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外研版必修2 Module 2单元测试题(附答案)


Book2 Module 2 单元测试题(外研版) Name: Marks: 满分(120)

1. — Smoking is danger to health. — So it should be banned in public places. A. a; / B. /; the C. a; the D. /; / 2. She has changed a lot. It took me quite a while to her at the party. A. introduce B. recognize C. avoid D. know 3. Cocaine is so addictive a drug many people become addicted to it once they start using it. A. when B. which C. that D. unless 4. He tried to swim the English Channel, but had to halfway because of the bad weather. A. give in B. pick up C. give up D. go up 5. get himself into trouble, he decided to keep it a secret. A. So as to not B. In order to not C. So as not to D. In order not to 6. The earlier you stop smoking, the less you’re to have diseases related to it in later life. A. possible B. informal C. able D. likely 7. Some workers were late this morning staying up watching the World Cup last night. A. in need of B. in front of C. as a result of D. instead of 8. Tom shows no interest in his study because he is completely computer games. A. related to B. crazy about C. anxious about D. bored with 9. — Simon and Alice will get married next week. — ! As far as I know, they got to know each other last month. A. You can’t be serious B. That’s right C. No problem D. You are welcome 10. It’s a waste of time. Whatever you say won’t his decision. A. prevent B. reduce C. bother D. affect 11. It’s a fact that many kinds of diseases have a direct with air or water pollution. A. relationship B. connection C. reaction D. treatment 12. Everything has been progressing so far, we’re sure to finish the task on time. A. but B. because C. unless D. so 13. Did you report to the police when you found your office last night? A. broken up B. broken down C. broken into D. broken out 14. Steven was banned, according to traffic rules, for six months. A. from driving B. to drive C. on driving D. to have driven 15. — Go for a swim this afternoon, OK? — . It’s too hot today. A. You’ve got it B. I couldn’t agree more C. Go ahead D. I’m afraid not ABCCD DCBAD BDCAB

1 .I do every single bit of housework _________ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A since B while C when D as 2.Oh,it’s you,Jane!I didn’t ___ you. Where have you been these years? A .realise B.recognise C.admit D.know 3.I’ve only looked through the book,but from ___ I’ve seen it is well written. A.that B.what C.which

4.The train was delayed because of the heavy fog. Mr. Smith is ___ to arrive a bit late. A.possible B.likely C.probable D.partial 5.-You still have one hour to wait,so relax. -How can I when I’m so ___ about the interview! A.anxious B.curious C.cautious D.ambitious 6.As a businessman,David is so busy that rarely ___ time for his family. A.he does have B.does he have C.he has D.has he 7.Your continual lateness has gone past a joke;be on time tomorrow ___ you will be dismissed. A.and C.or D.then 8.Our teacher keeps telling us success ___ to those who work hard and never give up. A.belongs belonged belonging D.will be belonged 9.-This tea ___ bitter. -Why don’t you try sweetening it with honey? A. is tasted B. tastes C. is tasting D. tasted 10.-Would you like to go shopping with me? -I would rather ____ some reading at home. A.did do D.doing 11.___ get some pocket money and social experience,many students work during their holidays. A.So long as B.In order to C.In order that D.So that 12.-Look out! The car___ you! -Thanks for warning me! hitting going to hit C.will hit D.hits 13.It was ___ fun to play on the beach in summer that it attracted countless visitors. A.such great great C.such a great great a 14.The conference(会议) has been told to discuss the effects of tourism ___ the wildlife in the area. B.on D.with 15.We always pay attention to the weather because it___us so directly what we wear,what we do and even how we feel. A.benefits B.affects C.concludes D.attracts BBBBA BCABC BBABB

1. We don’t allow ___in the office. But you are allowed ____ in the rest room. A. smoking, smoking B. to smoke, to smoke C. smoking, to smoke D. smoke, smoking 2. It was ___ that we went camping on the mountain. A. such nice weather B. so nice a weather C. such a nice weather D. too nice weather 3.The patient was ____ of losing his life and had to be operated on at once. A. in danger B. in the danger C. out of danger D. out of the danger 4.Since then the number of people taking driving lessons ____ 20. A. has increased to B. increases by C. has increased by D. have increased by 5.My sister ____ a good chance to go abroad for further study of English. A. was provided B. was presented C. was supplied D. was offered 6.You’ll___what you did one day. A. pay back B. pay off C .pay for D. pay to 7. I am in China now, but I ___live in London. A. used to B. am used to C. used D. am used 8.-The government is thinking of banning (禁止)smoking on public transport. I think it’s a good idea. --____. Smoking is harmful. A.That’s a good idea. B. I agree with you

C. I’m not sure I agree with you. D. I’m not sure about that. 9.-How did your interview go? -I couldn’t feel ___ about it. I seemed to find an answer to all my questions. A. better B. worse C. best D. worst 10.She ____ his number in her phone book to ____ that she had got the right number. A .looked for,be certain B. picked up, make sure C .picked out, be sure D. looked up, make sure 11. Don’t you think it is nice to have the bedroom ___nice and clean ? A. looked B. looking C. to look D. look 12. The soldiers ____ Iraq kissed their family goodbye and left in a hurry. A. go to B. sent to C. to look D. look 13.In a way I can see what you mean, even though I don’t ____your point of view. A. permit B. share C. recognize D. agree 14. It was a pity that the great writer died ___ his work unfinished. A. for B. with C. from D. of 15.They’ve ___ us $150,000 for the house. Shall we take it ? A. provided B. supplied C. shown D. offered CAACD CABAD ABBBD

1.I agree with most of what you said,but I don’t agree with ____. A.everything B.anything C.something D.nothing 2.The woman used to ____ a hard life, ____ she?;hadn’t;didn’t C.have;hadn’t D.have;didn’t 3.I was still sleeping when the fire ____, and then it spread quickly. A.broke out B.put out C.came out out 4. The shirt you showed me is too large, so would you mind ____ me a smaller one? A. show B. to show C. showed D. showing 5. We can’t imagine how many stones were used ____building the Great Wall. A. as B. by C. in D. to 6. ____ the basketball match next month, we need to practice after class every day. A. Win B. Won C. Winning D. To win 7. Mr. Smith thinks actions are more ____ than words and he sets a good example to his students at any time. A. cheerful B. powerful C. accessible D. possible 8. Experts say that listening to loud music will ____ your hearing. A. touch B. move C. affect D. afford 9. He watched TV till 1 o’clock last night. ____, he was late for work this morning. A. After all B. In fact C. As a result D. At last 10. -Oh, no! I left my textbook at home. - Don’t worry. I can ____ mine with you. A. borrow B. lend C. sell D. share 11. His suggestion was such a great one ____ no one had any different idea. A. as B. what C. which D. that 12. She was tired when she reached the top of the hill, so she stopped ____ on a big stone by the side of the path. A. being resting B. to rest C. rest D. resting 13. - No one is permitted to smoke here.

- Yeah. It is ____ to protect people’s health. A. allowed B. made C. banned D. used 14. Someone ____ my neighbor’s house but fortunately nothing important was stolen. A. broke out B. broke into C. broke up D. broke off 15. People all around the world have been doing as much as they can _______ the people in Afghanistan. A help B to help C helping D helped 16. Your performance in the driving test didn’t reach the required standard ---_______, you failed. A in the end B after all C in other words D at the same time 17. ----It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now. ----OK._________. A Take it easy B Go slowly C Stay longer D See you 18. ---Susan, will you please go and empty that drawer? -----_______? A What for B What is it C How is it D How come 19. I hope you don’t mind me smoking, _____ where did you buy those shoes? A so B and C yet D but 27. When we had difficulties, we would turn to our maths teacher for _________. A advice B idea C thought D helps 20. ----What were you doing when Tony phoned you? ----I had just finished my work and ______ to take a shower. A had started B started C have started D was starting 21. The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if _________ whether he was going in the r ight direction. A seeing B having seen C to see D to have seen 22. Cigarettes are addictive because they contain ________. A tobacco B nicotine C drug D cocaine 23. He has got lung cancer _______ smoking twenty cigarettes a day. A so B as a result of C as a result D so that 24.Almost every country is increasing the price of cigarettes ________ reduce smoking. A so that B so as to C in order that D as to 25. Some people don’t like a pen ______. Instead, they use a computer or a typewriter. A writing B write C to write D to write with ABADC DBCCD DBCBB CDADA DCBBBD

第二节 书面表达


假如你是李华,你的英国朋友David来信说他的一些同学在吸烟,他觉得吸烟很“酷”,也想要尝试,请根据下列 要点用英语给他写一封回信: 1. 列举吸烟对健康的危害;2. 表明自己不会吸烟的决心;3. 劝他选择健康的生活方式。 注意:1. 词数120左右; Dear David, I’m glad to hear from you. You said some of your classmates had started smoking and you wanted to have a try. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Many studies show that smoking does harm to the health of smokers and the people near them. Millions of people die of diseases caused by smoking every year. And once you start smoking, it’s hard to give

2. 可适当增加细节。

up. So smoking isn’t a cool thing but a bad habit. As I know the danger of smoking, I will never choose to smoke. I hope you will make the same choice. Instead of smoking, you can develop some new interests such as playing football or biking. I think the real cool thing is to live a healthy life. Don’t you think so? Yours, Li Hua




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