. How often are the Olympic Games held? Every four years. 2. Who can take part in the Games? Athletes from all over the world Men and women.

3. Where can competitors stay? A special village which is built for them. 4. What do the winners get as a prize? They get medals as their prize. 5. What do the competitors compete for?

They compete for the three words: higher, swifter, stronger

Task 4:

Fill in the form.

(1) What are the similarities? How often Both are held every four years. What for Beliefs Both are held not for money but for honour. They are the same: Swifter, Higher, and Stronger.

Men are allowed to take Competitors part both in ancient and modern Olympics. Events Some events are the same, such as running, jumping, shooting, and throwing.

(2) What are the differences?
Ancient Summer Modern Summer winter


Countries Country Only Greece from all over the world

Competitors Only men Prize Events Olive wreath A few

Men and women

Many more


Unit 2

The Olympic Games
Learning about language

Discovering useful words and expressions
1.Find the word or expression for each of the following meanings from the text. (1) to take part in a sports event—compete (2) to allow to enter (a course or sports competition ) —admit (3) someone who takes part in a sports competition— athlete (4) level of ability— standard

(5) happening every time with

the same amount of time
in between— regular basis

(6) to take the place of — replace
(7) short sentence or phrase expressing the beliefs of a person or group — motto

(8) duty to be in charge and get in trouble if things go wrong— responsibility

(9) special hall for physical
exercise— gymnasium (10) to join in— take part in

2. Choose the word or phrase that means almost the same as the word i