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人教新课标选修八 Unit 2 Cloning单元练习

人教版 BOOK8Unit 2 Cloning 检测题
I. 单词拼写。 1. The brothers d___________ widely in their tastes. 2. .Cloning plants is__________(简单的) while cloning animals is very ________(复杂的). 3. She r_______ from the competition after pulling a leg muscle. 4. Smoking is f_____ in public places. 5. His suggestion sounds quite r_________ to most of us. 6. The film was a _____ (商业的) success. 7. I’d like to come, too, if you have no _____(反对). 8. He ______ (仅仅)asked us our names. 9. There were strong ______ (争论) for and against the plan. 10. He always managed to ______(得到)what he wanted. 11It is a difficult task to____________(承担) 12.New research finds an absence of evidence to support this_____________(假设). 13.The whole scientific world followed the ___________(进展) of the first successful clone 14.The fact that she seemed to develop normally was very _____________(l 令人鼓舞的) II.短语填空 1.Cloning scientists________ ________ ________(失望) to find that Dolly's illnesses 2.were more appropriate to a much older animal. 3.________ _______(目前)human egg cells and embryos________(need) for cloning research are difficult to obtain 4.The new discovery _________ _________ __________(一定) be of great service to mankind 5.The drowning man calle ________ __________(徒劳)for help 6.________ _______(依据)what we know now, you can’t clone dinosaurs. 7.)Two years of business school really __________ __________(有回报). 8. We were late _________ _________(由于)the snow III. 完形填空 In the past, scientists have produced exact genetic copies of sheep and a few other animals. They 1 these clones from a single cell of an adult animal. Recently, a private group of scientists has announced 2 to make an exact copy of a human being. Doctor Zavos, an American member of the team, says he and 3 will soon begin to clone humans and they hope to produce the world’s forst cloned 4 within the next two years. Doctor Zavos says the new 5 group plans to offer human cloning to women unable to become 6 and produce children. The 7 would be similar to that used to clone animals. It would 8 clearing genetic material from a woman’s egg. Doctors then would 9 genetic material from the woman’s husband into the egg 10 putting it in the women’s uterus(子宫). Doctor Zavos says his 11 plans to do its work in a country near the Mediterranean Sea, but he did not 12 the country. He days an Italian reproductive expert, Severino Antinori, is 13 the
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team. Doctor Antinori has made 14 efforts to help many older women become pregnant. He is known for 15 pregnancies in women as old as sixty. Many medical experts and other groups 16 the idea of cloning humans. Several doctors criticized the 17 by Doctor Zavos. They say doctors do not know if cloning humans is 18 or safe. They say it would be irresponsible to 19 to clone a human being. That is because the 20 of success are too small and the risks are too great. 1. A. bought B. created C. discovered D. found 2. A. plans B. results C. successes D. agreements 3. A. another B. othes C. the other D. the others 4. A. plant B. animal C. bird D. baby 5. A. international B. national C. American D. Italian 6. A. successful B. born C. pregnant D. fertile 7. A. imagination B. technology C. story D. symbol 8. A. involve B. start C. make D. borrow 9. A. translate B. place C. take D. make 10. A. after B. while C. before D. on 11. A. country B. group C. university D. company 12. A. call B. found C. name D. consider 13. A. managing B. running C. controlling D. leading 14. A. high B. total C. great D. wide 15. A. successful B. beautiful C. thankful D. sorrowful 16. A. take up B. object to C. put up D. bring down 17. A. announcement B. program C. subject D. idea 18. A. careful B. interesting C. unable D. possible 19. A. manage B. refuse C. attempt D. hope 20. A. facts B. results C. sizes D. chances IV. 语法填空 Some years ago, SARS broke out in the mainland of China, causing some people to be killed or nearly got close to 1 . The situation was so severe that there was no time to debate who is to blame. The most 2 (importance) thing for the government to do is to find out the cause of this 3 (dead) disease. They invited all the most famous experts in this field to discuss and quite a few suggestions were 4 (put) forward. Some of the top experts picked out those suggestions and tested them to see whether they were 5 (avail). Doctor Zhong chose one patient who was seriously ill and had little hope of picking 6 and had the new medicine 7 (test) on him. To his great joy, this patient recovered! He made his way 8 his office and telephoned to the top official, 9 (tell) him this exciting news. For convenience, he moved to live in his office. His method 10 make sense. Not soon after that, the other hospitals also controlled this terrible disease and kicked it out finally. 1. ___________2.__________3.___________ 4.____________ 5._____________
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6._____________ 7.____________9. __________ 10. ____________ V. 阅读理解 A Have you seen Jurassic Park? In this film, scientists use DNA kept for tens of millions of years to clone dinosaurs. They find trouble, however, when they realize that the cloned creatures are smarter and more dangerous than expected. That’s nothing more than a fiction. But could we really clone endangered animals? To date, the most successful attempt to do so was the cloning of a gaur, a rare ox-like animal from southeast Asia. Scientists used a cow to bring the cloned baby gaur, named Noah. Two days after birth, however, Noah died from a common bacterial infection. Other endangered species that may be cloned include the African bongo antelope (邦戈羚羊), the Sumatran tiger, the cheetah (猎豹), and the giant panda. Next, could we really clone extinct animals? In theory? Yes. To do this, you need a well-kept source of DNA from the extinct animals such as wool mammoth (毛象), Tasmanian tiger, or even dinosaur, and a closely related species, still living, which could serve as a surrogate mother. In reality? Probably not. On the one hand, it’s not likely that extinct animals’ DNA could survive undamaged for such a long time. Cloning extinct animals as wool mammoth, Tasmanian tiger, or dinosaur is much more difficult due to the lack of properly well-preserved DNA. On the other hand, for example, a gaur can have a cow as a surrogate mother, definitely not a monkey. But what about an extinct animals as unique as the panda? What species could possibly serve as a surrogate mother? Cloning presents many exciting possibilities. However, even if extinct animals are brought back, they could not survive in today’s world. Not only do most extinct animals have no habitat to love in, but the other plants and animals they depended on for food may also be gone as well. 1. It can be learned from the text that ________. A. scientists have cloned the African bongo antelope B. both the cheetah and the giant panda live in Asia C. the gaur lives in Asia and is endangered D. the gaur is an extinct species 2. The underlined words “a surrogate mother” probably refer to a female who ______. A. contributes its eggs to another female B. gives birth to a baby for another female C. gives birth to a baby of its own D. cannot give birth to a baby 3. The difficulty in cloning an extinct species is the lack of ______. A. both the well-preserved DNA and plants to live on B. both the habitat to live in and the well-preserved DNA C. both habitat to live in and plants to live on D. both the well-preserved DNA and a surrogate mother 4. In the author’s opinion, it is possible that ______. A. some extinct species may be cloned, but not survive
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B. extinct species may be cloned and easily survive C. a gaur can have a monkey as a surrogate mother D. all the extinct species may be cloned B Research advances over the past decade have told us that, with a little work, we humans can clone just about anything we want, from frogs to monkeys and probably even ourselves! So, we can clone things, but why would we want to? Of all the reasons, cloning for medical purposes most probably benefit large numbers of people. How might cloning be used in medicine? 1. Cloning animal models of disease Much of what researchers learn about human disease comes from studying animal models such as mice. Often, animal models are genetically engineered to carry disease-causing mutations (变异) in their genes. Creating these transgenic(转基因的) animals is a process that requires trial-and-erro and several generations of breeding (培育). Cloning technologies might reduce the time needed to make a transgenic animal model, and the result would be a population of genetically identical animals for study. 2. Cloning stem cells (干细胞) for the treatment of diseases Stem cells are the body’s bulding blocks, responsible for developing and repairing the body throughout life. As a result, they might be used to repair damaged or diseased organs and tissues. Researchers are currently looking up cloning as a way to create certain human stem cells for the treatment of diseases. 3. Cloning farm animals for drug production Farm animals such cows, sheep and goats are currently being genetically engineered to produce drugs or proteins that are useful in medicine. Just like creating animal models of disease, cloning might be a faster way to produce large numbers of genetically engineered animals. 5. From Purpose One, we can infer that ______. A. most transgenic animals are cloned B. most animals carry engineered genes C. most transgenic animal models are not cloned D. most animals carry disease-causing mutations in their genes 6. It can be learned from Propose Two that cloning technologies can be mainly used to _____. A. create damaged or diseased organs and tissues B. clone genetically defined human stem cells C. develop and maintain the body D. repair the body throughout life 7. According to Purpose Three, cloning technologies can be mainly used to ______. A. speed up the producing of genetically engineered animals B. produce drugs or proteins that are useful in medicine C. raise genetically engineered cows, sheep and goats D. produce large herds of animals for human beings C Difficult times often bring out the best in people. And this was the case for basketball star Yao Ming, who hosted a television show in Shanghai that raised US$300,000 to help researchers find a
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cure for SARS. Fundraising, or charity, is an act of goodwill towards others. Charities in the West have more flexible ways. Look at a typical day for Ruth, a wealthy woman in the UK, for example. Ruth wakes up in the morning and collects her post. There’s a letter addressed to her with a picture of a half-dead, beaten horse. It’s from a charity asking Ruth to donate money to save the animals. The door bell rings and there, on Ruth’s doorstep, is an old woman asking for money to help the aged. She turns on the television, hears sad music and sees a picture of a wide-eyed child dying of hunger in Africa with an appeal for money to help the child. Ruth then goes shopping for a dress to wear to that evening’s large party for the rich and famous. The ticket cost her a small fortune, but she doesn’t mind because most of the money is going to a charity that fights AIDS. She feels good about going because she’s helping the sick. Within five minutes of walking down the street, Ruth has passed a charity shop. She doesn’t stop because she doesn’t think she’d find a suitable dress there—it’s full of old, secondhand clothes. But, many other people enter and but all sorts of bargains. Edna, a little old lady, looks after the shop. Any profit it has made goes to a cancer charity. Now that she has retired, she has plenty of spare time to offer her services for free. For people like Yao Ming, Ruth and Edna, charity is a virtue that holds the same importance in life as faith and hope. “As you look back on your life, the moments that stand out are the moments when you have done things for others,” said Scottish author Henry Drummond. 8. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the story as a way of fundraising? A. Charity party B. Charity post C. Charity TV program D. Charity for beggars. 9. What does the word “raise” in the first paragraph mean? A. Collect together B. Donate C. Increase D. Bring to someone’s attention. 10. We can infer from the passage that . A. Yao Ming donated US$300,000 to help researchers find a cure for SARS B. Edna may not be a rich lady but she is willing to do something for others C. Ruth leads a busy life and she feels very tired D. Ruth is angry because so many people ask her for money every day 11. What’s the writer’s attitude towards charity? A. The writer thinks it’s something only people like Ruth can afford to do B. The writer just wants to inform us of the different ways to practice charity C. The writer thinks it’s a virtue and admires the people who practice it D. The writer doesn’t make it clear in the story 12. The underlined part in the last paragraph probably means that . A. when you look back sometimes, you need stand out B. when you want to do something for others, you need stand out C. the moment you stand out, you can do something for others D. what impresses people deeply is what they have done for others D While football fans feel strongly angry and shocked about mistakes made by referees (裁判) because
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they cannot see clearly what has happened, a small German company is quietly pleased. For Cairos Technologies, mistakes made by referees are the kind of advertising that money cannot buy. The company has developed a tiny chip(芯片) that fits inside a football and determines whether the ball has crossed the goal line, by being able to discover its exact location on the field. The world football organization, FIFA, has shown interest in the technology. It is very possible that the new technology will be used in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. "We've been testing the technology at the main soccer stadium in Nuremberg for some time and more recently in an under-17 FIFA Cup in Peru," said Gunter Rohmer, a director of the company. "The technology has performed well, and we're pretty optimistic that it will be used at the games in Germany next year." The chip only weighs 12 grams, and is placed in the center of the football. It sends 2,000 signals a second to a receiver network of 12 antennas(天线),placed around the field. The receivers then send information about the ball's location to a central computer, and because it works in real time, it can immediately tell the referee whether a goal has been scored. The chip even can tell when the ball crosses the line in mid-air. Oliver Braun, one of the inventors of the chip, says that feedback from German referees was generally positive. Germany sports-wear giant Adidas is also optimistic about using this kind of chip in other ball sports. FIFA aims to test the technology later this year at another game in Japan before deciding whether or not to introduce it in all 12 stadiums in Germany for next year's World Cup. 63. Carlos Technologies is pleased because ________. A. football fans are angry with referees B. their new product can satisfy football fans C. their new product will have a good market D. they can sell a lot of football in the future 64. In the first sentence in Paragraph 2,"... mistakes made by referees are the kind of advertising that money cannot buy" means ___________. A. Carlos Technologies can't afford the high price for advertising their product B. Mistakes in production are also a kind of advertisement C. Carios Technologies has already spent a lot of money on advertising their product D. Referees' mistakes will be of great help for the sale of Carlos Technologies' new product 65. The underlined word "feedback" probably means ___________. A. information given back by a user B. advice given by someone C. supplying food to customers D. food given back by consumers 66. The new product has drawn attention from some _________. A. famous people B. referees C. big companies D. countries D London--A morning train rides away, across the channel. English kids discuss the Liverpool's football team in a Paris pub. Some Parisians have started to travel to work in London. In the 19th century, Charles Dickens compared the two cities, London and Paris, in A Tale of Two Cities. These days, it might be A tale of One City.
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As there are few jobs at home over recent years, perhaps 250,000 Frenchmen moved across the channel. With an undersea tunnel, they could travel between cities in three hours. The European Union freed them from immigration and customs. Paris, rich in beauty, is more stylish. But London feels more full of life, and more fun until the pubs shut down. "For me, the difference is that London is real, alive," said Trevor Wheeler, a financial expert. Chantal Jaouen, a professional designer, agrees. "I am French, but I'll stay in London,'' she said. There is, of course, the other view. Julie Lenoux is a student who moved to London two years ago. "I think people laugh more in Paris," she said. "Both cities have changed beyond recognition," said Larry Collins, an author and sometimes a Londoner. Like most people who know both cities well, he finds the two now fit together comfortably. "I first fell in love with Paris in the 1950s. Things are so much more ordered, and life is better." But certainly not cheaper. In some parts of London, rents can be twice those on Avenue Foch in Paris. Deciding between London and Paris requires a lifestyle choice. Like Daphne Benoit, a French journalism student with perfect English, many young people are happy to be close enough so they don't have to choose. "I love Paris, my little neighbourhood, the way I can walk around a centre, but life is too organized , "she said. "In London, you can be whoever you want. No one cares." 67. It can be inferred that ___________. A. Paris and London are the two biggest cities in the world B. in the 19th century, Dickens told his stories in the two cities C. London and Paris used to be separated D. Liverpool is a big city in France 68. According to this passage, which of the following is TRUE? A. People feel it difficult to find a job in Paris. B. People can't travel to London without a passport. C. People can travel to London without a passport. D. People can find any job in London. 69. According to this passage we know that _________. A. Parisians enjoy English food more than their own B. Londoners seldom travel to Paris on holidays C. both cities have their advantages D. young people prefer to live in London 70. Which city is better to live in according to the passage? A. Paris. B. London. C. Both cities. D. It just depends. 71. What's the meaning of the last sentence? A. People can do everything in London. B. People will feel lonely in London. C. People in London enjoy living in different ways. D. People in London enjoy a lawless life. 第二节(共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,共 10 分) How Can I Fight Laziness? Lazy people will never amount to anything in life. However, laziness can be defeated once a few changes have been made in your mind.
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___71____. Many people lack sleep constantly, since they stay up too late and get up too early to prepare for work. These people have little motivation once they arrive home. Laziness works hand in hand with a lack of motivation and a tendency to put off things. By adjusting your sleep schedule to provide a few more hours of meaningful rest, you can fight laziness throughout the day. Another way to fight laziness is to change your mind from passive to active. Some people treat their lives as if they were pushed from task to task. Others take a more proactive approach, viewing each task as a challenge they must overcome alone. ___72____ Some people fight laziness by removing the temptations(诱惑) that surround them. A television in the living room may provide entertainment, but watching too much TV often contributes to laziness. ___73____ complete a few tasks and reward yourself with what you enjoy, such as a good dinner or a film. Laziness can also be a lasting problem at home. Couples and children may all have different energy levels, but laziness can be spread if not dealt with immediately. ___74____ Be the first to collect and wash dishes after a meal. Others in the home may eventually follow your example and perform their own task. It is difficult to practice laziness when you are surrounded by motivated people. ____75___ enough exercise and a balanced diet can help you to develop a healthy lifestyle, thus enabling you to have more energy and help lift your spirits. A. To fight family laziness, set an example. B. Knowing how to fight laziness is important. C. One way to fight laziness is to get enough sleep. D. Finally, taking exercise regularly can help you fight laziness. E. With strong determination, you will be able to achieve your goal. F. Laziness sets in when you no longer feel in charge of your own life. G. Create a reward system for yourself, just as parents do for a child. 第二节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Dear editor, In our school students are constantly complaining about bad food in the dining room. It serves with many dishes from Cantonese to Sichuan hotpot, so the quality isn't good. Some students said they had found stones or died pests in their food. The popular joke is that you are really luck if you find nothing strange or smelly in the food. As the majority of student have no choice but eat in the dining room, money can still be made if the dining room takes an effort to improve quality of food. The dining room should pay attention to providing better services and tasted food. It is high time that the dining room changed their idea of management. We are looking forward to the day. VII.写作 假如你校英语俱乐部正在组织“抽烟有害”的大讨论,请你根据下列内容,用英语写一篇短文, 准备贴在英语墙报栏上。 叙述抽烟害处:坏习惯、有损本人及他人健康、导致多种疾病、浪费、可能引起火灾等。 劝告年轻人不要抽烟。
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写作要求 1.必须使用 5 个句子介绍全部所给的内容; 2.将 5 个句子组织成连贯的短文; 3.可适当增加情节,使表达连贯。 No Smoking. Please! __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _____

答案 I.differ,straightforward,complicated,retired,forbidden,reasonable,commercial,objection,merely, arguments, obtain, undertake, assumption, progress, encouraging II.were cast down, At present, needed, is bound to, in vain, Based on/According to, paid off, owing to III 完形填空 1-5 BADDA 6-10 CBABC 11-15 BCDCA 16-20 BADCD
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IV 语法填空 1. death 2. importance 3. deadly 4. put 5. available 6. up 7. tested 8. to 9. telling 10. did V 阅读理解 1-5 CBDAC 6-10 BADAB 11-15CDCDA 16-20CCACD C 71-75 CFGAD 短文改错 76 .去掉 with 77 . so→but 78 . died→dead 79 . 1uck→lucky 80 . student→students 81.but 后加 to 82.quality 前加 the 83.√ 84.tasted→tasting/tasty 85.their→its 写作 No smoking, please! Smoking is not only a bad habit but also bad for the health of smokers themselves and the people who are around them. In fact, many kinds of diseases are caused by smoking, as a result, millions of smokers die from smoking tobacco. Smoking itself is a waste of money and it costs one so much money. Besides, many fires are often caused by careless smokers. Young people, don’t join the group of people in hospital, the group of dying people, because they smoke.

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