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高二英语《Unit2 The United Kingdom-Reading》

Where will the 2012 Olympic Games be held?

How much do you know about the UK? What do you think of when speaking of the UK?

the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
National emblem
Union Jack

Let’s have a quiz
1. How many countries does the UK consist of ? A. two B. three C. four
Wales Northern Ireland Scotland


2. How long does it take to fly from Beijing to London Heathrow Airport? A. about six hours B. about ten hours

C. about sixteen hours

3. Who rules the country? A. The Queen

Elizabeth Ⅱ

B. The Prime Minister

C. both
David William Donald Cameron


The Queen’s position is ceremonial: opening Parliament, welcoming Heads from other countries, going on tours to other countries to encourage trade with Britain. The Prime Minister together with his most important ministers (called Cabinet) and his Members of Parliament make important political decisions and the laws.

4. What are the provinces called in England ?


The Local Government Act of 1972 divided England outside B. departments London into 45 counties of which 6 are metropolitan (都市 的, 大城市 ) counties


5. Which is the longest river in England? A. B.


Avon C.

338 km


290 km

6.Which is the national flower of the UK? A. B.

Cherry C. Maple


7.Which is not the university of the UK? A. B.

Oxford University C.

Cambridge University

Harvard University

8.Which is the bank note of the UK ? A. U.S. Dollar $




Pounds ?

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

Windsor Castle 温莎城堡

Tower Bridge & River Thames

Royal Greenwich Observatory


Westminster Abbey, England 威斯敏斯特修道院

The Tower of London

World-famous Stonehenge, situated on the spreading Salisbury Plain.

Big Ben

match the following useful words according to their English meaning.
consist of
v. separate----divide ~into~ v. be made up of ;be composed of ----consist of

adj. of or based on law

clarify province

county v. cause sth. to become clear or easier to understand

Information about the UK Skim the text, and tick out what are mentioned in the text.
sports history life styles invasions

London cultures flag

languages food politics

Information about the UK
Divide the text into 3 parts, and write down the main idea of each part.
literature, politics, sports, cultures, ethnic, cities, food, history, language, fashion, life styles
after class

Part 1:___________

Part 2:___________

Part 3:___________

Information about the UK
Main idea of each part: Puzzle 1: British history Why different words are used to describe the Part 1:_____________________________ four countries? How is UK formed? 1, 2, 3 Similarities and differences?
Puzzle 2: Division zones Part 2:_____________________________

How are they divided into geographical zones?

Part 3:_____________________________ Puzzle 3: the cultural importance
5, 6

What is the culture of London like?

Part 1-History

the Union Jack
Finally, 1900s, Great Britain + Ireland - the southern part

the United Kingdom Great Britain England

next, 1603, England + Wales + Scotland the 13th century AD, England + Wales.

first, only England

The Union Jack flag unites the flags of three countries in the United Kingdom. Which country is left out? Why?
The country left out is Wales. It is usually assumed to be part of England.

In what ways are the four countries different?
They are different in institutions. They have different educational and legal systems as well as football teams.

How do you understand them? 1.puzzle v.& n. 2.clarify = make sth clear clarity n. 3.find Wales included as well getting Ireland connected 5.accomplish =realize; finish; achieve; complete 6.without conflict = peacefully; in a peaceful way conflicting adj. unwilling to do sth willing 8.break away (from)=run away from their credit creditable 10. educational and legal systems

Part 2-England Look at the map of England and Wales in the following page. Divide it into three parts. Draw lines across to show the zones of the South, Midlands and North of England. Now put each town or city into its correct zone.




the North Leeds, York, Sheffield, Manchester

the Midlands
Coventry, Birmingham the South of England Reading, London, Brighton, Plymouth

England is divided into 3 zones.
Most population settled in ___________________. the South of England

Most of the large industrial cities are in the North and the Midlands ___________________. Many cities have famous football teams ___________________.

How do you understand them? 1. for convenience = to be convenient 2. roughly =not exactly 3. nearest to =closest to 4. find most of the population settled in 5. nationwide =all over the nation 6. attract 7. historical architecture

Part 3-London

? Why did capital London become the cultural center of England?
There are a lot of historical treasure in London.

? Why are there so many historical treasures in London?
London has been influenced by some invaders.

Part 3-Invaders
In the England history, there are 4 sets of invasions. They are: ___________, the Romans _____________, the Vikings ___________. the Anglo-Saxons____________, the Normans

What did they leave?

towns and roads

Language and government

the Vikings:
Influence the vocabulary and place-names of the North

the Normans:
Castles and words for food

Which group of the invaders did not influence London?

The Vikings

How do you understand them? 1. art collections 2. administration 3. oldest port built by… 4. the oldest building begun by… 5. the oldest castle constructed by… 6. keep one’s eyes open 7. make your trip enjoyable and worthwhile

Complete the sentences

England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland Republic of Southern Ireland 1. The countries that make up Great Britain are England, Wales and Scotland ______________________________________. 2. If we speak of England we mean__________ England and Wales ________. England, Wales, 3. The United Kingdom includes ______________ ______________________________. Scotland and Northern Ireland 4. The part of Ireland that separated from England Republic of Southern Ireland is called_________________________. England/Great 5. London is the capital city of _________________. Britain/the UK

The UK
In the 13th century

contains four countries England, Wales, Scotland Now let’s and Northern Ireland. read and fill the forms . Wales was linked to England. _____

In the 17th century In the early 20th century England London

. England and Wales were joined to Scotland
broke away Northern Southern Ireland __________ and ________ Ireland joined with England, Wales and Scotland. Thus the United Kingdom _______________ came into being. largest consists of the ______ of the four countries, and it __________ the South, the Midlands and the North of England. the greatest historical treasures of all, has museums, ________________ art collections the theatres, parks and buildings. ____________,

four The _____ Romans are the _______, Anglo-Saxons , Vikings and sets of Normans _________. invaders

Make up a dialogue. The visitor is asking the native about the geography of the UK. a visitor

an English native

In the history of the UK, there are some important invasions. Those invaders ruled the country for some time.

They brought pains to the local people, but at the same time, they also brought something new to the country, which is important for making up its history.


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