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广东省阳东广雅学校2014-2015学年高中英语《Unit1 Women of achievement》教案(2)新人教版必修4

Period 2 Reading
S tep 1. Check the homework Vocabulary matching (Exercise 1 on page 4) Step 2. Fast reading Skim th e passage and under line the basic information: what, who, why,

where, when, how.
Step 3. Careful reading 1) Underline the topic sentence in each paragraph. Following Jane’s way of st udying chimps, our gro up are all going to visit them in the forest. Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behavior. For forty years Jane Goodall has been outspoken about making the rest of the world understand and respect t he life of these animals. Sh e has achieved everything s he wanted to do. 2) Summarize the main idea of each paragraph paragraph 1 How the group followed Jane's way of studying chimps in the wild

paragraph 2

What Jane discovered about chimps

paragraph 3

How Jane tries to protect the lives of chimps in their natural habitat

paragraph 4 Step 4. Post-reading

Jane’s achievements

In your group retell the text usin g the following questions and words as a support. ? What did the writer do? (behave, shade, worthwhile, bond) ? What did Jane Goodall do and find out about chimps? (observe, discover) ? What did Jane Goodall do to protect the chimps? (be outspoken about, respect, argue)

? What about her achievements? Step 5. Homework Find out useful words and expressions, beautiful sentences and finish the exercises in Learning about Language accordingly

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