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The Great President 伟大的总统

As the founder of the republic, the president had many good qualities. Before coming to power, he was a generous lawyer. He was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to him. He accepted no fee to offer legal guidance and opinions to those who were out of work or uneducated. Later, believing all mankind to be equal, he devoted himself to stopping the unfair anti-black laws. He set up the Black Youth League and was voted to be the leader. However, though he kept peaceful principles without violence and terror, his mean enemies still blew up his house and attacked his relatives, and he himself couldn’t escape being sentenced to 30 years in prison. Not fearing of the prison guards’ cruelty, he kept active and begged no mercy from them. As a matter of fact, he was always hopeful and never lost heart during the stage even though he was in trouble. Finally, people rewarded him with the leader’s position and a gold blanket.

作为共和国的创始人,这位总统具备许多的优秀品质。还在掌权之前,他 就是一位慷慨的律师。他愿意无私地帮助那些向他求助的人。他免费为失 业的,或没有受过教育的人提供法律指导和意见。后来,因为相信所有人 类都是生来平等,他全身心投入到废除不平等的反黑人法律工作中。他建 立了黑人青年团并被选为领袖。然而,尽管他坚持没有暴力、没有恐怖的 和平原则,卑鄙的敌人还是炸毁了他的家、袭击了他的亲属,他自己也无 法逃脱被判 30 年徒刑的遭遇。






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