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1、There have been many changes in my life(生活发生了许多变化) be better off(生活状况更好) preserved pickles(咸菜) move from a cramped and gloomy room to a big and bright flat(从狭窄阴暗的房间搬到大而明 亮的单元房) getting arou

nd(出行) Changes in My Life There have been many changes in my life. I still remember when I was young I ate preserved pickles everyday, but now I eat many kinds of food, like vegetable and meat. I used to live in a cramped and gloomy room, and things were not so good as I had to strive for light and even more fresh air. Now, I'm living in this spacious and luminous room. Now I travel by my own car in stead of by foot. With the developement of china, I hope the people in china are getting better and better.

1.日常活动 2. 主要工作(职业活动) 3. 社交生活 I am a first-year student in Nanjing University. Every day, I have a very busy and full schedule. Education is very important to students. The reason is that our achievement determines whether or not we can early out duties to our country in the future. I get up early every morning to prepare my lessons. Then I attend classes. The last two periods in the afternoon are usually free. I spend them either on the sports ground or in the library. In the evening I try to complete all the assignments on time. On the weekends, I like to watch TV or go to the films. Being a student is hard work, but studying makes you a useful person and it is also full of joys when you are ahead of your classmates in all subjects.

Describing your daily routines in the morning, evening and so on. pick up my daughter(接女儿) do some grocery shopping(买菜) be good at cooking(擅长做饭) current affairs(时事) My Family Life Maybe you are not aware of the blessedness to have a family yet,however,the most valuable gift you ever receive in your whole life is a entire family. In the family live,you live with your parents and even your grandparents.Everyday we live together,eat together.You go out sometimes with your parents to parks or some other places.It may

seems that the family life is a little boring bcause everything remains the same.But love forms a family,the family life won't be boring in case of love.We comfort and encourage each other as a family,the family is our strongest support. That is family life in my eyes.

1、事件发生的时间和地点 2. 人物 3. 事件的经过 Last Thursday we went to Changshan for our spring outing. We reached the foot of the hill at 9 a. m.. After having a short rest, we began to climb. There was no road but stones and bushes. We had to make a way by ourselves. With the help of the grass, we moved on. While walking, the strong students helped the weak ones. After some time, we were all tried. How we wanted to have a rest, but we couldn’t stop. We walked on. At last, we got to the top of the hill. On the top of the hill, we laughed and jumped. It seemed that we were the happiest people in the world. We took some photos there, and then sat down and had something to eat. At 3 p. m. we began to go down. We wished the spring of our country would be with us forever

1、自主(autonomous)学习与远程教育 2. 自主学习与合作(collaborative)学习 3. 你自己的学习情况 In this technical high speed development information age,people's shopping, exchange, even is studies and so on a series of lives to be possible to complete through the network.Under this, we analyze the distance education which the social development is popular now. For one thing, distance education makes it possible for people in remote areas to learn the subjects they are interested in. For another,people have a wider range of choices as to teachers and lessons, because they can listen to the best lessons by the best teachers in the country, or even in the world. But, malpractice is also some。 Because between teacher and the students’ exchanges not vividly, therefore academic discussion also insufficient depth. In brief, the distance learning development opportunities are very big, the education prospect is very good, is only requires the time to consummate gradually.

6、Tower building(塔楼,高层建筑) block of flats(公寓楼) in the north of city(城北) square meters(平方米) had the window frames painted(让别人刷窗框)

be satisfied with(对……满意) neighbourhood(小区) cozy(温暖而舒适) My Home My home I am living on the 6th floor of a tower building with my parents.It is anewly-built block of flats with 22 stories altogether in the north of the city . We have three big living-room. One kitchen and two bathrooms,The size is t 127 square meters.When we mored in three years ago I painted thedoors myself,but Ihad the window frames painted . We are satisfied with the decrations except the cupboards in the kitchen. So I need to build them again The neigh bourhood is nice too ,I think my home is cozy and 1 like my home

7、it is necessary to keep a balanced diet should it is important to do regular exercises it is essential to keep in good spirits / in a positive mood renew our spirits and release our stress. Be bound to keep healthy How to Keep Healthy In our life, many students like to eat westen foods. These foods taste very good, but they are not good for our health. And many students only eat their favourite foods. It's not good for our health, too. How can we keep healthy? First, we should eat more fruits and vegetables.And also we need to eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet will give us lots of energy. Secondly, we should do some exercise.That can make our body strong. Thirdly, we should get up on time and go to bed on time. If people follow these three ways of keeping fit, they greatly improve their health.



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